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21 August 2017. Indonesia’s decision to share vessel tracking data ‘ill-advised,’ some say JAKARTA — Not everyone supports the Indonesian government’s decision to publish information on the location of fishing boats in its waters, via data mapping platform Global Fishing Watch, accessible to anyone with a computer. The move, aimed at countering illegal fishing, has earned a backlash from some observers, who say it may prove “counterproductive.” In […]

18 August 2017. Scientists combine crowd-sourced field observations with land-use and climate models to identify steps for migratory bird protection A male indigo bunting pauses in Texas duringA multi-national research team combined four diverse data sets to understand where migratory birds are most vulnerable to human activity and to identify priorities for protecting long-distance migrants in the future. They analyzed millions of crowd-sourced bird observations to assess the geographic distributions of 21 species of birds that use primarily forest habitat and migrate […]

18 August 2017. Leading ivory trade investigator slain in Tanzania DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania – One of Africa’s top ivory trade investigators has been shot dead by gunmen in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Wayne Lotter was the co-founder and President of PAMS Foundation, which set up and supported the elite unit behind more than 2,000 arrests since November 2014. He was killed late on Wednesday, […]

18 August 2017. Kenyans fear proposed Trump cuts could threaten elephants, ranger jobs If Congress okays Trump’s USAID cuts, Kenyans worry the only wildlife forensics lab in East Africa will close and ranger jobs vanish, threatening the environment.

17 August 2017. Ever wondered how much your pet’s diet impacts the environment? Based on a poll conducted last year by the Baltimore, Maryland-based Vegetarian Resource Group, an estimated eight million adults in the United States identify as vegetarian. That’s 3.3 percent of the adult population in the US who abstain from eating any meat, seafood, or poultry (that number includes adults who identify as vegan, meaning they […]

17 August 2017. Indians win key land rights victory in Brazil’s Supreme Court Court decides against claims of Mato Grosso state, which wanted compensation for land lost to Indian reserves set up in that Amazonian state by federal government.

17 August 2017. A clouded future: Asia’s enigmatic clouded leopard threatened by palm oil Tigers and orangutans are the well-known faces of the palm oil crisis. But the enigmatic clouded leopard is equally threatened and almost unknown in comparison. Conservationists are looking at ways to make palm oil plantations work for it, rather than against it. “We know very little about what [clouded leopards] eat, their social structure, their […]

17 August 2017. New study: Bird species blossom in stable climates Stable climates tend to have more bird species, according to new research. There’s a widespread notion that climate change encourages the proliferation of new animal species. But ecologist Roland Jansson of Umea University in Sweden suspected that stability in tropical climates, when compared with those toward the poles, might help explain why more bird species […]

16 August 2017. The tiger population in Nepal’s Parsa National Park is recovering rapidly Tigers once roamed widely throughout Asia, from Turkey to the east coast of Russia and down to Vietnam. But a variety of threats, including human-wildlife conflict, the over-hunting of tiger prey species by humans, and especially poaching for the illegal trade of tiger skins, bones, and meat, has left vast areas of otherwise suitable tiger […]

16 August 2017. A rich person’s profession? Young conservationists struggle to make it Lucero Vaca with a jaguar (Panthera onca). Photo courtesy of Lucero Vaca.Nika Levikov swore she would never work as a waitress again. But, today — with a master’s degree in conservation science from Imperial College London — she’s taking orders, delivering drinks, and cleaning tables to support herself. After two years of looking for paid work as a conservationist around Europe and four months doing unpaid […]

16 August 2017. Mammal numbers high in logged tropical forests, study finds Logged tropical forests have a bit of a bad reputation in the conservation community. They’re often seen as sub-standard habitats for animals, especially when compared with the robust and varied ecosystem in an old-growth forest. But a new study published this month in the journal Biological Conservation adds to the evidence demonstrating that these “degraded” forests […]

15 August 2017. Indonesian coal firms shut down for violations fight back in court, with mixed results As Indonesian authorities move to strip thousands of mining licenses from firms that have failed to meet legal requirements, some companies are fighting back in the courts. Claiming that local officials who revoked mining permits acted arbitrarily or exceeded their authority has so far yielded positive results for at least one company. In June, South […]

15 August 2017. International investment blamed for violence and oppression in Sarawak On June 21 last year in Sarawak, Malaysia, opposition politician and indigenous rights campaigner Bill Kayong was shot dead through the window of his pickup truck as he waited at traffic lights on his way to work in the coastal city of Miri. Kayong was a popular land rights activist, whose killing has called focus […]

15 August 2017. From tarsiers to cloud rats, scientist strives to save Philippine species In 2012, Dr. Milada Rehakova’s research brought her back to Dinagat Island, Philippines. It was her second expedition to the island in pursuit of insights on the tarsier, but she had another rare animal in her mind too: the bushy-tailed cloud rat (Crateromys australis). The species had been presumed extinct – it hadn’t been seen in […]

15 August 2017. Measuring fish abundance through acoustics: spawning aggregations are key to improving fishery management plans Just as humans and many terrestrial animals do, marine creatures use sound for communication in breeding, feeding, social structure maintenance and survival. However, the sounds produced by marine species have also put them at risk of capture by commercial fisheries. Scientists have recognized over 100 families of marine fish that produce sound. Many fish species […]

15 August 2017. Protecting a forest in the land of the Indonesian deer-pig LEMBAH PERMAI, Indonesia — Joula Goni stepped out of her house cradling a skull. “A babirusa,” she explained, placing the bleached white cranium on a formica table on the patio. Babirusa are one of the island of Sulawesi’s unique menagerie of endemic animals. In Indonesian, the name of the animal translates to “deer-pig.” Unlike wild […]

15 August 2017. 9 rare Siamese crocodiles hatch in Cambodia On June 28, 2017, conservationists chanced upon a nest containing 19 eggs of the extremely rare Siamese crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) in the Sre Ambel District of Koh Kong Province in Cambodia. This was the first Siamese crocodile nest researchers had recorded in the Sre Ambel River System in six years of their work. Worried that the nest […]

14 August 2017. Colombian shamans want to restore traditional power via national network Mamo Lorenzo with shaman Pachankachay in the Talking Circle (left to right). Valle de Saquenzipa, 2014. Photo courtesy of Cuvan Murillo EscobarSASAIMA, Colombia – On April 1, floods devastated the Colombian town of Mocoa, situated in a rural southwestern corner of the country between the Amazon jungle and the Andean foothills. That day, record high rainfalls caused huge landslides that killed 329 people. Unfortunately, it was a tragedy foretold. The state environmental department had put a warning […]

14 August 2017. Nearly one-third of bat species in North America are on the decline Bats have not historically been a focus of much conservation effort, but starting around 1985, conservationists in Canada and the United States began working to limit human access to bat caves in response to widespread declines in cave-roosting species. Those efforts were seen as largely successful, as populations of species such as the gray bat […]

14 August 2017. Brazil’s Indians on the march in last ditch effort to stop land theft Indians decry Temer’s backing of “marco temporal,” which could negate legal indigenous claims to millions of hectares in the Amazon and elsewhere, protestors say.