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25 September 2017. Two Indonesian soldiers found to be smuggling dozens of porcupines PADANG, Indonesia — Two soldiers were caught trying to smuggle dozens of Malayan porcupines (Hystrix brachyura) across provincial borders, the latest arrest of a military officer for wildlife trafficking. The porcupines are prized for the bezoar stones that form in their stomachs, a component in traditional Chinese medicine thought to cure a range of ailments, […]

23 September 2017. The world’s 5 most Endangered wild cats Wild cats around the world face a long list of challenges as their habitat is degraded, their food supply diminished, and the cats are hunted for their body parts and meat. Despite notable conservation efforts, including National Geographic Society’s Big Cats Initiative founded with conservationists and filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert, wild cats face a […]

22 September 2017. Liberian park protects Critically Endangered western chimpanzees The Liberian government designated a new national park in August 2017 that will protect an important population of Critically Endangered western chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus), as well as several other species of large mammals. The rainforests of the new Grebo-Krahn National Park in southeastern Liberia are home to some 300 western chimpanzees, according to the […]

22 September 2017. Documenting Africa’s poaching epidemic: Q&A with the director of ‘The Last Animals’ After years of documenting some of the world’s bloodiest conflicts, a vacation in Kenya inspired photojournalist Kate Brooks to turn her lens to a different kind of violence: the slaughter of elephants and rhinos to feed black-market demand for ivory and rhino horn. Poaching is having a devastating impact on Africa’s wildlife. From 2006 to […]

22 September 2017. Poor grade for Malaysia, Singapore brands in palm oil sustainability: WWF The majority of Malaysia and Singapore’s most popular brands have failed to push for the use of sustainable palm oil in their products, with some refusing to disclose who they buy from, according to a new survey by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Earlier this year, the international NGO surveyed 47 locally based […]

22 September 2017. Can the Javan rhino be saved before disaster strikes? As the old saying warns, it’s bad enough to put all your eggs in one basket. If you have to, though, at least try not to leave that basket sitting on the beach under an active volcano. Unfortunately, that’s basically the situation of the last population of the Javan rhino (Rhinoceros sondaicus). The Javan rhino […]

21 September 2017. Wild Kratts episode up for film festival award teaches about rare white bear Courtesy Kratt Brothers Company Ltd.An episode of the popular cartoon Wild Kratts has been named a 2017 finalist in the biannual Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival competition. Drawn from a pool of over 1,000 entries competing for only 25 awards, finalists include a diverse range of entries. “Wild Kratts: Spirit Bear” was nominated for finalist for Best Engaging Youth Film. The […]

21 September 2017. Temer uses controversial deforestation data in speech to UN Representatives of more than 150 civil society organizations gathered in Brasilia on Tuesday (19 September) to protest over the speech made by Brazilian president Michel Temer on Monday (18 September) at the opening of 72nd General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. In his speech, Temer said: “Deforestation is a question that worries […]

21 September 2017. Capturing the wonder and vulnerability of coral reefs in real-time: Q & A with the director of “Chasing Coral” Coral flourescing, a reaction to stressful conditionsCoral reefs support 25% of the world’s marine species, protect shorelines, support fisheries, and encourage eco-tourism—their global economic value is over US $30 billion per year. A new film, “Chasing Coral,” documents the mass coral bleaching that occurred across the tropics between 2014 and 2016 and killed large portions of reefs. The cameras follow a […]

21 September 2017. Does forest certification really work? Tropical timber has earned a bad reputation. When we think of timber from lush, tropical forests, it conjures up images of valuable old-growth trees pillaged by logging companies and illegal timber mafias, ignoring the plight of wildlife and local communities. But tropical timber does not have to be bad, some experts say. Tropical wood forms […]

21 September 2017. When will cattle ranchers be proud to show their farms in the Amazon? (commentary) On one of our business trips to the city of Madison, in the U.S., we visited Graze, a restaurant that is proud to show the origin of the ingredients it uses in its kitchen. At the entrance, we were struck by a map of the state (Wisconsin) showing the restaurant connected to dozens of farms, […]

21 September 2017. ‘Ships, sonar and surveys’: Film explores impacts of a noisy ocean Animals in the world’s oceans have faced an ever-increasing cacophony in recent decades. They’re inundated with sonar intended to keep countries safe, air gun charges that help energy companies find new sources of oil and gas, and the sounds of the 60,000 commercial ships that ply the seas at any given time. A new film […]

21 September 2017. Four new toads discovered in Sumatra BOGOR, Indonesia — Scientists described four new toads from the hills of Sumatra, adding to the island’s already astounding biodiversity. The discoveries mark the first Sumatran additions to the Philautus genus of shrub frogs since the early 20th century. Several were described in the Western Ghats of India in 2009. The researchers published their findings in Herpetological Monographs […]

20 September 2017. Historical nautical maps show coral loss more extensive than previously believed A team of researchers based in Australia and the United States have used historical nautical maps to determine that coral reef loss in the Florida Keys is much more extensive than previously understood. The British empire began mapping its overseas territories in the 18th century, and coral reefs in particular were quite thoroughly documented given […]

20 September 2017. Cross currents: Mega-dams and micro-hydro offer two different futures for rural Borneo Facing displacement by massive infrastructure projects, villages in Malaysia's Sabah state work to shape their own development.

20 September 2017. Citizen scientists use mobile apps to help “green” the ocean Few people get to witness the breadth and wonder of underwater life, from coral to kelp to fish and sea anemones. SCUBA divers gain a unique view of not only the beauty but also the condition of underwater communities. Unfortunately, they are increasingly seeing non-biodegradable trash—mostly plastic but also metal, glass, rubber, cloth, ceramic, and […]

20 September 2017. Stalking snow leopards: Q&A with the director of “Ghost of the Mountains” Snow leopards (Panthera uncial) in the Sanjiangyuan region of China, a still from “Ghost of the Mountains.” Photo courtesy of Disneynature.Snow leopards (Panthera uncia) are known for their elusive ways. Even people who share the mountains with the silvery felines seldom spot them. In spring 2014 a crew of filmmakers with Bristol, U.K.-based Brian Leith Productions undertook what the company’s website describes as a “mission impossible.” They ventured to the remote mountains of Sanjiangyuan in […]

20 September 2017. Pangolins reduced to small, isolated populations in Bangladesh: new study Pangolins, one of the most trafficked mammals in the world, are fast disappearing from earth. Yet, we know very little about these solitary animals. Even basic information such as pangolins’ populations is severely lacking, scientists say, making it difficult to plan conservation actions to save the animals. Now, with the help of the Mro tribe […]

20 September 2017. Amazon dam defeats Brazil’s environment agency (commentary) The term “controversial” is inadequate to describe the São Manoel Dam. It is located only 700 m from the Kayabí Indigenous Land and has already provoked a series of confrontations with the indigenous people (see here, here, here and here). As with other dams, São Manoel can be expected to negatively affect the fish and […]

20 September 2017. Photos: South America’s adorable Andean bear There is only one bear species from South America – the Andean bear (Tremarctos ornatus). Sometimes called the spectacled bear due to its cream-colored facial markings that can look like eyeglasses, these bears are found in parts of southern Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and northern Argentina. Mostly shy and highly intelligent, Andean bears find […]