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16 November 2017. UN Climate Fund promised billions to poor nations. For some, the wait is long. – The Green Climate Fund was meant to help developing countries tackle climate change, but many of the most vulnerable nations have not seen any grants.

16 November 2017. GOP plans to win tax and Obamacare fight by opening up Alaska’s Wildlife Refuge to drilling. – In a poetic finale, Republicans hope to gut the Affordable Care Act and pass corporate tax cuts by also opening up the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to drilling.

16 November 2017. Brazil's oil sale plans prompt fears of global fossil fuel extraction race. – Government proposal to give tax relief for offshore oil would increase emissions and contradicts the nation’s progressive stance in Bonn.

16 November 2017. Leaving Europe, Brown says he's talked enough, wants to 'get something done.' – On a nearly two-week swing through Europe, starting at the Vatican and ending at the United Nations climate change conference in Bonn, California's governor offered a bleak appraisal of the global future: We are on a trajectory toward hell. Yet Brown dazzled.

15 November 2017. European banks are financing monuments to a bygone fossil fuel era. – A pipeline built this late in the climate game is not just a waste of money: it’s a horizontal monument to human folly, an ugly and ongoing danger.

15 November 2017. Germany, Britain inject $153 million in Amazon climate change fight. – Germany and Britain will provide a combined $153 million to expand programs to fight climate change and deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, according to a statement from the Brazilian government on Tuesday.

15 November 2017. China's top climate official rules out carbon futures, tax: Media. – China’s top climate official has ruled out any immediate introduction of carbon futures as well as a carbon tax to help the country finance efforts to cut climate-warming greenhouse gases, the official China News Service reported late on Tuesday.

15 November 2017. Climate change and water woes drove ISIS recruiting in Iraq. – Battered by shifting resources, desperate farmers were driven into terror recruiters’ clutches. Can it happen again?

15 November 2017. Global insurance partnership beefed up to protect poor from climate risks. – A $125 million contribution from Germany aims to help provide climate insurance for 400 million poor people.

15 November 2017. Jane Goodall urges U.S. Senate to halt quest for Arctic refuge oil. – British primatologist Jane Goodall sent a letter to every U.S. senator on Tuesday urging them to oppose a push in the U.S. Congress to allow oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a region environmentalists say is one of the world’s last paradises.

14 November 2017. America's "Renaissance" to gains for renewables: Global energy trends. – From the rise of renewable power to the transformation of the United States into a heavyweight producer of oil and gas, the global energy market, normally slow to evolve, is going through major upheaval.

14 November 2017. Labour vows to factor climate change risk into economic forecasts. – The risk posed by climate change would be factored into projections from the government’s independent economic forecaster if Labour took office, the shadow chancellor will announce on Tuesday.

10 November 2017. EU strikes deal on carbon market reform. – European Union negotiators agreed to a compromise on carbon market reforms on Thursday, with the bloc keen for a deal this week to show leadership at U.N. climate talks in Bonn.

8 November 2017. Health savings could help pay the carbon bill. – Cutting carbon dioxide emissions to fight climate change costs money. Lots of money.

5 November 2017. A broke, and broken, flood insurance program. – An unusual coalition of insurers, environmentalists and fiscal conservatives is seeking major changes in the federal plan as a deadline approaches.

3 November 2017. Climate change to affect 10 million Americans by 2075, CBO warns. – Ten million Americans will be "substantially affected" by climate change by 2075, causing government disaster spending to jump, the Congressional Budget Office projected Thursday.

3 November 2017. Trump wants to save Big Coal with $11 billion annual bailout. – The Trump administration wants to force electricity customers to pay for a $10.6 billion annual bailout of the failing coal and nuclear industries through surcharges on their monthly energy bills.

2 November 2017. Fossil fuel companies undermining Paris agreement negotiations. – Report says outcomes of climate negotiations have been skewed to favor biggest corporate polluters.

30 October 2017. Bonn, the global climate village: Bigger, greener ... better? – The UN city of Bonn is getting ready to host the global climate conference. With just a few days before the start of COP23, what do participants, activists and residents expect?

30 October 2017. Russia uses its oil giant, Rosneft, as a foreign policy tool. – Russia is increasingly wielding oil as a geopolitical tool, spreading its influence around the world and challenging the interests of the United States.

25 October 2017. US government agency issues climate change warning as report finds natural disasters cost America $350bn. – 'We simply cannot afford the billions of dollars in additional funding...if we do not take into account the consequences of climate change.'

24 October 2017. Raj Patel on how to break away from capitalism. – Understanding the history of the world and our centuries-long drive toward cheapness.

24 October 2017. Congressional auditor urges action to address climate change. – Fires, floods and hurricanes are already costing the federal government tens of billions of dollars a year and climate change will drive those costs ever higher in coming years, a new federal study warns.

24 October 2017. Americans want a tax on carbon pollution, but how to get one? – A new study finds that Americans are willing to pay an extra $15 per month on energy bills to tackle climate change.

23 October 2017. In China's coal capital, Xi Jinping's dream remains elusive. – At first glance, the coal city of Datong in northern China displays the hopeful signs of change that President Xi Jinping had in mind when he promised his nation a new “China dream.” But it's not that simple.

20 October 2017. Portuguese kids hit climate lawsuit crowdfunding milestone. – Following the second bout of deadly forest fires this year, seven children are preparing to sue for stronger climate action through the European Court of Human Rights.

20 October 2017. Why does green California pump the dirtiest oil in the US? – California may be a leader in climate policies, but much of its abundant oil reserves are nearly as carbon-intensive to extract and refine as Alberta tar sands crude. Many experts now say that reform of the state’s methods of producing oil is long overdue.

20 October 2017. Perry pursuing policy on coal, nuclear power at odds with Texas record. – As multiple Texas coal plants wind down operations, U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry is pushing a widely decried proposal to subsidize coal and nuclear plants in the name of grid resiliency.

20 October 2017. California Dept of Insurance estimates wildfires losses at $1.05 billion. – The California Department of Insurance said on Thursday its preliminary estimate for insured wildfire losses was $1.05 billion, based on claims received by the state’s eight largest insurers, adding that the numbers are expected to rise.

20 October 2017. Renewables to flatline under Turnbull government's energy policy. – Critics say it will make it harder for Australia to meet its climate goals and dent jobs in the industry.