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19 July 2017. The future of California's signature tool to fight climate change is secure — but the political battles are just beginning. – Monday’s vote put an end to months of backroom negotiations, but the aftermath rippled throughout the state Tuesday.

19 July 2017. Inaction on climate change risks leaving future generations $530 trillion in debt. – By delaying significant carbon emission reductions we risk handing both an impossible financial and technological burden to future generations.

19 July 2017. Ecuador risks OPEC split by increasing oil output. – Move represents a tiny proportion of world production, but could embolden others to rethink their commitment to cuts.

19 July 2017. 'Almost exponential': Green bank eyes rapid renewables growth as doubts linger. – Investments by the government's $10 billion clean energy fund are growing at an "almost exponential" rate but growth could shudder to a halt if the industry's post-2020 policy is not settled, according to the agency's new head, Ian Learmonth.

19 July 2017. Extreme weather wiping out hard-won GDP gains in hours. – With Antigua and Barbuda joining St. Kitts and Nevis as the two eastern Caribbean nations to attain middle-income country status, a senior diplomat has identified climate change as a major factor preventing other nations in the grouping from taking the same step forward.

19 July 2017. California lawmakers extend program to cut emissions in bipartisan vote. – The cap-and-trade system, which aims to help California cut greenhouse gases 40% by 2030, stands against Trump policies: ‘That’s what good government looks like.'

19 July 2017. Higher gas prices, a closer look at pollution possible part of California cap-and-trade package. – Legislation approved Monday by the state lawmakers will extend the cap-and-trade program to combat global warning, despite concerns it could raise gasoline prices.

18 July 2017. California lawmakers extend cap-and-trade to 2030, with Republican support. – The climate bill, a victory for Gov. Jerry Brown, drew opposition from some environmental groups for what they saw as giveaways to the oil industry.

18 July 2017. Marin, San Mateo County sue Big Oil over climate change. – Two Bay Area counties and a Southern California city concerned about rising sea levels sued 37 of the world’s biggest oil and coal companies Monday.

18 July 2017. Sorry, Seattle, your climate change ‘leadership’ hasn’t made much of a dent. – Seattle leaders love to talk about fighting climate change. But fighting words come more easily than actually reining in the city’s carbon emissions.

18 July 2017. California Legislature extends state's cap-and-trade program. – California lawmakers voted Monday evening to extend the state’s premiere program on climate change, a victory for Gov. Jerry Brown that included unprecedented Republican support for fighting global warming.

18 July 2017. Who pays for the rising cost of natural disasters. – The force of Mother Nature cost mankind $175 billion in 2016, enough money to rebuild New York’s One World Trade Center 44 times.

18 July 2017. Pipeline's path paved with high hopes - and broken dreams. – Promoters of the 255-mile Nexus pipeline say their project means "energy, jobs and a vibrant economy" as it pumps clean, cheap Appalachian gas to power plants in Ohio and Michigan that now burn coal.

18 July 2017. Bill Shorten says Labor willing to pass Finkel legislation to prevent climate 'brawling.' – Bill Shorten says Labor is prepared to pass legislation giving effect to the Finkel review this year, and has called for the Turnbull government to sit down with the opposition to craft a bipartisan solution.

18 July 2017. California climate law touted as global model faces key test. – California lawmakers are nearing a high-stakes decision that will decide the fate of a climate initiative that Gov. Jerry Brown holds up as a model to be replicated around the world to confront rising global temperatures.

18 July 2017. California lawmakers set to vote on cap-and-trade extension. – California's Democratic-controlled legislature was expected to vote on Monday to extend the state's cap-and-trade program for another decade, under a compromise bill opposed by some lawmakers within the party, business groups and environmentalists.

18 July 2017. How a warming climate will trouble air travel. – Rising temperatures will force airlines to delay flights more often and reduce the number of passengers per plane. And it’s already happening.

18 July 2017. Resurrecting ancient wines that can survive climate change. – A Catalan winery is preparing for the industry’s future by reviving its past.

17 July 2017. The US still wants a say in how UN climate change money is spent. – The U.S. has pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, but it’s already put $1 billion into the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund.

17 July 2017. Here's what to watch for in the vote to extend California's cap-and-trade program. – Gov. Jerry Brown dusted off his little-used political mailing list on Friday to send an urgent message to his supporters: The time to rally around cap-and-trade is now.

17 July 2017. Asia faces disaster from soaring temperatures if climate change unchecked: Scientists. – Climate change will bring soaring temperatures, more intense storms, erratic rainfall, plummeting crop yields and a collapse of coral reefs to Asia-Pacific unless countries fully implement their commitments under the Paris climate pact, scientists said on Friday, calling the challenges "unprecedented".

14 July 2017. Dominion wants ‘flexible compliance’ as Virginia considers carbon caps. – As Virginia considers ways to cut carbon emissions, including the possibility of joining a regional cap-and-trade system, Dominion Energy has outlined its terms for supporting such a move.

14 July 2017. California rightly taking lead on climate. – As President Trump and his Cabinet continue to ignore the economic benefits of clean energy and economic costs of climate change, it’s clear now that it’s up to states, cities and businesses to lead where our federal government refuses to do so.

13 July 2017. California’s new cap-and-trade plan heads for a vote—with compromises. – The new state plan for cutting greenhouse gas emissions would extend carbon trading to 2030, but also protect industry from some future regulations.

13 July 2017. Insurance could cut $29 bln natural disaster bill for poor nations. – "There is clear potential for insurance to both reduce the shortfall in funding for natural disaster losses in low and low-middle income countries, and to relieve pressure on humanitarian aid budgets"

13 July 2017. Climate change could burn a hole in the Forest Service’s budget. – Climate change appears to be fueling more wildfires as forest service officials are increasingly concerned they don’t have the funds to effectively handle another devastating season.

13 July 2017. Conservative groups urge lawmakers to gut climate programs in U.S. military. – A coalition of 14 conservative groups urged U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday to support an amendment to the House of Representatives' annual defense bill that would prevent the Pentagon from implementing climate-change and green energy policies meant to save taxpayers money and protect the planet.

13 July 2017. Renewable power critic is chosen to head energy price review. – An academic who is a vocal critic of the price of renewable power is the government’s preferred choice to head a review of the financial cost of energy in the UK.

13 July 2017. Turning the climate crisis into a TV love child of Jerry Springer and Judge Judy. – As a Trump appointee pushes for televised slanging match, a New York magazine cover story sparks a different debate - should we talk about how bad global warming could actually get?

13 July 2017. It not the wind, it's the gas. Why power prices are going berserk. – Although gas doesn't supply a particularly large portion of Australia's electricity, it usually provides the last bit when nothing else is available, and at those moments it determines the price.