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25 September 2017. Trump faces next climate hurdle. – Pledge to overturn basis for regulating carbon emissions faces legal obstacles.

25 September 2017. Weakened dam looms as latest threat to Puerto Rico after hurricane. – A dam in Puerto Rico weakened by heavy rains from Hurricane Maria was in danger of failing on Sunday, posing a flood threat to thousands of homes downstream as the storm-battered U.S. island territory struggled through a fifth day with virtually no electricity.

25 September 2017. Why India's farmers want to conserve indigenous heirloom rice. – India was once home to 100,000 rice varieties, but high-yield, less hardy hybrids have taken over encouraging farmers to safeguard more resistant strains.

25 September 2017. Businesses need the certainty that RGGI's renewal provides. – Given immense opportunity for economic growth through the deployment of clean energy, it is encouraging to see RGGI-state governors step up and lead the way.

25 September 2017. Scottish draft climate change plan 'lacks credibility.' – The UK Committee on Climate Change found the Scottish draft plan focused too much on the rapid deployment of low carbon heating rather than addressing wider areas like transport emissions.

25 September 2017. Devastated Puerto Rico tests fairness of response to climate disasters. – Hurricane Maria wrecked the impoverished island’s electrical grid and laid open toxic sites. How will Congress handle the crisis?

25 September 2017. The new normal: Super storms highlight importance of disaster planning. – Harvey. Irma. Maria. The hurricane season’s super-charged storms have highlighted the importance of disaster planning, and the aftermath offers a fresh lesson in just how long and difficult recovery can be.

25 September 2017. Solar panel tariff threat: 8 questions homeowners are asking. – If the ITC ruling leads to tariffs on cheap solar imports, it could send shock waves through the market. What would that mean for solar prices and jobs?

25 September 2017. Developing countries can prosper without increasing emissions. – One of the ironies of fighting climate change is that developed countries - which have benefited from decades or centuries of industrialisation - are now asking developing countries to abandon highly polluting technology.

23 September 2017. Trump’s HUD keeps climate-smart rebuilding guide under wraps. – Just a few months before a pair of blockbuster hurricanes hit Florida and Texas, the Trump administration received detailed guidelines from consultants for factoring climate change into how federal aid is spent.

23 September 2017. The Paris agreement dispute is a distraction. The real battle is playing out in the EPA. – Members of the Trump administration are quietly unraveling a slew of policies, precedents, and regulations in ways that could make it much more difficult to plan for a low-carbon future after they’re gone.

23 September 2017. Canada deploys 'multi-pronged' lobbying to counter Trump's EPA cuts. – Elimination, laceration or privatization: inside the Trudeau government's full-court press to save ENERGY STAR from Trump's budget knives.

23 September 2017. CDC: Disease-carrying mosquitoes may swarm more than 75 percent of US. – According to a CDC study, up to 75 percent of the contiguous United States  may provide suitable conditions for several disease-spreading mosquitoes.

23 September 2017. US solar companies ‘plan for the worst, hope for the best’ following key trade case vote. – A vote by the International Trade Commission shook the U.S. solar industry on Friday, as companies braced themselves for possible tariffs on imported solar equipment.

22 September 2017. San Francisco, Oakland sue oil giants over climate change. – The lawsuits argue that Exxon, Chevron and the other companies knew the global warming risks their products were creating.

22 September 2017. What will happen to the Gulf Coast if the oil industry retreats? – Hurricane Harvey pummeled the country’s energy infrastructure, and there are few incentives in place to promote renewables.

22 September 2017. Voters need unified plan for carbon tax. – 2018 may be the year Washington voters are ready to take a carbon-tax initiative seriously — to form a consensus that they must do something, and to strike while the earth is hot. But not if multiple factions again muddle the message.

22 September 2017. Trump wants to eliminate program that oversees hurricane relief. – The federal agency tasked with managing billions in long-term hurricane-relief money is on the Trump administration’s chopping block.

22 September 2017. Tougher energy codes can help cities meet climate goals — if they’re enforced. – City leaders may have to crack down on building owners to translate climate goals into energy efficiency and savings. That’s what New York is doing.

22 September 2017. Can the United States afford another hurricane? – Repeated storms are stretching the public and private sectors thin.

21 September 2017. Hurricane Irma may speed the end of orange juice, America’s biggest source of ‘fruit.’ – OJ shortages are possible in the wake of Hurricane Irma, and prices are expected to climb.

21 September 2017. This year’s extreme weather will have a serious effect on global wine. – A Napa heat wave hit 117 degrees, seriously damaging grapes. Plus, forest fires, frost, and hail around the northern hemisphere will mean smaller production this year and varying quality of the wines you love.

21 September 2017. Homeowners join lawsuit against Crosby chemical plant that burned after Hurricane Harvey. – Eleven additional plaintiffs and a new defendant have been added to a lawsuit against the company whose manufacturing plant experienced a series of chemical fires as a result of floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey.

21 September 2017. 'Hand-to-hand combat' on nuke incentives. – Nuclear advocates, already facing strong headwinds from a powerful oil and gas lobby, are pinning their hopes on the Trump administration and a key Georgia Republican for new lifelines.

21 September 2017. San Francisco chefs serve up a message about climate change. – Karen Leibowitz and Anthony Myint opened the Perennial in San Francisco last year with a clear mission in mind: Run an environmentally friendly restaurant with a minimal carbon footprint, and inspire other restaurateurs to do the same.

21 September 2017. Better 'sell by' dates, less food waste — and a bite out of climate change. – Simplifying "use by" labels should help reduce food waste, which releases greenhouse gases as it rots in landfills. The move could save people money, too.

21 September 2017. How can US states fight climate change if Trump quits the Paris accord? – How much can states really do on climate by themselves, without help from the federal government?

20 September 2017. Richard Branson setting up green energy fund to rebuild Caribbean. – British billionaire Richard Branson said on Tuesday he is in talks to set up a fund to help Caribbean nations recently ravaged by Hurricane Irma replace wrecked fossil fuel-dependent utilities with low-carbon renewable energy sources.

20 September 2017. Lindsay Graham calls for action on climate change. – Sen. Lindsey Graham endorsed a "price on carbon" to fight climate change, breaking with much of the Republican Establishment.

20 September 2017. From oil refineries to solar plants, unions bend California climate change policies in their favor. – At a time when the state is trying to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, union efforts to protect or create jobs threatens to conflict with goals to combat global warming.