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17 August 2017. Climate lessons from California. – The state faces big challenges but has also been particularly ambitious in its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

17 August 2017. California climate deal could net big bucks for polluters. – The air board’s generous impulse toward those polluters was an abrupt reversal of previous plans, ran counter to staff recommendations, and left at least one confused board member later saying he wished he had abstained from voting.

17 August 2017. Suniva, seeking tariffs on foreign solar panels, faces tough questions from ITC. – Why didn't manufacturers thrive while the rest of the U.S. solar industry was booming? How a federal commission answers that could upend an industry.

17 August 2017. Swiss, EU move closer to linking emissions trading systems. – Switzerland and the European Union have moved closer to linking their carbon emissions trading systems after the European Commission and Swiss government gave their backing for a deal.

17 August 2017. Al Gore interview: Fixing democracy to combat climate change. – Al Gore makes the profound statement that Western democracies are broken and in order to solve the climate crisis they need to fix democracy.

16 August 2017. Can business save the world from climate change? – A growing number of initiatives are giving corporations the resources to help achieve global climate goals regardless of government support.

16 August 2017. Unlikely allies try to sway White House before trade decision. – In an event matching the upside-down politics of 2017, some ideologically right-wing voices are allied with the solar industry's main lobby group in a trade case that could shape the future of solar power.

15 August 2017. Climate change risk prompts Super Fund to sell shares in oil, gas firms. – The New Zealand Superannuation Fund has sold shares in some of the world's biggest companies to reduce exposure to firms emitting greenhouse gases.

15 August 2017. After electric cars, what more will it take for batteries to change the face of energy? – The belief that electric vehicles are going to be a big business very soon is ever more widely held.

15 August 2017. China is about to have the world's biggest carbon market. – As the United States reverses its climate policies, the world's top greenhouse gas emitter is in the midst of setting up a national carbon-trading system.

15 August 2017. Vanguard seeks corporate disclosure on risks from climate change. – Vanguard Group on Monday said it has urged companies to disclose how climate change could affect their business and asset valuations, reflecting how the environment has become a priority for the investment industry.

15 August 2017. Disaster, decline and hope for an aging mega project. – Oil flowing along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System became the backbone of Alaska's economy in 1977, lulling state leaders into a false sense of security. But that illusion ended in late 1986.

14 August 2017. States are using social cost of carbon in energy decisions, despite Trump's views. – The climate metric, maligned by the Trump administration, helps build the cost of future climate harms into state electricity plans and markets.

14 August 2017. Climate extremes, policy confuse crop choices for Malawi farmers. – Faced with climate change, uncertain markets and government policies they see as unhelpful, many of Malawi's farmers feel ill-equipped to decide how much of which crop to plant and when.

14 August 2017. Kale power: Water for crops gives women in Kenya's drylands a voice. – "I can take my children to school, cook balanced meals for my family and I have gained recognition in my community"

14 August 2017. Destructive Montana wildfires push cowboys to weigh federal help for livestock industry. – Montana officials had to fight for federal aid that could be crucial to the livestock industry’s recovery from the blaze: “It was like a slap in the face that we don’t matter in rural America.”

14 August 2017. California Republicans face backlash for backing climate change program. – After weeks of escalating criticism, Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes still doesn’t have any regrets over bucking his party to support California’s cap-and-trade program on climate change.

12 August 2017. Scrapping climate protections would erase $300 billion in benefits, study finds. – A new analysis of key Obama-era climate rules targeted by the Trump administration finds the benefits of those protections are 4x greater than the costs.

12 August 2017. Trump officials begin review of Obama emissions standards for cars. – The Trump administration gave notice it intends to relax the rules governing greenhouse gas emissions on new model cars Thursday, in its latest move to undo President Barack Obama’s climate policies.

12 August 2017. Alaskan towns at risk from rising seas sound alarm as Trump pulls federal help. – The US government’s withdrawal from dealing with, or even acknowledging, climate change may have provoked widespread opprobrium, but for Alaskan communities at risk of toppling into the sea, the risks are rather more personal.

12 August 2017. As Hilcorp plans to drill in Arctic waters, a troubling trail of violations surfaces. – An Alaska regulator described the oil and gas company’s 'disregard for regulatory compliance' as 'inexcusable.'

10 August 2017. America’s other coal job, ignored by politicians, is dying fast. – Coal-fired power plants employ more people than mines, and they’re shutting down all over the country.

10 August 2017. ‘We wanted to be early’: Northwest Passage adventurers held back by lingering ice. – As the Arctic ice recedes and the waters of the Northwest Passage become more accessible, enthusiasts and adventure travelers are making more use of the fabled waterway.

10 August 2017. Talen changes Colstrip exit plans, plans to stay for foreseeable future. – The reversal comes roughly a year after Talen informed its co-owners that the Pennsylvania-based energy company said it was “not economically viable” to continue operating Colstrip.

9 August 2017. Minnesota health advocates praise increased social cost of carbon. – Public health advocates say Minnesota utility regulators’ decision last month to increase the social cost of carbon will be important for dealing with the negative health impacts of climate change.

9 August 2017. The penalty for failure. – The longer conservatives wait to acknowledge that climate change is occurring as a result of human action, the fewer opportunities to stave off extreme measures: cap-and-trade scenarios, carbon taxes or government rationing of energy sources.

9 August 2017. This is how bad things could get if Trump denies the reality of climate change. – Recent studies provide a glimpse at the dangerous future ahead.

9 August 2017. California's smart approach to climate change. – The Golden State's evolving policy sets a good example for the rest of the U.S.

9 August 2017. Climate change is already happening in Costa Rica. – Costa Ricans have a front-row seat to the havoc climate change is already causing. No wonder they’re moved to action.

8 August 2017. Commonwealth Bank shareholders sue over 'inadequate' disclosure of climate change risks. – The embattled Commonwealth Bank is being sued by shareholders for what they say is a failure to properly disclose the risks to the business posed by climate change.