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25 March 2017. As Trump targets energy rules, oil companies downplay their impact. – President Donald Trump’s White House has said his plans to slash environmental regulations will trigger a new energy boom and help the United States drill its way to independence from foreign oil.

25 March 2017. The White House calls climate research a ‘waste.’ Actually, this report is required by law. – Despite White House budget director Mick Mulvaney’s assertion Friday that studying climate change is a “waste of your money,” federal scientists are required, by a 1990 law, to do just that.

25 March 2017. Trump lays plans to reverse Obama's climate change legacy. – The White House is preparing to dismantle major policy actions of the Obama era, including a plan to close hundreds of heavily polluting power plants.

25 March 2017. In America's coal country, states emboldened to ditch efficiency. – Efforts to cut America’s use of energy are coming under attack, both in Washington and in at least two states.

24 March 2017. Somaliland drought "a kind of nightmare" – and a security threat. – The loss of Somaliland's livestock - the basis of its economy - to drought could worsen security threats in the Horn of Africa, the environment minister warns.

24 March 2017. The billionaire on a mission to save the planet from Trump. – Tom Steyer's organization, NextGen Climate, has spent $170 million over the past four years advocating for policies and politicians that help the environment and advance renewable energy.

24 March 2017. What happened to our ‘green’ PM? – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just made life more expensive for dedicated users of public transit in Toronto in a move which, according to his own logic, flies in the face of fighting climate change.

24 March 2017. State Department to approve Keystone pipeline permit on Friday: Sources. – The U.S. State Department plans to approve on Friday the permit needed to proceed with construction of the Canada-to-U.S. Keystone XL oil pipeline.

24 March 2017. Former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis on climate leadership in the Trump era. – Ensia recently caught up with Bob Inglis to get his thoughts on the prospects for climate leadership under President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress.

24 March 2017. The CommBank contradiction: Support for cricket and fossil fuels. – Extreme heat endangers cricketers yet the Commonwealth Bank is Australia’s most significant private investor in climate-change-inducing fossil fuels.

24 March 2017. Tony Abbott backs calls to keep Hazelwood power plant open. – Former prime minister joins debate as Australian Industry Group says it is not confident the risks to the country’s energy grid are being managed.

24 March 2017. Trump refusing to even measure economic cost of climate change. – Even as some of America’s top economists and scientists are seeking a precise answer the Trump administration is signaling that it has no intention to find out.

24 March 2017. Halve carbon emissions each decade to combat warming. – Scientists proposed on Thursday a legislative and economic framework to halve the world's carbon dioxide emissions every decade from 2020 and combat climate change, by issuing hefty penalties on carbon emitters.

24 March 2017. Australian Industry Group calls for 'emergency intervention' to keep Hazelwood open. – A leading national business group has called on Canberra and Victoria to consider an unprecedented "emergency intervention" to keep the Hazelwood coal power plant running due to escalating concern about electricity supply and prices.

24 March 2017. 'Just crazy': Twin blasts for Turnbull government over energy and climate policy. – The Turnbull government has exacerbated the nation's energy crisis, making it "as frightening as it gets" for investors and locking consumers into much higher power and gas prices, according to Danny Price, a former advisor.

24 March 2017. A roadmap for rapid decarbonization. – Emissions inevitably approach zero with a "carbon law."

24 March 2017. Changes to flight paths could reduce aircraft effect on climate. – Small alterations to routing, which would add about 1% to airlines’ operating costs, could have significant results.

23 March 2017. Commentary: Why the world economy has to be carbon free by 2050. – A “carbon law” states that the world must halve emissions every decade to reach a stable climate system for the planet.

23 March 2017. Coal's steep decline keeps climate goal within reach, report says. – If the world stays on track in canceling coal projects and retiring old plants, the trend to renewable energy could help keep global warming below 2 degrees C.

23 March 2017. Big Oil replaces rigs with wind turbines. – Big oil is starting to challenge the biggest utilities in the race to erect wind turbines at sea.

23 March 2017. China's property giants launch green index. – China's largest real estate developers launched a green index on Wednesday to manage their cement, steel and iron suppliers as the world's second-largest economy steps up its fight against climate change.

23 March 2017. America’s shale firms don’t give a frack about financial returns. – Exploration and production companies are poised to go on another investment spree.

23 March 2017. Congress grumbles as White House limits spending details. – Lawmakers are expressing frustration with a White House move to severely restrict agencies from sharing budget information with Congress, including details of proposed environmental and energy spending cuts.

23 March 2017. Renewables roadshow: How the 'nonna effect' got Darebin's pensioners signing up to solar. – In Darebin in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, solar installations have spread rapidly through the area’s low-income households.

23 March 2017. Cost of US car fuel standards could be 40 percent lower: Report. – The cost to implement tough fuel-efficiency standards for cars imposed by the Obama administration for the first half of the next decade could be up to 40 percent lower than previously estimated using existing conventional technologies.

23 March 2017. Industry is ready to pour concrete - and release emissions. – President Trump's proposed infrastructure bill might not exist yet, but it already has concrete and cement manufacturers on the edge of their seats.

22 March 2017. Report: Climate outlook improves as fewer coal plants built. – Led by cutbacks in China and India, construction of new coal-fired power plants is falling worldwide, improving chances climate goals can be met despite earlier pessimism, three environmental groups said Wednesday.

22 March 2017. Oil theft 'provides billions for terrorists and drug cartels.' – Oil theft is fuelling terrorist groups and drug cartels around the world, according to a new analysis.

22 March 2017. Dakota Access pipeline: ING sells stake in major victory for divestment push. – The financial giant ING has sold its stake in the $2.5bn loan financing the Dakota Access pipeline, the latest victory for the anti-pipeline divestment campaign that comes as the project is set to begin transporting oil.

22 March 2017. Business leaders urge G20 to put climate change back on agenda. – Business executives and scientists on Tuesday urged the world's leading economies to put global warming back on the G20 agenda after finance ministers and central bankers failed to reaffirm their readiness to finance measures against climate change.