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25 April 2017. California's landmark climate-change program would also fight air pollution under proposal. – As the Legislature weighs the future of cap and trade, it is considering key changes.

25 April 2017. With government in retreat, companies step up on emissions. – Nearly half of the nation’s largest corporations have set emissions reductions targets, even as the Trump administration walks away from goals set by President Obama.

25 April 2017. Arctic thaw quickening threatens trillion-dollar costs - report. – The Arctic's quickening thaw is melting the permafrost under buildings and roads from Siberia to Alaska, raising world sea levels and disrupting temperature patterns further south, an international study said on Tuesday.

25 April 2017. Extreme Arctic melt is raising sea level rise threat; New estimate nearly twice IPCC's. – Global sea level rise could happen at nearly twice the rate previously projected by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, even under the best scenario, according to a new report.

25 April 2017. China, India become climate leaders as West falters. – As rich countries have foundered, India and China have emerged as global leaders in tackling warming.

25 April 2017. Adani coalmine at heightened risk of becoming a stranded asset, report says. – The risk of the controversial Adani Carmichael coalmine becoming a stranded asset has increased in the last 12 months, according to a new report.

25 April 2017. An old rock could lead to 'next generation' solar cells. – After a 170-year delay, the discovery of a strange, metallic-looking rock found in the Ural Mountains in Russia in 1839 has ignited a global technology race for a cheaper, more efficient solar cell. It could seriously disrupt the world's solar market, currently dominated by China.

24 April 2017. This climate change doc is a wake-up call for Trump’s administration. – The filmmakers behind “Tomorrow” go deeper than scare tactics of global warming to unearth the complex layers underneath that are the true culprits.

24 April 2017. The electric car revolution now faces its biggest test. – Will people still buy them when the subsidies are gone?

24 April 2017. Michael Bloomberg to world leaders: Ignore Trump on climate change. – New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg urged world leaders not to follow President Donald Trump's lead on climate change and declared his intention to help save an international agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

24 April 2017. Bill Nye the Science Guy on Trump: 'We are in a dangerous place.' – Bill Nye, the face of science in US popular culture, has attacked Donald Trump’s “dangerous” dismissal of climate change and planned cuts to research ahead of the first March for Science in Washington DC.

23 April 2017. Elon Musk says Tesla will unveil an electric semi truck In September. – Tesla (TSLA, +1.02%) CEO Elon Musk has announced that the electric car company will unveil its first semi truck in September, followed by a pickup truck model in close to two years' time.

23 April 2017. Why they march: "Science and scientists are under attack." – The March for Science is a response to the Trump administration’s distaste for science — or at least the kind that gets in the way of profit — but it is also a celebration of those among us who have devoted their lives to understanding how the world works.

22 April 2017. ICYMI: People are almost completely ignoring a looming crisis for oil. – In a major recent research note, HSBC argues that soon we won't be worrying about there being too much supply and not enough demand, but rather, things will be the other way round soon enough, and that is going to cause huge problems.

22 April 2017. This interactive map shows why renewables and natural gas are taking over the US. – This one’s for the energy nerds out there. The University of Texas Austin’s Energy Institute has put out an incredibly useful interactive map showing what types of power plants are cheapest to build in every county in the continental United States. (No, really, it’s fascinating.)

21 April 2017. Britain set to have its first coal-free day since industrial revolution. – Friday could be the first day the UK has been without coal-fired electricity since 1882.

21 April 2017. The Environmentalist Papers make the case for conservation in the age of Trump. – In the spirit of the Federalist Papers, this new collection of essays tries to make it clear to the new administration that there are massive economic benefits in our environmental regulations.

21 April 2017. World Bank to continue alternative energy financing efforts. – World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim said on Thursday that the multilateral lender does not plan to change its stance on financing alternative energy projects and mitigating the effects of climate change.

20 April 2017. Europe’s coal power is going up in smoke — fast. – The long goodbye for coal in Europe is accelerating as the cost of shifting to green energy plunges.

20 April 2017. Fighting global warming with strategy of divestment/reinvestment. – Baby boomers and millennials alike can refuse to invest in or do business with companies deep into fossil fuels, investing instead in ‘green’ alternatives.

20 April 2017. When rising seas transform risk into certainty. – Along parts of the East Coast, the entire system of insuring coastal property is beginning to break down.

20 April 2017. Congress must lead on carbon pollution. – By enacting a fee on carbon with revenue returned to households, our Congress can avert disaster, create jobs and assert U.S. leadership on the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced.

20 April 2017. FERC's environmental justice, climate review scrutinized. – Energy regulators' review process for natural gas pipelines went under the microscope in federal court on Tuesday.

20 April 2017. Emissions credits likely worthless in reducing emissions, study says. – Schemes allowed by the Paris climate agreement won't help countries reach their reduction targets, European report says, and should be phased out.

19 April 2017. Meet the man willing to spend millions to convince Elon Musk to dump Trump. – Doug Derwin is investing up to $2m to persuade Tesla’s CEO to speak out against US climate change policies and resign from groups advising Trump.

19 April 2017. A day for celebration and protest. – Since the first Earth Day, the knowledge gained through science led to big reductions in air and water pollution and acid rain. It spurred technological advances, energy savings, and better medical products, practices and procedures. The list goes on and on.

19 April 2017. State climate protection advocates see a future if people want it. – State environmental activists believe there can be a future, both for jobs in Connecticut and for life on Earth, as long as people are willing to unite for a cause and find common ground.

18 April 2017. How Wall Street once killed the US solar industry. – A new paper argues that enormous changes transformed the structure of the U.S. economy in the 1970s and 1980s, gutting the solar industry by depriving the technology of funding at a critical moment in its development. And it could happen again.

18 April 2017. When rising seas transform risk into certainty. – Along parts of the East Coast, the entire system of insuring coastal property is beginning to break down.

18 April 2017. Trump policy advisers, split over Paris accord, will debate US role in pact. – Support for keeping the United States in the landmark Paris climate deal of 2015 seems to be gaining traction, experts say.