Climate Change

A feed of recent articles relating to Climate Change from The Daily Climate.

22 May 2017. Large or small, cities’ 100% renewable energy pledges are more than symbolic. – Advocates say renewable energy goals set by places like Atlanta and Abita Springs, Louisiana can send important market signals and inspire other cities to follow suit.

22 May 2017. In Minnesota, utilities and regulators plan for the grid of the future. – Minnesota regulators recently heard proposals from Xcel Energy to introduce a sophisticated new electric grid software platform and to build an energy storage system instead of a substation.

22 May 2017. Report outlines new strategy for stretching Rio Grande water supply. – A report from a conservation group working in New Mexico provides an alternative plan to help an overtapped Rio Grande by changing where water is stored in the river system.

22 May 2017. What makes for winners in the Texas wind power boom? – A little more wind can mean a lot more energy. Just like there are geological maps of all the oil and gas under the ground in Texas, there are now maps of potential wind power.

22 May 2017. Rising seas could be turning Jersey’s coastal cedars into ghost forests. – Scientists are alarmed at the affect that rising sea levels and more frequent big storms could have on still-healthy cedar forests living between the Pinelands and coastal saltwater marshes.

22 May 2017. My month with California’s conspiracy theorist farmers. – Tammi Riedl and her partner believe ‘chemtrails’ are damaging our health. They prove conspiracies have gone mainstream – and aren’t just for the right wing.

22 May 2017. New coal mines will worsen poverty and escalate climate change, report finds. – New coal mines will leave more people in poverty, Oxfam has said in a new report, calling on Australia to commit to no new coal mines and to end public subsidies for coal mining.

22 May 2017. Trump's clean energy agenda fueled by Chinese coal. – The Trump administration is looking to keep a number of joint collaboratives open with China on clean energy, although many of them were established under the Obama administration to fight climate change.

22 May 2017. China looks to capture millions of tons of CO2. – China is planning to capture millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide generated by its energy and steel plants for use in extracting crude oil from the country’s increasingly barren oilfields.

22 May 2017. Trump budget would wallop EPA's climate and environment programs. – The plan would cut EPA funding by nearly one-third, slash spending on renewable energy innovation and eliminate the Greenhouse Gas Reporting program, among others.

22 May 2017. Experts reject Bjørn Lomborg's view on 2C warming target. – Experts have challenged a claim by Bjørn Lomborg’s Copenhagen Consensus Centre that holding global temperature rises to 2C is a poor investment.

22 May 2017. How do the four main parties compare on the environment? – Environment experts weigh up the manifesto pledges on issues such as air pollution, climate change, energy and waste.

22 May 2017. India launches massive push for clean power, lighting, and cars. – While President Trump wants to revive America’s coal industry, India is embracing renewables, LED lighting, electric cars, and more.

22 May 2017. Grattan Institute warns of looming summer energy crisis without reforms. – Panicking politicians who make knee jerk decisions to bolster Australia's energy security run the risk of fueling a power crisis with more blackouts and restrictions, according to a report from the Grattan Institute.

22 May 2017. Swiss voters embrace shift to renewable energy. – Swiss voters backed the government's plan to provide billions of dollars in subsidies for renewable energy, ban new nuclear plants and help bail out struggling utilities in a binding referendum on Sunday.

22 May 2017. Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas has a problem with science – and with voters. – Lamar Smith is facing a wave of outrage from constituents in Texas that could present the first real challenge for his seat in 30 years.

22 May 2017. Move over Tesla, Europe's building its own battery gigafactories. – Battery-making gigafactories are about to arrive in Europe, challenging a lead Tesla Inc. is building at a plant in Nevada and opening the way for a quicker shift toward green power for both cars and utilities.

22 May 2017. The coral reefs you never heard of, in the path of Trump's drilling plan. – Flower Garden Banks sanctuary is home to 180 species and miles of colorful corals in the Gulf of Mexico. An expansion plan, 10 years in the making, is now at risk.

22 May 2017. Water breaches 'Doomsday' vault; seeds safe. – Unseasonably warm temperatures last fall caused water to breach the entrance to the Arctic's so-called "Doomsday" seed vault, one of humanity's last hopes after a global catastrophe, the company that manages the vault said last week.

22 May 2017. Who will steer Volkswagen settlement spending in NC? – Expect debate over how North Carolina should spend $92 million from automaker’s emission-cheating settlement.

22 May 2017. Environmental justice movement on the rise in Sacramento. – A new generation of legislators and the growing clout of eco-advocates from urban communities is changing the focus of environmental debates in California.

22 May 2017. Climate change predictions can be scary for kids. What can you say? – The implications of climate change can contribute to stress, depression and anxiety for everyone, but especially for kids, according to a study released this year by the American Psychological Association, Climate for Health and EcoAmerica.

22 May 2017. Find out what is true and false about climate change. – Skeptical Science is a science education group run by a global team of volunteers. It's based on scientific literature that's gone through the peer-review process, meaning the research has been subjected to scrutiny by other experts in the same field.

22 May 2017. Antarctic warming threatens vast ice shelf. – The world’s second largest ice shelf is in danger of shrinking dramatically within a few decades as the Southern Ocean continues to warm.

22 May 2017. Charging ahead: Welsh battery scheme may aid growth of green energy. – Nestling alongside rows of conifers and wind turbines in a Welsh valley, a pioneering project will materialise this summer that could prove a blueprint for unlocking Britain’s renewable energy potential.

22 May 2017. BMW to hike R&D spend to cope with CO2, e-mobility: CFO in paper. – BMW expects its research and development budget, when measured as a percentage of sales, to rise in 2018, its CFO told a German paper.

22 May 2017. 'Doomsday' seed vault entrance repaired after thaw of Arctic ice. – Norway is repairing the entrance of a "doomsday" seed vault on an Arctic island after an unexpected thaw of permafrost let water into a building meant as a deep freeze to safeguard the world's food supplies.

22 May 2017. Japan thinks hydrogen will rule. Does anyone else? – Some automakers are betting that hydrogen will take off as pressure for cleaner vehicles mounts. And Japan is planning to lead by example.

22 May 2017. Why did this once thriving lake disappear? – Previously known for having vast blue-green waters, Lake Atescatempa is now little more than a few puddles of mud.

22 May 2017. There's moss in Antarctica now, and it's getting even greener. – Plant life on both poles is growing rapidly as the planet warms.