Climate Change

A feed of recent articles relating to Climate Change from The Daily Climate.

28 June 2017. Watts in the water. – Our oceans contain enough energy to power the planet—if we could just get our hands on it.

28 June 2017. How climate change could affect your homeowners insurance coverage. – Homeowners will ultimately foot the bill for more extreme weather.

28 June 2017. Why Arctic icebergs are heading south earlier than usual. – How a warmer climate caused icebergs to block a scientific mission to Hudson Bay.

28 June 2017. In the Netherlands, a better way to rebuild the beach. – A US $78-million experiment aims to reinforce the rapidly eroding coastline, while avoiding the ecological damage common with other nourishment schemes.

28 June 2017. Researchers found they could hack entire wind farms. – For the past two years, researchers at the University of Tulsa have been systematically hacking wind farms around the United States to demonstrate the little-known digital vulnerabilities of an increasingly popular form of American energy production.

28 June 2017. Boaty McBoatface is back! Here's what the sub found on its 1st mission. – The bright-yellow submersible famously known as Boaty McBoatface has collected "unprecedented data" in Antarctica on its maiden voyage, according to a team of researchers who conducted the mission.

28 June 2017. On Capitol Hill, EPA chief gets an earful about Trump’s ‘downright offensive’ budget plan. – Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike pushed back at the administration's proposed cuts at the agency.

28 June 2017. Violence spreads ahead of election in drought-hit Kenya. – Politicians have been accused of stoking land conflict between farmers, herders and indigenous groups to win votes, while failing to address the root cause.

28 June 2017. Mayors of 7,400 cities vow to meet Obama's climate commitments. – At the first meeting of a “global covenant of mayors”, city leaders from across the US, Europe and elsewhere pledged to work together to keep to the commitments made by Barack Obama two years ago.

28 June 2017. Construction on wetlands ramps up water stress in Zimbabwe. – A growing number of newcomers to Harare find themselves in a bind. They need somewhere to live, and developers are all too ready to sell them land in wetland areas. But as construction covers more wetlands, water sources are drying up.

28 June 2017. Overlooked water loss in plants could throw off climate models. – Errors could cause researchers to overestimate the rate of photosynthesis when water is scarce.

28 June 2017. It's 'Energy Week' at the White House, and environmentalists are worried. – For Trump, deals are zero-sum games and the goal is ‘energy dominance.’ But energy policy isn’t real estate.

28 June 2017. Michigan's wind energy farms whip up plenty of praise and complaints. – They are renewable energy signs of the times, welcomed by some, reviled by others.

28 June 2017. Germany moves to crack down on vehicle emissions. – Germany will discuss a national plan to cut pollution from diesel engines and set up a new organization to test vehicles to try to restore consumer confidence after Volkswagen's emissions scandal, ministers said on Tuesday.

28 June 2017. Rick Perry wants to hold a dangerous, totally BS debate on global warming. – A red team, blue team debate is a red herring.

28 June 2017. What if we could design cities to minimize the urban heat island effect? – How much green space do you need to sprinkle in amongst the buildings and parking lots in order to make the temperature of the city as a whole more comfortable?

28 June 2017. Federal minister praises P.E.I for environmental efforts. – Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is on her first official visit to P.E.I., addressing delegates at the annual meeting of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation of North America.

28 June 2017. Climate scientists just debunked deniers' favorite argument. – And in the process, illustrated the difference between skepticism and denial.

28 June 2017. After denial, Trudeau sheds light on German magazine report. – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shed some light on a German magazine's explosive report that he appeased United States President Donald Trump on climate change.

28 June 2017. Vienna makes peace with its trash. – The famously clean Austrian city boasts one of the world’s most innovative waste processing systems.

28 June 2017. Paris Agreement without the US: Island states ′may have to abandon their territories.′ – U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw his nation from the Paris deal could spell environmental chaos - especially for small island states under threat from rising sea levels, warns scientist Hans-Otto Pörtner.

28 June 2017. Watchdog group sues EPA to access communications with Icahn. – A U.S. watchdog group filed a lawsuit in a federal court on Tuesday to force the Environmental Protection Agency to release communications with billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who it says tried to influence biofuels policy for personal gain.

28 June 2017. House bill would slash key DOE programs. – Department of Energy research and renewable energy programs would see a major funding reduction under the fiscal 2018 House energy-water appropriations bill.

28 June 2017. BMW tests electric cars as power grid stabilizers. – The experiment, with the utility PG&E, showed how electric vehicles can support the grid during periods of peak demand.

28 June 2017. Tanzania eyes hydropower project in game reserve despite criticism. – Tanzania has said it plans to build a long-delayed 2,100-megawatt hydroelectric plant in a World Heritage site renowned for its animal populations and variety of wildlife habitats despite opposition from environmentalists.

28 June 2017. 'Bring on more renewables,' US regulator says as grid study looms. – Wind and solar power does not make the U.S. electricity grid less stable, an outgoing federal regulator said on Tuesday, as the Trump administration readies a study that will examine whether renewable energy has had a harmful effect.

28 June 2017. Wind power's big bet: Turbines taller than skyscrapers. – Wind farm operators are betting on a new generation of colossal turbines, which will dwarf many skyscrapers, as they seek to remain profitable after European countries phase out subsidies that have defined the green industry since the 1990s.

28 June 2017. UPS looks to add more green vehicles to its fleet by 2025. – United Parcel Service Inc said on Tuesday it would add more vehicles that run on non-conventional power to its fleet by 2025, as the package delivery company looks to cut its greenhouse emissions.

28 June 2017. Fires rise in Arctic as 'lightning follows the warming.' – Climate change is driving up the number of forest fires ignited by lightning, and it's pushing them farther north, to the edges of the Arctic tundra, researchers say.