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23 January 2018. Here come the megacities

By 2100, at least 10 cities are predicted to have populations over 50 million. How can society keep pace?

23 January 2018. Solar tariff ruling: What it means for the US solar industry

The 30 percent duty will undermine the business case for new solar power development in the United States.

23 January 2018. Bioeconomy: A global trend?

Several nations are investing in a bio-based economy to slash carbon footprints. At a recent summit, experts point out how more work is needed to realize bioeconomy's potential as a climate solution.

23 January 2018. How engineering Earth’s climate could seriously imperil life

Seeding the atmosphere with sulfur could keep temperature from rising—but once we stop, the backlash could destroy entire species.

23 January 2018. Mayors of the world’s major cities speak out about air pollution

As part of a new series, mayors from some of the world's major metropolises told HuffPost about the unique challenges of reducing smog, soot and other pollutants that threaten the safety of their cities.

23 January 2018. Switching to electric cars is key to fixing America's 'critically insufficient' climate policies

In order to meet its share of the carbon pollution cuts needed to achieve the 2°C Paris international climate target, America's policies are rated as "critically insufficient" by the Climate Action Tracker.

23 January 2018. China support for ‘clean coal’ gives green bonds touch of gray

China is among the global leaders in green bonds and is seeking further means of financing myriad renewable energy, smart tech, clean transport, pollution control, and climate adaptation projects.

23 January 2018. Schwarzenegger to Trump: 'Don’t touch California. If you want to drill, do it off Mar-a-Lago'

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday blasted President Trump's move to allow increased offshore drilling , saying he ought to drill in the waters off his Palm Beach, Fla., resort rather than California.

23 January 2018. Lisa Garcia: Pruitt's attacks on environmental protections hit people of color hardest

But we are fighting back.

23 January 2018. Federal resiliency efforts pay off six times their investment, new report finds

For every $1 that the U.S. government spends on resiliency projects, society saves $6 on the future costs of natural disasters, according to a new report by the National Institute of Building Sciences.

23 January 2018. Trump would open nearly all US waters to drilling. But will they drill?

President Trump’s offshore oil drilling plan upends a decades-long effort to balance the nation’s energy needs with protecting ocean ecosystems, and it is meeting stiff resistance from governors up and down the coasts.

23 January 2018. Heads of state and C.E.O.s in Davos beware: 6 feet of snow in 6 days

A weekend blizzard was still filling the mountain valley with more snow on Monday night as heads of state and C.E.O.s tried to gather for the World Economic Forum.

23 January 2018. Trump slaps steep tariffs on foreign washing machines and solar products

The Trump administration said it would impose steep tariffs on imports, the first major step by the administration to erect the kind of barriers the president frequently threatened.

23 January 2018. Tesla’s pay deal to keep Elon Musk: All or nothing

Mr. Musk agreed to stay as chief executive for 10 years, with compensation tied to $50 billion leaps in Tesla’s valuation. Otherwise, he makes zero.

23 January 2018. It’s the big new idea for stopping climate change — but it has huge environmental problems of its own

Scientists say burning plants for energy and capturing the carbon, at a large scale, could cross key "planetary boundaries."

23 January 2018. Urban forests add to cities’ health and wealth

Planting more urban forests is a simple way not only to improve the health of a city's people, but to make them wealthier too.

23 January 2018. Low snowfall sign of climate change, Utah scientists say

The season's low snowpack is a symptom of climate change, according to scientists. Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Utah, Jim Steenburgh, said Northern Utah is on track to see one of the lowest snowfalls in more than 40 years.“

23 January 2018. These drones plant trees by firing seed pods at the ground

Startups are tapping into the business potential of ecosystem restoration.

23 January 2018. Mesoamerican Reef gets improving bill of health

A recent report tracking the health of the Mesoamerican Reef indicates that conservation efforts might be helping to turn the tide for the reef itself and the people who depend on it.

23 January 2018. Pope’s message to Amazonia inspires hope, but will it bring action?

Visit by Pope Francis to Peru brought needed attention to Amazon deforestation and indigenous suffering due to illegal mining, but will the pontiff’s words be a game changer?

23 January 2018. Researchers will soon predict the snowpack before the snow even falls

NOAA researchers have built a tool that can predict the snowpack eight months ahead of time, before the snow even falls.

22 January 2018. France to revise carbon emissions target after missing 2016 goal

France will revise its carbon emissions target by the end of this year to align it with its pledges in the Paris climate agreement after failing to meet the goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions in 2016, the ecology minister said on Monday.

22 January 2018. Cleaning up air pollution may strengthen global warming

Pollution in the atmosphere is having an unexpected consequence, scientists say—it's helping to cool the climate, masking some of the global warming that's occurred so far.

22 January 2018. Are more deadly mudslides inevitable? Experts say yes

Experts analyzing the catastrophic mudslide that claimed 20 lives here say there's no doubt it will happen again.

22 January 2018. 'Wasteful stunt': Turnbull government accused of doing too little to save reef

The Turnbull government's pledge of an additional $60 million to help improve the health of the Great Barrier Reef has been dismissed by environmental groups and scientists as insufficient and a "wasteful publicity stunt".

22 January 2018. Peru passes law allowing roads through pristine Amazon rainforest

Pope warned on Friday of threat to Amazon and its peoples but now new roads in border areas could affect five indigenous reserves.

22 January 2018. Can Gov. Inslee deliver America's first carbon tax?

Jay Inslee, Washington state's Democratic governor, is one of America's leading climate evangelists. Now, as he seeks to pass a major policy limiting emissions, he's facing perhaps the biggest political victory of his career, or his sharpest defeat.

22 January 2018. In Cape Town, 'Day Zero' is coming very soon — the day the water runs out

Cape Town, South Africa's second-largest city, is facing its worst drought in a century and could run out of water by April 21 — dubbed "Day Zero" by local authorities.

22 January 2018. On the Chesapeake, a precarious future of rising seas and high tides

Maryland's Dorchester County is ground zero for climate change on Chesapeake Bay, as rising seas claim more and more land. An e360 video explores the quiet beauty of this liquid landscape and how high tides and erosion are putting the bay's rural communities at risk.

22 January 2018. Iowa city moving towards goal of energy independence

The city of Bloomfield, Iowa is at least 10 percent of the way toward its pledge to reach energy independence by 2030 with the recent completion of a 1.86-megawatt solar array.