Climate Change

A feed of recent articles relating to Climate Change from The Daily Climate.

21 September 2017. The West’s wildfires are taking a toll on reservoirs. – New research predicts that an increase in the frequency and magnitude of wildfires will double the rates of sedimentation in one-third of the West’s large watersheds, reducing reservoir storage and affecting water supplies.

21 September 2017. Nike's new recycled leather shoes look like they were made from the real thing. – Flyleather is the company's latest attempt to reduce the footprint of its shoes, this time by weaving together leather scraps and synthetic material to create a less damaging, more durable shoe.

21 September 2017. Reports of livestock deaths, other ag losses trickle in after Harvey. – The Texas Animal Health Commission and USDA, however, are mum on an estimated death toll.

21 September 2017. Chicago town hall urges communities to take advantage of solar incentives. – Almost a year after Illinois enacted a sweeping energy bill, Chicago-area developers, advocates, and government agencies are hustling to prepare local communities to take full advantage of state incentives coming in the next few years.

21 September 2017. Duke Energy proposes first utility-scale battery storage projects in North Carolina and South Carolina. – Duke Energy Progress plans to spend $30 million by early 2019 on the first utility-scale battery storage projects in North Carolina.

21 September 2017. San Francisco, Oakland sue oil giants over climate change. – The lawsuits argue that Exxon, Chevron and the other companies knew the global warming risks their products were creating.

21 September 2017. Climate report says Montana must adapt to warmer, drier seasons. – Montana's average temperatures are increasing, mountain snowpacks are declining, large wildfires are more frequent, and all that is expected to continue in the coming decades.

21 September 2017. The Paris agreement dispute is a distraction. The real battle is playing out in the EPA. – Members of the Trump administration are quietly unraveling a slew of policies, precedents, and regulations in ways that could make it much more difficult to plan for a low-carbon future after they’re gone.

21 September 2017. Hurricane Maria churns through Caribbean as ravaged Puerto Rico takes stock of an 'island destroyed.' – Maria — now a Category 3 hurricane — was expected to gather some fresh strength over open water before taking aim at the Turks and Caicos Islands, which were battered earlier this month by Hurricane Irma.

21 September 2017. Hurricane Irma: Gov. Rick Scott's superstorm. – Florida's governor is the perfect example of how U.S. leaders fail to meet the challenge of our lifetime.

21 September 2017. Trump administration nominee wants to open pristine Alaskan refuge to drilling. – Over the course of his career, former Alaska official Joe Balash has been strongly in favor of developing Alaska’s natural gas and oil resources and in favor of transferring public lands to Alaska control so the state could offer oil and gas leases.

21 September 2017. Harvey, Irma, Maria: This is the hurricane season scientists expected … and feared. – Category 5 hurricanes, like Irma and Maria, are the pinnacle of nature’s fury. There is simply no weather event on Earth that can cause so much destruction so quickly. They are worst-case scenarios.

21 September 2017. This year’s extreme weather will have a serious effect on global wine. – A Napa heat wave hit 117 degrees, seriously damaging grapes. Plus, forest fires, frost, and hail around the northern hemisphere will mean smaller production this year and varying quality of the wines you love.

21 September 2017. Theresa May speaks out against Trump climate change stance at UN. – PM ranks US plan to withdraw from Paris treaty alongside North Korean nuclear tests as threat to global security.

21 September 2017. What will happen to the Gulf Coast if the oil industry retreats? – Hurricane Harvey pummeled the country’s energy infrastructure, and there are few incentives in place to promote renewables.

21 September 2017. 14 states: We’re on track to meet Paris climate goals, despite Trump. – The U.S. Climate Alliance members, including California and New York, represent more than a third of the U.S. population.

21 September 2017. Climate change is already making people sicker. – Climate change is a central issue at this year’s United Nations General Assembly, with multiple high-level meetings on the issue happening amid several devastating natural disasters.

21 September 2017. Pruitt eyes changes to air pollution permitting regime. – EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt signaled a renewed effort to challenge an air pollution permitting program, known as New Source Review, through a task force that is looking to provide “certainty” to industry.

21 September 2017. Homeowners join lawsuit against Crosby chemical plant that burned after Hurricane Harvey. – Eleven additional plaintiffs and a new defendant have been added to a lawsuit against the company whose manufacturing plant experienced a series of chemical fires as a result of floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey.

21 September 2017. 'Hand-to-hand combat' on nuke incentives. – Nuclear advocates, already facing strong headwinds from a powerful oil and gas lobby, are pinning their hopes on the Trump administration and a key Georgia Republican for new lifelines.

21 September 2017. Ohio increases fines to $2.3M against pipeline developer. – Ohio's environmental regulators have more than doubled the proposed fines against a company building a natural gas pipeline from West Virginia to Michigan, saying Wednesday the two sides are at an impasse.

21 September 2017. US nuclear reactors face uphill challenge, despite lower emissions. – The U.S. nuclear power industry is facing an uphill battle to hang onto its share of the country’s electricity production, with some projecting a worst-case scenario where half of the nation’s 99 nuclear reactors could shut over the next couple of decades.

21 September 2017. Coastal states can restore wetlands to fight floods, scientists say. – Coastal communities built atop drained salt marshes and leveled mangrove forests had little natural flood protection from hurricanes Irma and Harvey, exposing the need for better planning against future storms and sea-level rise, marine scientists and environmental engineers told Bloomberg BNA.

21 September 2017. Hurricane Maria brings destruction, heavy floods to Puerto Rico. – Hurricane Maria, the strongest storm to strike Puerto Rico in nearly 90 years, carved a path of destruction through the U.S. territory on Wednesday, causing widespread flooding and knocking power out across the island after killing at least nine people elsewhere in the Caribbean.

21 September 2017. San Francisco chefs serve up a message about climate change. – Karen Leibowitz and Anthony Myint opened the Perennial in San Francisco last year with a clear mission in mind: Run an environmentally friendly restaurant with a minimal carbon footprint, and inspire other restaurateurs to do the same.

21 September 2017. Citigroup joins corporate climate fight with swift energy pledge. – The bank’s 2020 all-renewables goal comes as more companies, states and cities target carbon, further isolating the Trump administration.

21 September 2017. Better 'sell by' dates, less food waste — and a bite out of climate change. – Simplifying "use by" labels should help reduce food waste, which releases greenhouse gases as it rots in landfills. The move could save people money, too.

21 September 2017. Trump’s HUD keeps climate-smart rebuilding guide under wraps. – Just a few months before a pair of blockbuster hurricanes hit Florida and Texas, the Trump administration received detailed guidelines from consultants for factoring climate change into how federal aid is spent.

21 September 2017. How can US states fight climate change if Trump quits the Paris accord? – How much can states really do on climate by themselves, without help from the federal government?

21 September 2017. The impossible burger: Inside the strange science of the fake meat that 'bleeds.' – A company called Impossible Foods has over the last six years done something not quite impossible, but definitely unlikely: Engineering a plant-based burger that smells, tastes, looks, and even feels like ground beef.