Climate Change

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23 March 2017. Under par: How golf courses are fighting for survival. – Golf course designer Andy Staples says the industry needs to embrace its new reality, part of which is influenced by water scarcity, by changing expectations and carving out room for non-golfers.

23 March 2017. Native flowers aren't the only plants in 'super-bloom' this spring — nasty weeds have also flourished. – Along with scarlet monkey flowers, blue lupines and purple hyacinth, the rain has triggered a profusion of non-native vegetation with names like stink net.

23 March 2017. Fines and leaks: Troubles mount for Hilcorp in Alaska and outside. – Oil and gas company Hilcorp on Tuesday was hit with another fine for violating Alaska regulations during a North Slope operation, a penalty unrelated to its natural gas leak in Cook Inlet and a newly reported oil spill in Louisiana.

23 March 2017. Virginia governor proposes moratorium on coal ash permits. – Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Wednesday proposed a moratorium until 2018 on any new permits for coal ash disposal until a study is finished of its risks and possible alternatives.

23 March 2017. To the city, a pollution fighter. to some residents, an eyesore. – New York has added 3,000 bioswales, or rain gardens, to absorb storm water and ease pressure on an aging sewer system. But not everyone is pleased.

23 March 2017. Somaliland drought "a kind of nightmare" – and a security threat. – The loss of Somaliland's livestock - the basis of its economy - to drought could worsen security threats in the Horn of Africa, the environment minister warns.

23 March 2017. In America's coal country, states emboldened to ditch efficiency. – Efforts to cut America’s use of energy are coming under attack, both in Washington and in at least two states.

23 March 2017. Plans to mine coal in South African protected area trigger conservation battle. – South Africa’s environment and mineral resources ministers quietly signed off on plans to mine coal in the Mabola Protected Environment, igniting protests from activists across the country.

23 March 2017. Gulf of Mexico waters are freakishly warm, which could mean explosive springtime storms. – Water temperatures at the surface of the Gulf of Mexico and near South Florida are on fire.

23 March 2017. Coal's steep decline keeps climate goal within reach, report says. – If the world stays on track in canceling coal projects and retiring old plants, the trend to renewable energy could help keep global warming below 2 degrees C.

23 March 2017. Judge orders Exxon to turn over Tillerson's 'Wayne Tracker' climate emails. – A deadline of March 31 is set for Tillerson's alias emails to be given to New York's attorney general, along with an explanation why they were withheld.

23 March 2017. Big Oil replaces rigs with wind turbines. – Big oil is starting to challenge the biggest utilities in the race to erect wind turbines at sea.

23 March 2017. China's property giants launch green index. – China's largest real estate developers launched a green index on Wednesday to manage their cement, steel and iron suppliers as the world's second-largest economy steps up its fight against climate change.

23 March 2017. Global warming is increasing rainfall rates. – The world is warming because humans are emitting heat-trapping greenhouse gases. We know this for certain; the science on this question is settled.

23 March 2017. America’s shale firms don’t give a frack about financial returns. – Exploration and production companies are poised to go on another investment spree.

23 March 2017. Ice at both poles shrinks to record lows. – Arctic sea ice reached an all-time winter low while Antarctic ice withered to a summer low, all with global warming fingerprints.

23 March 2017. Arctic ice falls to record winter low after polar 'heatwaves.' – Extent of ice over North pole has fallen to a new wintertime low, for the third year in a row, as climate change drives freakish weather.

23 March 2017. Fearing disease, Kenyans burn animal carcasses as drought deepens. – Villagers in northern Kenya have begun to burn piles of animal carcases, hoping to head off an outbreak of disease as their livestock starve to death in the region's worst drought in five years.

23 March 2017. Greens write playbook for 'environmental Armageddon.' – Major environmental groups have a strategy for countering President Trump: all-out war.

23 March 2017. These Google Street View cars just got a new job — spotting harmful methane leaks in big cities. – A new partnership among scientists, environmentalists and technology experts is helping to reveal leaks in urban natural gas pipelines.

23 March 2017. Do not let Brexit ruin car industry, urges chair of London Taxi Company. – The chair of the company behind the first new car plant in Britain for more than a decade has urged the UK and European governments not let Brexit ruin the country’s automotive industry.

23 March 2017. New British factory turns London's black cabs green. – The Chinese-owned maker of London's black cabs opened a new factory in central England on Wednesday to produce electric taxis which it also hopes to sell overseas for the first time to cities keen on the famous brand and concerned about pollution.

23 March 2017. Renewables roadshow: How the 'nonna effect' got Darebin's pensioners signing up to solar. – In Darebin in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, solar installations have spread rapidly through the area’s low-income households.

23 March 2017. Honduran farmers prize rainwater as most precious harvest. – The Honduran government is planning to build hundreds of rainwater harvesting systems each year, easing poverty and chronic food insecurity.

23 March 2017. Bill would bar discrimination toward climate change doubters. – Maine laws protect people from discrimination based on factors such as race, disabilities and sexual orientation, and a Republican lawmaker wants to add a person's beliefs about climate change to that list.

23 March 2017. Industry is ready to pour concrete - and release emissions. – President Trump's proposed infrastructure bill might not exist yet, but it already has concrete and cement manufacturers on the edge of their seats.

23 March 2017. Cost of US car fuel standards could be 40 percent lower: Report. – The cost to implement tough fuel-efficiency standards for cars imposed by the Obama administration for the first half of the next decade could be up to 40 percent lower than previously estimated using existing conventional technologies.

23 March 2017. Arctic ice sets new record low for winter: Scientists. – The extent of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has set a new record low for the wintertime in a region strongly affected by long-term trends of global warming, U.S. and European scientists said on Wednesday.

23 March 2017. Arctic sea ice sets record-low peak for third year. – Even in the context of the decades of greenhouse gas-driven warming, and subsequent ice loss in the Arctic, this winter’s weather stood out.

23 March 2017. Why scientists are worried about a landslide no one saw or heard. – It’s all about climate change, retreating glaciers, and newly exposed rock.