Climate Change

A feed of recent articles relating to Climate Change from The Daily Climate.

25 April 2017. Drylands will suffer if world reaches 2°C. – In what may be good news only for cactus, termites and drought-resistant grasses, subtropical dry areas are going to expand over large parts of the Earth as the climate warms.

25 April 2017. World Penguin Day: Penguin population in Antarctica is 12 million. – Populations of the two most common species — Adélies and chinstraps — are in decline on the Antarctic Peninsula, according to a new report, and one of the main factors is climate change.

25 April 2017. Climate change is making algal blooms worse. – Rising ocean temperatures drive more intense and longer lasting toxic outbreaks.

25 April 2017. Lifeline for nuclear plants is threatening wind and solar power. – The push to save U.S. nuclear plants for the sake of fighting climate change is threatening support for the bread and butter of clean power: wind and solar.

25 April 2017. Iceberg 'doodles' trace climate history. – It is as if a child has been doodling with large coloured crayons but what you see are actually the great gouge marks left on the seafloor when the keel of a giant block of ice has dragged through the sediments.

25 April 2017. Germany opposes key EU reforms prompted by Volkswagen scandal - document. – Germany is opposing key elements of a European Union proposal to overhaul how vehicles are licenced and tested to prevent a repeat of the Volkswagen emission cheating scandal, according to an EU document.

25 April 2017. Converting coal would help China's smog at climate's expense. – China's conversion of coal into natural gas could prevent tens of thousands of premature deaths each year. But there's a catch.

25 April 2017. As Indian Kashmir's lush valleys turn to concrete, fears of flooding rise. – House-building in Indian-administered Kashmir has put people at higher risk of floods, and made region more reliant on food imports.

25 April 2017. With government in retreat, companies step up on emissions. – Nearly half of the nation’s largest corporations have set emissions reductions targets, even as the Trump administration walks away from goals set by President Obama.

25 April 2017. California's landmark climate-change program would also fight air pollution under proposal. – As the Legislature weighs the future of cap and trade, it is considering key changes.

25 April 2017. Rachel Notley has a warning for Trump. – Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says U.S. President Donald Trump is likely to have some unhappy supporters south of the border if he goes after Canadian energy with trade sanctions.

25 April 2017. Pollution from Canada’s oil sands may be underreported. – Canadian scientists have found that the standard way of tallying air and climate pollution from Alberta’s oil sands vastly understates pollution levels there - by as much as 4.5 times, according to a Canadian government study published Monday.

25 April 2017. Scientists invent more accurate way to measure oilsands pollution. – Federal government scientists say they have devised an accurate way to directly measure air pollutants from oilsands mines and suggest industry estimates for certain harmful emissions have been much too low.

25 April 2017. Today's energy jobs are in solar, not coal. – Today’s energy jobs are in solar and, increasingly, wind power, rather than coal. But jobs are unevenly distributed across the country.

25 April 2017. Global warming is sharply raising the risk of 'unprecedented' events. – Around the world, global warming is making unprecedented weather and climate events far more likely to occur, with the planet now teetering on the edge of a new era of routinely damaging global warming-related extremes, a new study found.

25 April 2017. Arctic thaw quickening threatens trillion-dollar costs - report. – The Arctic's quickening thaw is melting the permafrost under buildings and roads from Siberia to Alaska, raising world sea levels and disrupting temperature patterns further south, an international study said on Tuesday.

25 April 2017. At least global warming may get Americans off the couch more. – Global warming's milder winters will likely nudge Americans off the couch more in the future, a rare, small benefit of climate change, a new study finds.

25 April 2017. Extreme Arctic melt is raising sea level rise threat; New estimate nearly twice IPCC's. – Global sea level rise could happen at nearly twice the rate previously projected by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, even under the best scenario, according to a new report.

25 April 2017. The Arctic is melting and guess who faces more flooding — that’s right, South Florida. – A new assessment of polar ice melt could mean bad news for South Florida: higher sea rise than previously thought.

25 April 2017. The fingerprints of global warming on extreme weather. – Global warming made heat records more likely for about 80 percent of an observed area of the globe, a new study shows.

25 April 2017. 'It’s going to hit the poorest people': Zika outbreak feared on the Texas border. – As mosquito season ramps up again, activists and health workers fear the worst for the the Rio Grande Valley, where conditions are ripe for mosquitoes to breed.

25 April 2017. Parking lot project catches the eye as well as stormwater. – After an earthquake and flood damaged the wall near a parking lot in Ellicott City, MD, the county turned its repair into a successful stormwater management project.

25 April 2017. China, India become climate leaders as West falters. – As rich countries have foundered, India and China have emerged as global leaders in tackling warming.

25 April 2017. Thick ice formations in Arctic rivers are melting earlier in summer. – Two scientists' fascination with the layered ice mounds that build up along Arctic Alaska rivers led to an important discovery — that ice now is melting nearly a month earlier than it did in 2000.

25 April 2017. Déjà vu as Congress tries to head off shutdown. – Congress returns this week to confront its latest funding crisis, one it will have to resolve by late this week or face an embarrassing government shutdown.

25 April 2017. Adani coalmine at heightened risk of becoming a stranded asset, report says. – The risk of the controversial Adani Carmichael coalmine becoming a stranded asset has increased in the last 12 months, according to a new report.

25 April 2017. French prosecutors open Peugeot diesel-cheating probe. – French prosecutors have opened a formal investigation into suspected diesel emissions test-cheating by carmaker PSA Group, a court official said on Monday.

25 April 2017. Disney, the Gap and Pepsi urged to quit US Chamber of Commerce. – Disney, the Gap and Pepsi are being pressured to quit the US Chamber of Commerce, America’s largest lobby group, amid criticism of its big-money efforts to fight climate change legislation and promote tobacco products.

25 April 2017. Norway's Statoil plays down risks ahead of Arctic drilling. – Norway's Statoil on Monday played down concerns that drilling in the Arctic is risky, days before it kickstarts its drilling campaign in the Barents Sea, where the country believes around half of its remaining resources could be located.

25 April 2017. An old rock could lead to 'next generation' solar cells. – After a 170-year delay, the discovery of a strange, metallic-looking rock found in the Ural Mountains in Russia in 1839 has ignited a global technology race for a cheaper, more efficient solar cell. It could seriously disrupt the world's solar market, currently dominated by China.