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25 May 2018. The EPA’s increasing hostility toward the press, explained

Why are EPA guards shoving reporters?

25 May 2018. While coal-fired power stalls here, U.S. firms help plants expand in Southeast Asia

Instead of cleaner air, the U.S. officials and executives were seeing dollar signs.

25 May 2018. DNR reviewing judge's ruling that struck down wetland permits for frac sand operation

The DNR is reviewing a judgment that invalidated two wetland permits issued to Meteor Timber. The permits would have allowed the company to fill 16 acres of high quality wetlands to build a $75 million frac sand mine.

25 May 2018. Taking stock of climate change impacts: how many Puerto Rican lives did Hurricane Maria take?

The 2018 hurricane season is now upon us, even while millions of people residing in hurricane alley – the large swath of ocean stretching from Africa to North America – are still recovering from the hyperactive, catastrophic 2017 hurricane season

25 May 2018. In a warming west, the Rio Grande is drying up

Even in a good year, much of the Rio Grande is diverted for irrigation. But it’s only May, and the river is already turning to sand.

25 May 2018. British entrepreneur hopes to fight plastic pollution

A British entrepreneur is hoping to help fight plastic pollution in oceans, by developing a water bottle made from paper which will break down within hours, leaving no harmful substances.

25 May 2018. Rebooting food

Welcome to the brave new world of food, where scientists are battling a global time-bomb of climate change, water scarcity, population growth and soaring obesity rates to find new ways to feed the future.

25 May 2018. Grassy Narrows mercury victims up to 6 times more likely to have debilitating health problems, report says

Residents of a northwestern Ontario First Nation who have been diagnosed with mercury poisoning are up to six times more likely to suffer from a wide range of debilitating health problems, a new report finds.

25 May 2018. Can a city really sue an oil company for climate change?

In a federal court in San Francisco, a judge heard a motion to dismiss from five fossil fuel companies, the defendants in the suit brought by San Francisco and Oakland.

25 May 2018. Mussels off Seattle coast test positive for opioids

Scientists at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife have found evidence that drug's impact has literally flowed downstream to affect marine life, as well.

25 May 2018. McDonald's shareholders vote to keep plastic straws

A proposal asking for a report about the business risks of using plastic straws was voted down at the shareholders' meeting on Thursday.

25 May 2018. Unmapped roads raise risk to Southeast Asian rainforests: study

Forests in parts of Southeast Asia face greater threats than previously thought because researchers often rely on data that ignores new roads, which are precursors to deforestation and development, a study shows.

25 May 2018. Scientists track major freshwater change

"What we are witnessing is major hydrologic change,' they said. Over 14 years, Earth's wet land areas got wetter. Dry areas got drier."

25 May 2018. Judge shuts down work on Sunoco pipelines, cites danger

An administrative law judge has shut down work on a natural gas liquids pipeline in the Philadelphia suburbs, saying Sunoco has failed to take reasonable steps to warn people and protect them from danger.

25 May 2018. Wolf’s fracking-health record hammered by new industry opposition group

The group says Gov. Tom Wolf promised to help people who say they’ve been harmed by fracking, and hasn’t delivered. A spokesman said Wolf has taken a ‘balanced approach’ to the industry.

25 May 2018. Ex-Mountain Energy exec admits he stole from employer, doctored books

The former head of operations for a small oil-and-gas company in Greene County became a felon Thursday when he admitted that he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from his employer over a four-year span and used it for personal expenses for himself and his family.

25 May 2018. Opinion: Who will protect solar consumers?

Thanks to President Barack Obama, the solar and wind industries are expanding rapidly. He provided tax credits and subsidies for renewable energy (part of the American Recover…

25 May 2018. ‘This noise that never stops’: Wind farms come to Brazil’s Atlantic coast

In Brazil, the world’s eighth-largest producer of wind power, the wind industry brings both benefits and disappointment.

25 May 2018. SCIENCE: GOP lawmakers, industry had EPA's ear on advisory panels

EPA leaned heavily on input from Republican politicians and advocacy groups in devising membership standards last year for its sprawling network of advisory committees, according to records released late yesterday.

25 May 2018. New industry opposition group hammers PA governor's fracking-health record

A coalition of anti-fracking groups says Gov. Tom Wolf should pay more attention to the health impacts of fracking.

25 May 2018. Trump administration defends Keystone pipeline

The Latest on a legal challenge to the disputed Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada to the U.S.

25 May 2018. Squamish Nation loses a legal challenge against Kinder Morgan pipeline approval

Texas energy company Kinder Morgan scored a legal victory on Thursday as the B.C. Supreme Court confirmed the provincial government's approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project was valid.

25 May 2018. Cox settles hazardous waste, privacy suit with California for $3.3M

Cox Communications has agreed to pay $3.3 million to settle a lawsuit with the state of California over its handling of hazardous waste and customer records.

25 May 2018. Northumberland puffin numbers 'may be down'

Numbers of puffins on the UK's remote Farne Islands may be down 12% in the last five years, the National Trust has warned as it takes its latest census of the seabirds.

25 May 2018. Plastic straw bans are coming to Seattle and Malibu, and NYC could be next

Long a default offering in restaurants and takeout joints, plastic straws have of late become antennae for the ire of environmentalists, like plastic bags before them.

25 May 2018. NAACP official asks Rauner’s environmental agency to help black communities

A leader of a prominent African-American group in Illinois says too much Volkswagen settlement money is going toward the wrong projects.

25 May 2018. MassDEP offers takeback program for toxic firefighting foam

Fire departments are asked to set aside any stockpiles pre-2003 foam, which contains PFOA and PFOS. The chemicals have contaminated groundwater across the country.

25 May 2018. Why the US Environmental Protection Agency is keeping journalists out of meetings about contaminated public water

PFAS should be a household name by now, but the EPA won't let reporters cover it.

25 May 2018. Group decries pesticide use at Delmarva refuges

An environmental group uncovers 'shocking' pesticide use at Chesapeake-area national wildlife refuges it says violate the spirit of the protected lands.

25 May 2018. Democrat criticizes EPA over access to water summit

Rep. Dan Kildee (D), who represents Flint, Mich., said a staffer was not allowed in to a portion of the Environmental Protection Agency summit on drinking water contamination this week.