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23 March 2018. Can a waste plant become Copenhagen’s biggest tourism attraction?

The Danish capital thinks outside the box in effort to become the world’s first carbon-neutral city.

23 March 2018. The hydrogen-powered car’s big setback

A two-year trial to offer cars that consume Earth’s most common element and emit only water will end over high costs.

23 March 2018. Founder of nickel mine sentenced in largest ever environmental crime in Finland

Major leaks occurred in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013 that badly contaminated two nearby lakes.

23 March 2018. Endangered Colorado River fish no longer an extinction risk

An endangered fish that makes its home in the Colorado River basin no longer is at the brink of extinction. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Thursday it will consider reclassifying the humpback chub as threatened within the next year.

23 March 2018. Congress poised to approve $15M for village relocation in Alaska

The spending bill would double the budget of the Denali Commission, which funds infrastructure in rural Alaska. The commission says virtually all the new money will go to relocating the eroding village of Newtok.

23 March 2018. Climate change exposes ancient Māori bones

Extreme storms have exposed increasing numbers of bones on the coasts of Hauraki Gulf islands.

23 March 2018. Juneau schools leave room for debate in climate change curriculum

New science standards being considered don’t shy away from attributing it to an increase of human activity. But how that’s taught in the classroom could be up to interpretation.

23 March 2018. Labor attacks Greens for dithering over marine park plan

Tony Burke says if the Greens back the plan, the 'largest removal' of a conservation area will be locked in for a decade.

23 March 2018. Vermont Senate passes controversial toxic pollution liability bill

The bill would increase the likelihood of companies being held liable for toxic pollution, which opponents say will make them less likely to do business in Vermont.

23 March 2018. Chemours 'surprised' by pollution violation notice, will implement costly cleanup

In a letter to North Carolina regulators, Chemours expressed surprise over a violation notice for its pollution of a major source of drinking water.

23 March 2018. Wolverine Worldwide to appear in court Friday

The Rockford shoemaker faces more than 100 lawsuits over contaminated water in northern Kent County.

23 March 2018. Large portions of West Texas sinking at alarming rate, new report finds

A report released Thursday by geophysicists at Southern Methodist University says a 4,000-square-mile area near the "Wink Sinks" is showing signs of alarming instability.

23 March 2018. Getting the lead out becomes main chore at WV eagle treatment center

After 11 weeks of therapy for acute lead poisoning and conditioning to restore his flying abilities, Caldwell — as the eagle came to be known by his caregivers — was healthy, free and back in his element.

23 March 2018. Flint water plant manager says he put state on notice with bad info on lead

"How is it that those (two things) are consistent?" special prosecutor Todd Flood asked Glasgow Thursday, March 22, during the preliminary examinations for four current and former employees of the DEQ. "They are not consistent," he answered.

23 March 2018. Sediment concern has Flint River Watershed Coalition keeping eye on Thread Creek

The sediment is moving this week because the dam was opened after it breached last month.

23 March 2018. Species hunters explore the ′sexy part′ of biodiversity

This week, experts are meeting to discuss how we can avert an extinction crisis. But much of the planet's biodiversity isn't even known to science yet. Conservationists still struggle to find out what's really out there.

23 March 2018. Why the world needs to recycle its wastewater

World Water Day is drawing attention to the growing threat of water scarcity. Some countries are making the most of every drop they use – but others are still squeamish about reusing wastewater.

23 March 2018. Austrian parliament votes to roll back smoking ban in ′Ashtray of Europe′

One opposition politician said the government had made "a deliberate decision today in favor of death." Some 13,000 people die every year in the Alpine country due to smoking-related complications.

23 March 2018. Environmentalists skeptical of ′breakthrough′ on bee-friendly pesticides

Researchers say a new discovery may help to create pesticides that don't kill bees. But critics say we need to move away from a 'chemical mindset' altogether.

23 March 2018. Can Philippines storm survivors hold companies to account for climate damage?

Hearings to begin in landmark inquiry on whether high-emitting companies have caused human rights violations.

23 March 2018. Millions more hungry in 2017 amid famine, conflict, and numbers rising-report

"We are clearly seeing a trend now, from 80 million to 108 million, from 108 to 124 million, people literally marching to the brink of starvation around the world."

23 March 2018. In Bali fish die-offs, researchers spot a human hand

Tilapia is a mainstay of Balinese cuisine, but hundreds of thousands of the freshwater fish choke to death regularly in the resort island's largest lake, for reasons that researchers say are entirely preventable.

23 March 2018. New report highlights top 50 tortoises and turtles on brink of extinction

Loss and degradation of habitat; hunting for meat and eggs, or for traditional medicines; and the pet trade, both legal and illegal, are largely driving the decline of these reptiles.

23 March 2018. Cerrado: Traditional communities accuse agribusiness of ‘green land grabbing’

The geraizeiros have farmed, grazed, and foraged on Cerrado natural lands for 200 years, but often lack legal title. Agribusiness is taking that land, say traditional communities.

23 March 2018. Storybook whale fail

Does it matter if children's books deliver inaccurate science?

23 March 2018. In 20 years, wildfires will be six times larger

Because of drought and rising temperatures, wildfires in the West will grow so large and regular they could reshape entire forests.

23 March 2018. Lost Valley mega-dairy allowed by state officials to tap restricted aquifier

Lost Valley Farm has circumvented Oregon's permitting process, drilling into an underground aquifer that's been off-limits to new wells for 42 years.

22 March 2018. How bees defend against some controversial insecticides

Some bees have enzymes that allow them to resist toxic compounds in some neonicotinoid pesticides.

22 March 2018. How Pruitt’s new ‘secret science’ policy could undermine air pollution rules

The EPA policy would be a boon for the fossil fuel industry as the agency reviews the health risks of soot. It could suppress other scientific evidence, too.

22 March 2018. Indigenous Amazonian women demand end to extraction

Nearly 100 indigenous women of the Ecuadorian Amazon spent five days protesting outside the country's Presidential Palace last week.