Population Matters!

A feed from http://www.population-matters.org/  of recent columns by Dr. Richard Grossman first published in the Durango (Colorado) Herald.  

Republishing of the articles is encouraged with the request that they remain intact and are attributed to the author and initial publication in the Durango Herald.  Questions can be directed to richard@population-matters.org.

24 December 2017. Reduce Barriers to Family Planning – There have been some favorable actions that reduce barriers to family planning

26 November 2017. Heed this Warning – We would be wise, for our progeny's sake, to heed the "World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity"

14 November 2017. Essay distributed to two large groups of experts – I am happy that an essay I wrote was distributed by the IUSSP (International Union for the Scientific Study of Population). It was then picked up and redistributed to the PERN (Population-Environment Research Network). Through the miracle of digital communications several thousand people have been able to read this–without a single piece of paper being […]

6 November 2017. Compare Climate Change Strategies –   Recently I asked some authorities on climate change: “what is the most effective way of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions?” They gave stock answers about decreasing consumption. “If you were my students, your grades would all be D’s” was my response. They are, unfortunately, not alone. A recent study listed the 4 most effective activities […]

23 October 2017. Caring for Mothers and Babies – I’m retired now, but one of the parts of my profession that I liked the most was delivering a healthy baby, giving the baby to the mother and then watching the new mom hold and love the new life. I miss that, although I must say that I like to sleep all night without having […]

23 September 2017. Terminate Fossil Fuel Subsidies – In the USA $24 Billion in taxes go to fossil fuel subsidies. That is more than $73 of our tax money for each American, every year!

23 September 2017. Keep Children Healthy – If we are concerned about overpopulation, why should the death of children trouble us? Of course there are humanitarian reasons to keep children alive and healthy—they are our future! Demographers have found that people choose to have large families where there is a high child mortality rate.

23 July 2017. Ask Young Women One Key Question – What can health-care providers, friends and parents do to help young women focus on their reproductive goals? Ask “one key question,” which is: “Would you like to become pregnant in the next year?” Obviously this takes a special relationship with the women. That relationship is assumed with a doctor or other health-care provider, but may […]

24 June 2017. Revisit the Real Pioneers of Family Planning History

31 May 2017. Keep Public Lands Public – We must act now to preserve public lands for the sake of our progeny.