Population Matters!

A feed from http://www.population-matters.org/  of recent columns by Dr. Richard Grossman first published in the Durango (Colorado) Herald.  

Republishing of the articles is encouraged with the request that they remain intact and are attributed to the author and initial publication in the Durango Herald.  Questions can be directed to richard@population-matters.org.

27 March 2017. Walk Carefully – I was hit by a car while crossing Main Avenue in the crosswalk. Knocking off pedestrians is no way to decrease population! I offer some suggestions for safety.

27 February 2017. Let Her Decide – The Helms and Hyde Amendments and the Global Gag Rule limit access to reproductive health both in the USA and globally. They cause the death of women who resort to unsafe abortions. These laws should be overthrown!

26 January 2017. Speak Truth to Power – While watching the presidential election returns in November and disbelieving the results, this poem kept going through my head:   Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front by Wendell Berry                                                 Used with permission   Love the quick profit, the annual raise, vacation with pay. Want more of everything ready-made. Be afraid to […]

29 December 2016. Stay Current on International Family Planning – Access to family planning is increasing in many parts of the world--in part due to the hard work of Family Planning 2020, although that organization hasn't quite met its ambitious goal.

29 November 2016. Give Children Every Advantage – Dyslexia is like so many other problems that children can have: catching it early can make a huge difference. As people choose to have smaller families it is important to give children every opportunity to reach their highest potential.

24 October 2016. Shape the World You Want by Voting – Voting is important for reproductive health

28 September 2016. Move Upstream – Orphanages can help children in developing countries, but do not solve the real problem. Education of women and family planning can get to the root of the problem

26 August 2016. Honor Childfree People – “Let each of us honor someone who does not have children.”                                     Ecologist Jim Schenk             I stopped in a store on Main Avenue to buy a Christmas present. When I returned the proprietor’s greeting and asked how he was, he replied honestly. “Not too good”. He had just broken up with his […]

28 July 2016. Evaluate “Facts” Carefully – All that you can find on the Internet is not factual; the reader should beware!

28 June 2016. Advocate for LARC (Long Acting Reversible Contraception) – Effective contraception is the best way to prevent abortions--LARC is the most effective contraception.