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A feed of resources from, part of Post Carbon Institute’s Resilience program dedicated to building resilient communities as we transition away from fossil fuels.


19 November 2017. Agriculture and climate change: Is farming really a moveable feast? Northeastern Arkansas, AR, March 26, 2008 -- Aerial of an agricultural property flooded by the Black River after torrential rains. FEMA assesses the damage caused by the flooding to help determine if federal assistance is required. FEMA/Samir Valeja

There is a notion afoot that our agricultural production can simply migrate toward the poles in the face of climate change as areas in lower latitudes overheat and dry up. Few people contemplate what such a move would entail and whether it would actually be feasible.

18 November 2017. Local currencies: The wasted opportunities Bank note used in Riudoms during Spanish Civil War (15 June 1937).

Within alternative movements there is much interest in introducing local currencies and they have been central elements in many Transition Towns and other initiatives. Unfortunately I think most of these have been quite misguided, failing to grasp the power a local currency can have, and not likely to make a significant contribution to goals such as town sustainability and resilience.

17 November 2017. In the Water-Scarce Southwest, an Ancient Irrigation System Disrupts Big Agriculture

Shoshi Parks wrote this article for YES! Magazine. Shoshi is a freelance travel and environment writer and Ph.D. in anthropology. She’s based in San Francisco, where she can be found snuggling dogs and advocating for water security and food justice.

17 November 2017. In-depth: IEA Predicts Rise of Cheap Renewables and China’s Move away from Coal

The global energy system is in a state of flux. Renewables are experiencing rapid deployment and steep pricefalls. A growing portion of global energy is provided by electricity. There’s a slow, but apparently inexorable move away from coal in China. And there’s a surge in natural gas and oil production in the US.

17 November 2017. Come for the Fun, Stay for the Revolution

In a world that’s been increasingly paved over and privatized, it can be hard to find open places and spaces to gather. As Lucy Gomez-Feliciano of Logan Square Neighborhood Association says, many grassroots collectives have to operate as a “road show” – occupying whatever living room, church basement, library or community center they can find– or heading outside to organize.

17 November 2017. This Is Blockadia

As world leaders prepare to meet in Germany to negotiate climate action at COP23, activists are putting words into action by blockading a nearby coal mine. Their message is that leaders need to grasp the urgency of keeping fossil fuels in the ground, right here and right now. With an increasing frequency and intensity, such direct actions and the associated demands for climate justice are unfolding on every continent.

17 November 2017. What, Me Worry? Humans Are Blind to Imminent Environmental Collapse

A curious thing about H. sapiens is that we are clever enough to document — in exquisite detail — various trends that portend the collapse of modern civilization, yet not nearly smart enough to extricate ourselves from our self-induced predicament.

17 November 2017. Saudis and Trump: Gambling Bigly

We are, of course, discussing Saudi Arabia, which has been much in the news lately. This essay will review recent events centered therein and probe their significance. As we will see, the main actors in the drama are an ambitious young Saudi prince, the Trump administration (and its own ambitious young prince), Iran, and Israel (which has a hand in just about everything of significance that happens in the Middle East)—with Lebanon, Qatar, and Yemen as possible staging grounds for the unfolding of further action.

16 November 2017. New Report Shines Light on Groundbreaking Catalan Cooperative

The goal of the Catalan Integral Cooperative (“Integral” is a Spanish word best translated as “holistic”) is to build an anti-capitalist cooperative structure not just for the benefit of its own fee-paying members, but for the Commons as a whole.

16 November 2017. Review: An Alien’s Quest by Cary Neeper

An Alien’s Quest is by far the most cerebral and metaphysical of all of Cary Neeper’s Archives of Varok novels. That isn’t to say that the others have shied away from deep subject matter; they haven’t. It’s just that this one takes the level of philosophical engagement to new heights in its tale of a young woman who leaves her home planet to find the answers to the cosmos.

16 November 2017. Saving Wild Relatives of Crops Means Preserving Options for the Future

The Crop Trust, the Millennium Seed Bank at Kew, and their partners are confronting this problem on a global level by identifying gaps in the world’s collections of CWRs, supporting the collecting efforts of 24 national programs to fill those gaps, and working with more than 40 institutions to develop pre-breeding materials that will help adapt crops to a changing climate.