Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit

A feed from Triple Pundit, a new-media company committed to the philosophy of the triple-bottom line: People, Planet and Profit:


23 January 2018. Trump Administration’s Massive Tax on Imported Solar Panels – President Trump’s decision Monday to impose a massive 30 percent tariff on imported solar panels will cause far more harm than good – for jobs, for our environment and for America’s ability to lead on clean energy.

23 January 2018. Comprehensive Strategies for Promoting Educational Equity – How can nonprofit organizations, private enterprise, and public government work together to transform education? Will it take a massive upswing in the number of school-managed community gardens and partnerships with local farms and school cafeterias? How can we change our “second-tier nation” status for the good of our children’s future, rather than our national ego?

22 January 2018. Nike Leaps Forward on Renewables – Nike says its latest power purchase agreement, which will be sourced from a wind farm in Texas, will provide the equivalent of more than 400,000 average-sized American homes with safe and secure clean power while helping the company meet its RE100 goals.

22 January 2018. Citigroup Promises to Narrow Gender Gap, But the Divide is Still Wide – The global financial giant Citigroup announced earlier this week that it would close the gender pay gap in three countries where it conducts business. But the divide in pay across the financial industry is still far too wide, say critics.

22 January 2018. H&M Struggles Repairing a Battered Reputation in South Africa – H&M has tried to apologize and staunch a controversy over an ad critics say is racist and at a minimum, tone-deaf; but those words were far too late for those who are fed up with yet another tone-deaf ad.

22 January 2018. Tired of Being Ignored by Zinke, NPS Advisors Quit – Almost all of the members of the National Park Service's advisory council they have quit after being ignored by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke over the past year.

19 January 2018. All Evian Water Bottles to Be Part of a Closed Loop System by 2025 – Evian, the brand that long ago made bottled water chic, announced yesterday that all of its plastic bottles will be made from 100 percent recycled plastic by 2025.

19 January 2018. McDonald’s Promises 100 Percent Sustainable Packaging by 2025 – McDonald's has announced that by 2025, all of its packaging will be made from recycled, renewable or certified sources.

18 January 2018. Planting Trees Has Become a Big Business – A report issued by the World Resources Institute and The Nature Conservancy suggests that the planting of trees can accomplish far more than a good deed; in fact, restoring forests has the potential to scale and become a booming business.

18 January 2018. BlackRock Preaches Long-Termism, But Some Critics Aren’t Buying the Sermon – BlackRock and its founder and CEO, Laurence D. Fink, made waves earlier this week when he said in an open letter that it was finally the time for companies to do more than focus on the bottom line. But to some critics, those words have not been matched by action.

17 January 2018. Bringing “Truth to Power” on Climate Change Through Partnerships – Participant teamed with a number of NGOs – including the Climate Reality Project, Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, Climate Hawks Vote, and Cool Effect – to develop co-branded websites that present a number of actions for individuals to take where they can use their voices, their votes, and their choices as consumers to fight climate change.  

17 January 2018. Ford Brushes Off Doubts About Electric Vehicles With $11 Billion Pledge – The Ford Motor Company is pushing ahead with a new fleet of all-electric vehicles and hybrids whether or not U.S. customers are ready.

17 January 2018. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Writes a $33 Million Check for Dreamers’ Tuition – Amazon's Jeff Bezos recently donated $33 million to TheDream.US, an organization that says it provides up to 4,000 “dreamers” tuition for higher education programs.

17 January 2018. U.S. Vehicle Fuel Economy Hits a New Efficiency Record – According to the EPA, average fuel economy for all model year 2016 vehicles stood at 24.7 miles per gallon. The overall average is a modest 0.1 mile decrease from the previous model year, but it is still a record. Not all environmental groups were impressed.