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25 September 2017. Facebook Could Sure Benefit from Embedded Sustainability Strategy – Facebook can can no longer hide behind its claims the company is merely a “technology platform.” If corporate responsibility had been more central to the company's strategy, it could have avoided this scandal of hate speech, Russian ads and racial profiling in which it is currently embroiled.

25 September 2017. Energy Dept. Pledges $32 Million For Grid Resiliency, With Renewables – Despite Trump's antipathy to renewables, his Energy Department launches a new $32 million round of grid resiliency projects that leverage renewable energy.

25 September 2017. Nike Pushes Recycling a Big Step Further With ‘Flyleather’ – Nike says it has developed a low-carbon, low-impact leather material that could become “game-changing” for both its high performance and role in boosting waste diversion across its supply chain.

25 September 2017. Fair Trade Gold: Coming Soon to Jewelry and Smartphones – London-based Fairtrade Foundation has launched a program that it hopes can help scale fair trade-certified gold from the East African countries, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

25 September 2017. Sustainable Innovation: 5 Questions Every Company Should Ask Itself – Traditional "innovation" metrics don't generally include sustainability criteria. Here's how to change that.

25 September 2017. Leading Brands Promise to Streamline Confusing Food Labels by 2020 – The Consumer Goods Forum said it will urge its global food company and retailer membership to simplify date labels by 2020 and eliminate confusing labels such as "best before," "sell by" and "best if used by."

25 September 2017. Twitter Chat Tomorrow: #WhyPurpose with Pearson & Partners – Join Pearson, SAP, ASU WSSI, UN PRME, and TriplePundit at #WhyPurpose TOMORROW at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BT to discuss why young people want to work for businesses with a social purpose, how they’re preparing to join the workforce, and what this means for businesses. Did you know that 47 percent of … Continued

22 September 2017. 130 Organizations Demand a Fair and Just Recovery from Harvey – A coalition of 130 non-profit groups have urged political leaders to ensure that public funds for Hurricane Harvey aid go to the people that need it most – and not to companies that they argue have had leading roles in creating the environmental and economic mess that will take years to cleanup.

22 September 2017. Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship: B Corps and Beyond – Post-capitalist entrepreneurship (PCE) is about changing the underlying logic of entrepreneurial organizing, governance models, legal structures, approach to intellectual property, perception of consumption and production and of course the ultimate objectives and metrics of success.

22 September 2017. In a Race Against the Clock, Scientists in Hawaii Hope “Super Coral” Can Survive Climate Change – An ambitious group of researchers at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology have been laser-focused on understanding coral by going beyond the factors why many reefs are in rapid decline. In fact, they are evaluating “assisted evolution” and “assisted migration” theories so that future generations of coral can survive in a more challenging oceanic environment.

22 September 2017. Evian Helps French Multinational Danone Inch Toward Carbon Neutrality – During the COP21 climate talks, French multinational Danone pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050. Thanks to its Evian brand, it's now one step closer to that goal.

22 September 2017. How to Create a Corporate Volunteer Program – What are the best methods for introducing a corporate volunteer program into your business? How can you maximize employee engagement, your impact on the local community, and the benefits to your business? Here are a few tips to getting started.

21 September 2017. San Francisco and Oakland Sue Fossil Fuel Companies Over Sea Level Rise – San Francisco and Oakland are among the growing number of public entities that are looking ahead and realizing the mounting tab they will have to pay for climate change mitigation. This week they took action on that with two suits that name fossil fuel companies as the responsible parties for infrastructure damage caused by global warming and sea level rise.

21 September 2017. GM to Deploy 100% Wind Power In Ohio, Indiana – It's complicated: GM will use renewable energy from Texas wind farms to help power factories that manufacture gas-powered pickup trucks.