Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit

A feed from Triple Pundit, a new-media company committed to the philosophy of the triple-bottom line: People, Planet and Profit:


23 March 2017. Is Energy Independence a Cover for Coal? – Of all the actions and orders in Trump's 80+ days in office, none may have more far-reaching or long-lasting impact than the proposed "Energy Independence" executive order. TriplePundit obtained an early draft of the order. Tom Schueneman reports.

23 March 2017. Somalia’s Illegal Fishing Problem Is About More Than Piracy – The newswires were buzzing last week over the story that pirates hijacked a commercial ship off the shores of Somalia -- but the focus on "pirates" overlooks factors such as overfishing, poverty, smuggling and even deforestation.

23 March 2017. Co-Ops Bring Solar to Hundreds Of Rural Communities – A Barack Obama-era solar energy program is helping hundreds of rural communities access low-cost solar through electricity co-ops.

23 March 2017. Investors Urge Trump Administration to Keep Hands off SEC Shareholder Resolution Process – The Donald Trump administration is considering a move that would severely limit shareholder rights and cut off communication between shareholders and corporate boards. In a letter to the National Economic Council, the CEOs and executive directors of several investment organizations urged the White House to keep current protections in place.

23 March 2017. Timberland and Thread Partner to Drive Social Impact in Haiti – Timberland and Thread partnered to incorporate recycled plastic from Haiti into clothing and apparel. We spoke with both companies about the partnership and what it can teach startups and legacy brands about collaborating for social impact.

23 March 2017. Report: Methane Leakage at Natural Gas Plants Much Higher Than Previously Thought – "Methane is a 34 times more potent greenhouse gas than is carbon dioxide," said Paul Shepson, a professor of analytical and atmospheric chemistry at Purdue University. "It's a better fuel all around as long as you don't spill it. But it doesn't take much methane leakage to ruin your whole day if you care about climate change."

23 March 2017. Communities Reach For New Tools in the Fight Against Climate Change – Despite the Donald Trump administration's stated plans to roll back federal climate change policies, coastal cities from Texas to California are taking action to mitigate risk.

23 March 2017. Seize the Opportunity to Go Deforestation-Free – Protecting forests isn’t just critical for the health of our planet; it’s also smart business, argues Carlos Saviani, VP of sustainable food for the World Wildlife Fund.

22 March 2017. Unmasking The Revised Republican Health Care Plan – Politicians are not succeeding in their quest to reduce healthcare costs. Instead they are shifting healthcare costs and taxes between American demographic groups.

22 March 2017. Trump’s Science Budget Slash Will Impact Business, Too – President Donald Trump is living up to his campaign promises with a preliminary budget that puts heavy focus on defense funding and cuts back support for other things like science, health and education. The impact of these cuts will echo through the economy.

22 March 2017. Kraft Heinz Releases New Palm Oil Policy, But Some NGOs Are Skeptical – Yesterday the $26 billion food giant Kraft Heinz announced a commitment to create a more sustainable supply chain -- in part by revamping its palm oil policy. NGOs, so far, have replied with caution.

22 March 2017. 4 Clean Technology Trends to Watch in 2017 – Roy Wiesner, CEO of Hutchison-Kinrot, a global seed investor in clean-technology startups, says we should pay attention to these cleantech trends this year.

22 March 2017. Burger King, Tim Hortons Announce New Animal Welfare Commitments – The new policies cover a wide range of animal welfare issues, including cage-free chicken and sow housing, as well as the responsible use of antibiotics.

22 March 2017. For Hilton, Corporate Responsibility Means Customer Trust – The hospitality industry relies heavily on creating a positive guest experience for customers across the globe. And creating a strong corporate culture that embodies environmental and social values helps enrich the Hilton brand.