Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit

A feed from Triple Pundit, a new-media company committed to the philosophy of the triple-bottom line: People, Planet and Profit:


28 June 2017. Deloitte Survey: Employees Need to Know Volunteerism Matters – Volunteerism is seen by many hiring influencers as a valuable asset to have on your resume. But not all job applicants realize that value, according to a survey conducted recently by Deloitte Services. That disconnect points toward a huge opportunity for employers to educate employees.

28 June 2017. Coal-Killing Renewables Take Aim at Nuclear Energy – Renewables like wind and solar are beginning to make inroads on coal and natural gas, and now it looks like nuclear energy is in the crosshairs.

28 June 2017. Putting a Price Tag on the Great Barrier Reef – What's the value of the Great Barrier Reef? Economists were recently tapped to figure that out. While it's huge, some may say the study doesn't take in its most important asset: The health and sustainability of our oceans and our atmosphere.

28 June 2017. Economic Development, Sustainability Go Hand-in-Hand for Gonzales, Calif. – Gonzales prides itself on running a streamlined and business-friendly development review process that at the same time promotes sustainability. It's producing real economic results for local business Taylor Farms.

27 June 2017. UPS Boosts Long-Term Commitment to Sustainable Fuel, Power and Transport – UPS has announced various sustainability goals, including a significant increase to its fleet of alternative-fueled vehicles and a huge surge in renewable power generation by 2025.

27 June 2017. Did Amazon Aquire Conscious Capitalism Along with Whole Foods? – While speculation still unfolds over the reasons behind Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods, the founders of the "conscious capitalism" movement say this is a huge opportunity for Amazon to emerge as a responsible business leader.

27 June 2017. Oil-Rich Norway Simply Exports its Carbon Emissions – Norway has generated plenty of headlines with its sustainability agenda, but critics say those efforts are moot when its oil companies continue to export oil valued at billions of dollars across the world.

27 June 2017. NASA Brings Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Healing Stickers’ Back to Earth – In the latest chapter of Gwyneth Paltrow’s amazing pseudo-science adventure, her lifestyle blog, Goop, recently touted "wearable" stickers that promote healing that uses NASA technology. NASA quickly debunked those claims.

27 June 2017. How CSR Programs Benefit Employees – A good CSR program can be used by a company to recruit and retain employees. Almost three-quarters of respondents to a recent survey said work is more fulfilling when their employers provide them with opportunities to work on social and environmental causes.

26 June 2017. Supply Chain Transparency: Making the Consumer Connection for Forest Responsibility – Humans have always had an intimate, complicated relationship with forests. We clear away trees to make room for development and agriculture, harvest them for paper, pulp, and palm oil and seek refuge in their remaining intact solitude. Human wellbeing depends on trees. Efforts are now under way to connect the consumer-brand-supplier triad so that they will remain a renewable resource.

26 June 2017. Exxon “Most Exposed” Major Oil Company Under Paris Goal – A new report from Carbon Tracker calculates financial risks for ExxonMobil and other oil companies if they continue a business-as-usual path under the Paris Agreement.

26 June 2017. Missouri Third U.S. State to Sue Opioid Manufacturers – Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley filed a lawsuit last week accusing opioid companies of fraud, and now three states are fighting back against pharmaceutical manufacturers in order to hold them accountable for the ongoing U.S. prescription drug epidemic.

26 June 2017. Burger King Promises Path to Sustainability – Eventually – Burger King has announced that it will transition to antibiotic-free chicken by 2018 and is stepping up its effort to stop its support for deforestation in South America by 2030 where soy is grown for its products. But environmentalists say that a 13-year window to stop its use of deforestation is too long, calling in questions about its commitment to sustainable business practices.

26 June 2017. Saving Brazil’s Amazon: A Job for Tiny Norway – It's been a bad, bad month for Brazil's President Michel Temer. First he is called on the carpet by Brazil's supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, for efforts to open up more of the Amazon to deforestation. Then he's told that he's at risk of losing a $1.1 billion payment from Norway for the same concern. And if that's not bad enough, the US is rejecting Brazil's beef imports because of alleged bribes in the supply chain. What's a president to do?