Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit

A feed from Triple Pundit, a new-media company committed to the philosophy of the triple-bottom line: People, Planet and Profit:


17 November 2017. Reasons to Believe: Modern Agriculture and Climate Action – The VP of Global Sustainability, Stakeholder Engagement and Corporate Insights for Monsanto outlines the power and opportunity the agriculture industry has to abate climate change.

17 November 2017. Oil Company Subsidies in Brazil a Huge Setback for Climate Action – In Brazil, a proposed bill would drastically lower the country's federal taxes on the country’s vast offshore oil reserves - undercutting much of the global competition in the oil sector while increasing climate change risks worldwide.

17 November 2017. Global Competition Launches to Transform Brownfield and Underused Sites Worldwide – C40 and 15 cities are searching for artists, architects, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and environmentalists to work together and compete for opportunities to transform these 46 sites worldwide into leading examples of urban sustainability and resiliency.

17 November 2017. “Self-Forming” Renewable Energy Microgrids For U.S. Army — Puerto Rico Next? – In a tragic demonstration that renewable energy and microgrids offer greater resiliency, Puerto Rico is still struggling to restore conventional power.

16 November 2017. When Lean Business Principles Visit the Vegetable Farm – The following are the five core lean business principles that have benefited Ben Hartman the most through his farming work.

16 November 2017. World Toilet Day a Reminder 1 in 3 People Lack Access to Clean Sanitation – As World Toilet Day approaches, this day is a reminder that as more companies align their strategies with the SDGs, raising awareness about the need for improved sanitation is one way in which businesses can help solve this problem.

16 November 2017. Upgrading Technology and Farming Methods Will Help India’s Mint Farmers: Mars – What happens if you introduce technology into the way farmers grow and harvest mint in India? Will it make it more profitable for farmers and offer a better quality of life? Mars, a major purchaser of menthol and peppermint oil, was banking on it. And it now has the stats to show it will.

15 November 2017. Cool Effect Carbon Projects Capture the Imagination, While Improving Lives – If you were to pick your favorite way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, what would it be? Would it be helping an endangered species survive in Madagascar's rainforest? Or perhaps funding the creation of new and safer cookstoves that support small business development? Or a biogas project in a rural community that helps convert solids to power and methane to low-carbon energy?

15 November 2017. Mining Giant Rio Tinto Sheds Coal for Good – Mining giant Rio Tinto is moving fast to sell off its last remaining coal operations. The company has put its Australian operations on the market, and once those assets are sold, the $33 billion mining juggernaut will no longer include coal within its global business operations.

15 November 2017. Expanded PET Plastic Recycling Could Help Boost the Circular Economy – According to the environmental NGO GreenBlue, the volume of PET manufactured worldwide for fibers and yarns used in textiles and upholstery is actually greater than what is used in containers. The result is vast amounts of waste, but also huge potential to groom more of a circular economy.

14 November 2017. Tipping Point Brings Corporate R&D to Social Ills – Nonprofit Tipping Point Community, which works to combat poverty and homelessness in the Bay Area, has realized that solutions to intractable problems like education reform, housing and support for reducing homelessness don't just depend on public funding. They emerge from innovative research and collective dialogue with all stakeholders. We chat with Founder and CEO Daniel Lurie and Tipping Point's T Lab Director, Stephanie Lewis about their innovative and effective approach.

14 November 2017. Zara Promises to Set Up Fund for Unpaid Turkish Workers – According to a leading global supply chain trade group, Zara will launch a "hardship fund" that aims to reimburse an estimated 140 workers in Turkey for unpaid wages, severance pay and unused vacation time.

14 November 2017. Toyota Brings Mobility Inside with Human Support Robots – Toyota may be known as a car company, but it's the concept of mobility that is driving the company forward. The Human Support Robot or HSR helps with basic household tasks like fetching water and is making a world of difference to quadriplegics and other folks in need of a hand.

13 November 2017. 3 Best Practices to Remember When Choosing a Sustainability Framework – When we sat down with Tetra Pak’s Global Sustainability Leader Mario Abreu, it quickly became clear that sustainability reporting begins where many things in life often begin; from the inside out.