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21 August 2017. Toyota’s Hydrogen Dream Could Help 7-Eleven Grow — Sustainably – Toyota and 7-Eleven have joined forces to measure how hydrogen can reduce the carbon emissions of convenience stores and delivery trucks in Japan.

21 August 2017. Big Oil Faces More Calls for Stranded Asset Disclosure – By Elisabeth Jeffries Had ExxonMobil reported its reserves differently in 2016, investors might have taken another view of the company’s future. It reported its Kearl oil sands as reserves, effectively as cash in the ground. In 2016 it was ordered to take these assets of its books by the Securities and Exchange Commission. A major … Continued

21 August 2017. This Furniture Maker Has an Idea for California’s 102 Million Dead Trees – SapphirePine, a product line of contemporary furniture that showcases this pine tree’s nature beauty, is harvesting trees lost to California's stubborn drought.

21 August 2017. Michigan Accuses Flint of ‘Endangering the Public’ Over Lack of Water System – Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality has slapped the city of Flint with a notice of violations, claiming there are "significant deficiencies" that the city still needs to address regarding its water infrastructure, including to get busy and sign a contract with a water provider.

21 August 2017. How to Align Your Corporate Citizenship Strategy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – Have you been tasked with addressing how your company supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Use these tips and tricks for a clear, repeatable process.

21 August 2017. Pittsburgh: Leading Green Building Hub? – How did Pittsburgh, known more for its sports teams and steel than innovative and energy efficient buildings, become an area that shines as a playbook for green building standards such as LEED and BREEAM?

18 August 2017. 3p Weekend Round-Up: Latest Count on Companies Standing Against Racism – First a trickle, now a flood: top CEOs are boycotting Trump's councils -- and taking action against hate to fill the president's leadership vacuum.

18 August 2017. The Industrious Bee: Replacing Plastic Products with Beeswax – Some industrious have found a way to replace plastic wrap, that everyday item we use to preserve our leftovers, lunches and favorite foods. And to do so, they're using the lessons of the past to solve modern-day challenges.

18 August 2017. Why “Workers’ Comp” Are Not Dirty Words: CSR and Workplace Injuries – In the business world, few phrases carry as much emotional baggage as “workers’ compensation.” Those who receive it, like most people who file personal injury claims, are often stereotyped as “lazy” or “greedy.” In an ongoing effort to detect fraud, many companies go to extensive lengths to scrutinize such claims. It’s enough to make an employee feel guilty for getting injured on the job. It doesn't have to be this way.

18 August 2017. The Apparel Industry’s Environmental Impact in Six Graphics – Roughly 20 pieces of clothing per person are manufactured each year. Growth of the multi-trillion-dollar apparel industry has been fed by “fast fashion,” which makes clothing cheaply and quickly with a low price-tag. These visuals illustrate why the apparel industry must embrace a new approach to sustainably meet demand in tomorrow’s markets.

17 August 2017. White Nationalist Site Daily Stormer Goes Dark Thanks to Activist Web Services Co. – As the fallout from the violence in Charlottesville continues, web services company Cloudfare announced yesterday it had terminated all services provided to the white supremacist site the Daily Stormer.

17 August 2017. The Impact of the Solar Eclipse on the Utility Grid – The total solar eclipse on Aug. 21 is expected to be a "first" in many ways. For many businesses within the 60-70-mile width of the eclipse's path, it will be a money-maker. But for power grid operators that depend on solar power now, the eclipse presents new and rarely faced challenges.

17 August 2017. Poop-to-Energy Project Provides Clean Cooking Fuel in Kenya – A project in Kenya is collecting human poop from toilets and turning it into briquettes that can be used for tasks ranging from cooking meals at home to keeping chicks warm at poultry farms.

17 August 2017. Vanguard Urging Companies to Inform Investors about Climate Change Risks – In a step that will embolden more financial institutions to demand more environmental and social disclosures from companies, Vanguard announced it will urge companies to disclose more information about climate change-related risks.