Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit

A feed from Triple Pundit, a new-media company committed to the philosophy of the triple-bottom line: People, Planet and Profit:


25 April 2017. 100% Renewable Energy: If L’Oreal Can Do It, So Can You – As the first 100 days of the Trump Administration draw to a close, L'Oreal issues a strong pitch for renewable energy in its new progress report.

25 April 2017. Forced Labor Still Looms in IT, Food and Beverages – KnowTheChain takes a detailed look at the working conditions in the global supply chain in its second-annual report on forced labor. And while some companies are sticking to their commitment to eradicate forced labor and slavery in the tech, textile and food sectors, they still have a long way to go.

25 April 2017. Proposed Bill in Congress Would Silence Activist Investors – A new bill in Congress would all but eliminate the shareholder proposal, a favorite tactic of activist shareholders. The proposals can push companies to change their business practices related to human rights, the environment, executive pay and lobbying.

25 April 2017. Like Trump, Tom Brady’s Charity Funded by Others – Tom Brady has cultivated a reputation as a philanthropist; the problem, however, is that his foundation is reportedly writing checks to his favorite causes using other people's money.

25 April 2017. The Surprisingly Large Corporate Investments in Donald Trump’s Inauguration Party Fund – U.S. President Donald Trump's inauguration committee raised a record $107 million in donations. The largest corporate donors to this fund are benefiting from a new regulatory environment.

25 April 2017. Why The Conscious Consumer Movement Isn’t Working (And How To Fix It) – Brands are rushing to meet consumer demand for ethical products, but supply chain verifications lag.

24 April 2017. CVS Banishes Formaldehyde, Other Toxics From Cosmetics – CVS Pharmacy announced on Wednesday that it would be stripping certain toxic ingredients from its personal care products. It's the latest manufacturer to acknowledge the push from consumers, advocacy groups and state agencies for companies to be more responsible in what they put in their care products.

24 April 2017. Ivanka Trump Dines With Chinese President Xi, Receives Chinese Trademarks – April 6 was quite the night for Ivanka Trump. Not only did she enjoy a wonderful dinner with Chinese President Xi Jingping featuring the scrumptious chocolate cake her father, President Donald Trump, couldn’t stop talking about, but she also acquired approval of three trademarks from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

24 April 2017. UK Study: Fair Trade Cotton 1/5 Ecological Impact of Conventional Textiles – The UK NGO Fairtrade Foundation has completed a study that insists that fair trade cotton has numerous benefits, including one-fifth of the the social and environmental impacts of conventionally-grown cotton.

24 April 2017. How Companies Can Lead on Anti-Deforestation Efforts – Procter & Gamble has been collaborating with both its suppliers and NGOs for several years in order to increase the amount of certified pulp and paper on the market. According to the company, this push benefits not only the environment, but also many landowners' bottom lines.

24 April 2017. ‘Granny Pods’ Offer a Tiny Home Alternative for Senior Citizens – A Virginia-based company says its "granny pods," or tiny homes for the elderly, offer a cheaper and more comfortable alternative to skilled nursing facilities.

24 April 2017. Minority Business Owners Still Face Discriminatory Lending – The Community Reinvestment Act was supposed to right many of the wrongs that led to unfair lending practices. But a new study shows it isn't working.

24 April 2017. Earth Angel Greens TV and Movie Sets Nationwide – Emellie O’Brien is the founder and president of Earth Angel, the only sustainability consultancy servicing film and television production on the East Coast.

22 April 2017. 3p Weekend: United Can Learn From These Airlines About Customer Service – United can look to some of its peers in the North American airline sector for a few pointers on how to treat customers well (beyond, you know, not physically assaulting them).