Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit

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17 February 2017. 3p Weekend: 13 Sustainability Newsletters Worth Your Time – The early days of the Donald Trump administration were certainly not boring. But amidst the cries that the sky is falling, the discerning reader can still find plenty to be optimistic about.

17 February 2017. NGOs: Key Palm Oil Players Are Still Linked to Deforestation and Human Rights Abuse – New satellite photos released by the NGO Mighty reveal evidence that a South Korean-owned palm oil producer is violating its self-imposed moratorium on felling virgin rainforest. But that's not the only company NGOs say is breaking the rules when it comes to deforestation and human rights.

17 February 2017. Can Farming the Ocean Help Save the Planet? – Aquaculture can be a win for the economy and the environment -- creating rural jobs and providing healthy, local seafood, argues Robert Jones of the Nature Conservancy.

17 February 2017. Norway Expands Its Role as the World’s Electric Vehicle Leader – Norway keeps breaking records when it comes to electric vehicle sales -- a trend experts say will continue. So, what's the country's secret sauce? 3p's Leon Kaye takes a closer look.

17 February 2017. Vizio Fined For Spying On Customers Through Their TVs – The electronics giant tracked customers' watching habits and sold that data for a profit, all without informing users, according to a recent investigation. The company was fined by the Federal Trade Commission, but the punishment seems paltry for the crime.

17 February 2017. Calls For Divestment From the Dakota Access Pipeline Reach a Roar – Cities and other public entities are ending business with banks like Wells Fargo, which loaned more than $400 million to the companies behind the Dakota Access pipeline. And big banks better buckle up, because the divestment movement is just getting started.

17 February 2017. India’s Air Pollution Catching Up to China as Worst on Earth – According to a recent study, India’s air is becoming the deadliest on Earth -- outpacing even China, which loses over a million people a year to air pollution.

17 February 2017. Russia and U.S.: Partners In Climate Inaction? – Closer ties between the U.S. and Russia “would open the doors for massive investment into the Russian oil and gas exploration and production,” a former energy minister under Vladimir Putin said this week.

17 February 2017. Environmental Managers: Time to Whip out the Balance Sheets – We’re moving from a linear economy to a circular one. As such, data management, transparency and reporting are such that we can no longer rely on one-off spreadsheets and ad-hoc studies.

16 February 2017. Zero Waste: Ethical Investment and Innovation That Saves Money – Zero waste seems like a heady topic, but more and more companies are taking it on as a practical business strategy. How can something that is exceptionally good for the environment be great for the bottom line? We talk to Stephanie Barger of the U.S. Green Building Council to understand the nuts and bolts of an effective zero-waste strategy.

16 February 2017. Bipartisan Coalition of Governors Urges Trump to Invest in Renewable Energy – The Governors Wind and Solar Energy Coalition, which includes eight Republican and 12 Democratic governors, are trying to convince President Donald Trump to change his tone on clean energy.

16 February 2017. American Wind Power Achieves a Major Milestone – A regional electricity provider just set a record for the North American wind sector, with a regional operator in America's heartland generating over 50 percent of its power from wind on Feb. 12.

16 February 2017. Researcher Links Climate Change and Increased Gastrointestinal Illness In Children – A team of researchers found a link between how climate change impacts untreated drinking water and the rate of gastrointestinal illness in children. It's the first study to assess how future rainfall patterns may impact human health.

16 February 2017. Belgian Development Community Turns to the Private Sector – The Belgian development community is warming up to the possibility of cooperation with the private sector. But the collaborative model is not without its critics.