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Conversation Earth with Dave Gardner

Posted March 15th, 2017

Dave Gardner, moderator of the MAHB Media Messaging Node, is back with new episodes of Conversation Earth a radio series […]

MAHB March 2017 Newsletter

Posted March 6th, 2017

“Change always originates in the present” (Sharp et al. 2016) The potential for transformation is all around us. […]

Center for Biological Diversity’s Take Action Toolboxes

Posted March 6th, 2017

The Center for Biological Diversity is developing a series of Take Action Toolboxes to help provide passionate […]

Solving Overshoot: End Overpopulation or Stop Overconsumption

Posted December 14th, 2016

The evidence is clear: the scale of the human enterprise has outgrown our planet. We need to […]

GrowthBusters Free Screening | Nov. 23 through Dec. 2

Posted November 21st, 2016

Each year, in response to America’s strange habit of a post-Thanksgiving shopping spree, Dave Gardner holds a […]

MAHB November 2016 Newsletter

Posted November 4th, 2016

What isn’t being talked about? This issue of the MAHB Newsletter digs into topics too often missing from […]

Overpopulation: The New Conversation

Posted October 20th, 2016

Journalist Alan Weisman, Filmaker Dave Gardner, and Author Benjamin Dancer join together for the webinar series Overpopulation: […]

The Dancing Star Foundation 2016 Research Fellow

Posted October 19th, 2016

The Dancing Star Foundation is pleased to introduce its 2016 Research Fellow, Dr. Melanie DeVore: Dr. Melanie […]

Conspiracies and Contraception Reading Series

Posted October 10th, 2016

Benjamin Dancer and the Center for Biological Diversity launch the Conspiracies and Contraception Reading Series October 15, […]

Finding Sanctuary

Posted September 22nd, 2016

Gavenus, Erika

A review of Sanctuary: Global Oases of Innocence –a Dancing Star Foundation book by Michael Charles Tobias […]