The MAHB website has a new look!

Posted November 13th, 2014

We are excited to announce that the MAHB website has a new look! The website remains a […]

Culturizing Sustainable Cities: Call for examples – potential case studies

Posted October 26th, 2014

From the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra Portugal: How can artistic/cultural practices be […]

Teaching by Example: Divestment from Fossil Fuels

Posted October 8th, 2014

Christopher W. Wirth, Kelsey D. Wirth, and Timothy E. Wirth An op-ed submitted to the Stanford Daily by three […]

MAHB Blog: Join the Discussion

Posted October 22nd, 2013

The MAHB hosts a blog from global thought leaders on issues associated with the complexity and gravity […]

21 Issues for the 21st Century

Posted April 29th, 2012

Results of the UNEP Foresight Process on  Emerging Environmental Issues The purpose of the UNEP Foresight Process […]

The 7 Billion Wager

Posted February 14th, 2012

At an event at Johns Hopkins University on October 14th, 2011 marking the arrival of the 7 […]

Climate Change: What it means in terms of energy

Posted February 8th, 2012

by Ian T Dunlop International Conferenceon the Future of Energy and the Interconnected Challenges of the 21st […]

Why the Real Victim of Overpopulation Will Be the Environment

Posted February 8th, 2012

by Bryan Walsh. Time Magazine. October 26, 2011. This month, the 7 billionth person will be born […]

Population Growth Sees Myths Reborn

Posted February 8th, 2012

by Paul Ehrlich  The Age: Australia. November 1, 2011 The news that the human population now numbers […]

State of World Population 2011: People and possibilities in a world of 7 billion

Posted February 8th, 2012

United Nations Population Fund. October 2011 This year’s State of World Population report, People and Possibilities in […]