A Thirsty, Violent World

From Pakistan to California, from Nigeria to Brazil dire water situations are escalating into crises accompanied by […]

Climate Fairshares

Confronting the climate crisis based on justice To help explain the emissions budget, Friends of the Earth […]

Climate change, violence and young people

A report for Unicef UK examining the security risks  created by the intersection and reinforcement of challenges […]

Uniting Nations: The UN at a Crossroads

The forthcoming release of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the critical climate conference in Paris […]

Planet Under Pressure

“Safeguarding Water, Food, and Energy Security on a planet under pressure: Larger and richer populations are increasing […]

UNFCCC Map of Pre-2020 action by Countries

The UNFCC has compiled an interactive map to display quantified economy-wide emission reduction targets for all developed […]

Human impact: the ethics of I=PAT

The I=PAT equation sets Human Impact on the environment  (I) equal to the product of Population (P), Affluence […]

Advantages of a polycentric approach to climate change policy

As talks continue on global climate negotiations, are there advantages to promoting a polycentric approach? ABSTRACT: Lack of […]

Carbon Counterattack

How Big Oil Is Responding to the Anti-Carbon Movement “Once upon a time, the giant carbon companies […]

Population is the cause of lake problems

George Plumb, executive director of Vermonters for a Sustainable Population, provides his commentary on the cleanup of […]