Item Author Year Media Type
Natural Defense from Hurricanes and Floods Patty Glick, John Kostyack, Jame PIttman, Tania Briceno, Nora Wahlund 2014 Report / Policy Brief
Health risks of climate change: act now or pay later Andy Haines, Kristie L Ebi, Kirk R Smith, Alistair Woodward 2014 News / Op - Eds
Understanding Population Projections Toshiko Kaneda 2014 Report / Policy Brief
Climate change: A crack in the natural-gas bridge Steve J. Davis, Christine Shearer 2014 Articles - Recent
Natural Gas Detrimental to Low-Carbon Economy, Study Says Sarah Lozanova 2014 News / Op - Eds
Is sex only for rich people? Catherine Rampell 2014 News / Op - Eds
FEMA: Plan for Climate Change or Risk Emergency Funding Jan Lee 2014 News / Op - Eds
State and Local Adaptation Plans 2014 Report / Policy Brief
Dead Heat: Global Justice and Global Warming Tom Athanasiou, Paul Baer 2002 Books - Foundational
Is low fertility really a problem? Population aging, dependency, and consumption Ronald Lee, Andrew Mason, members of the NTA Network 2014 Articles - Recent
Ebola: Another Avoidable Crisis Robert Walker 2014 News / Op - Eds
Climate Change Conference in Paris, 2015: A progress report Abdullah Shibli 2014 News / Op - Eds
Can Geoengineering Really Fix Climate Change? Jan Lee 2014 News / Op - Eds
SHIFT Magazine: Issue #5- Planetary Boundaries Multiple contributors 2014 News / Op - Eds
Retreat from the Water’s Edge Nate Lavey 2014 Videos
Critiquing the Pursuit of Island Sustainability Godfrey Baldacchino, Ilan Kelman 2014 Articles - Recent
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