Item Author Year Media Type
Tipping the scale: how a political economist could save the world’s forests Wendee Nicole 2014 News / Op - Eds
The State of the Tropics 2014 State of the Tropics 2014 Report / Policy Brief
Booming populations, rising economies, threatened biodiversity: the tropics will never be the same Jeremy Hance 2014 News / Op - Eds
WMO and WHO Establish Joint Office for Climate and Health 2014 News / Op - Eds
What Can Demography Tell Us About the Advent of Democracy? Elizabeth Leahy Madsen 2014 News / Op - Eds
Voice and Agency The World Bank 2014 Books - Recent
Ecotopia emerging Wendee Nicole 2014 News / Op - Eds
Climate-Smart Development The World Bank, ClimateWorks Foundation 2014 Report / Policy Brief
World Bank: Climate Change Policies Will Boost Global Economy Bill DiBenedetto 2014 News / Op - Eds
The Turning Point: New Hope for the Climate Al Gore 2014 News / Op - Eds
The Coming Climate Crash Henry M. Paulson Jr. 2014 News / Op - Eds
Estimating the Health Effects of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies Justin V. Remais 2014 Articles - Recent
The Arctic in the Anthropocene: Emerging Research Questions Committee on Emerging Research Questions in the Arctic 2014 Report / Policy Brief
Risky Business Risky Business Project Report / Policy Brief
The Other Road to Serfdom and the Path to Sustainable Democracy Eric Zencey 2012 Books - Recent
Greening Vermont Elizabeth Courtney, Eric Zencey 2012 Books - Recent
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