Average people can make a difference on global challenges, says researcher

Caroline Newman with UVA Today sat down with Thomas Batemen to discuss the recent article Batemen published […]

Arun Dayanandan reviews Killing the Koala and Poisoning the Prairie: Australia, America, and the Environment by C.J.A. Bradshaw, P.R. Ehrlich.

Arun Dayanandan reviews Killing the Koala and Poisoning the Prairie: Australia, America, and the Environment (University of Chicago Press, […]

Population, Resources, and the Faith-Based Economy: the Situation in 2016

How has the population-resource-environment situation changed since the publishing of The Population Bomb in 1968? Paul and Anne […]

Avoiding collapse: Grand challenges for science and society to solve by 2050

Anthony D. Barnosky, Paul R. Ehrlich and Elizabeth A. Hadly in presenting the challenging, intertwined problems facing […]

Awe, Despair, and the Annihilation of Nature: A review of The Annihilation of Nature by Liam Heneghan

Liam Heneghan reflects on The Annihilation of Nature: Human Extinction of Birds and Mammals by Gerardo Ceballos, […]

The Climate Change Challenge and Barriers to the Exercise of Foresight Intelligence

The recently published article from MAHB members in BioScience takes a critical look at why it has […]

Aspirational science

Joern Fischer with Leuphana University Lueneburg argues that scientists not only need to search for better answers, […]

The Metaphysics of Protection

In The Metaphysics of Protection, Dancing Star Foundation president, Michael Charles Tobias, and executive vice president, Jane […]

Population, environment, ethics: Where we stand now | Conference by Professor Paul R. Ehrlich.

April 28th 2016 | Professor Paul R. Ehrlich joins student and faculty at the University of Lausanne […]

Consequences of twenty-first-century policy for multi-millennial climate and sea-level change

Are we considering too narrow of a time scale when we discuss the necessary actions to mitigate […]