Family Planning: Past Lessons for the Future

The Overpopulation Project presents the second video in our four-part interview mini-series, an interview with Carl Wahren, a […]


Introducing The Overpopulation Project Video Series # 1: The Usefulness of Foreign Aid

The Overpopulation Project is proud to present the first video in our four-part interview mini-series, an interview […]


The work of Professor William Davis

Artist Bill Davis has worked on 6 continents. His project, No Dark in Sight, is funded to exhibit how artificial […]

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What Collected Behavior Creates Sustainability

“Global Sustainability is determined by the collected behavior of 7 billion people. This behavior must be determined […]

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Earth vs. The Amoeba

Earth Day Talk, Stockholm Wisconsin, April 22, 2019 We have many narratives about our culture; -that we […]

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Mother of all droughts

Poetry relating to the Murray Darling River System.

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Perium Presents: Guy Lane and Paul Ehrlich

Join Guy Lane and Paul Ehrlich – author of the Population Bomb – in a zany, science-based, […]

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Unstoppable. Why it’s time to think about human extinction with Dr David Suzuki

After listening to this ep with Dr David Suzuki, you’ll never be the same again. The environmentalist, […]

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BBC Earth Podcast

BBC Earth presents a podcast the size of a planet, telling stories about nature, science and our […]

Triple Bottom Line YouTube video

Triple Bottom Line: the science of good business

Watch Sustainability Illustrated’s video on the Triple Bottom Line, an illustration of how the economy is a […]


Hypothesis for a Risk Cost of Carbon

Presentation and discussion of the recently published book chapter: “Hypothesis for a Risk Cost of Carbon: Revising […]

Hans Rosling giving a lecture

Perspectives in population, global development and the human predicament: Hans Rosling and Population Matters

Hans Rosling has given the world inspiring, creative and important insights into the world’s data and truths. […]

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Human Overpopulation Atlas

  João L.R. Abegão completed his Masters in Ecology and Environment where he specialized in Human Overpopulation […]

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The Carbon Cycle

All living things are composed of carbon and the functioning of the carbon cycle is essential to […]

A mind, half open

Equal Time for Free Thought

Jessica Schab interviewed Esther Phillips on WBAI  99.5 FM in New York on Esther’s  thoughts on how […]

Hidden Challenges of the Trans-Papuan Economic Corridor

The Pacific island of New Guinea sustains one of the world’s last great tracts of unbroken rainforest. […]

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Can we save energy, jobs and growth at the same time?

    Jancovici’s conference in ENS School of Paris To download the Presentation :…


Wide-Ranging Discussion with Stuart Scott and Guy Mcpherson

More on Stuart and Guy’s conversations here. 

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TARDIGRADES (The Entropy Model)

A story about the disconnect between economics and life.


The Age of Stupid

The Age of Stupid is a 2009 British documentary film by Franny Armstrong, director of McLibel (1997) and Drowned Out (2002), and founder of 10:10, […]

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We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the […]