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Why (Some) People Don’t Believe In Climate Science

For It’s Okay To Be Smart, Joe Hanson explains the science behind why (s0me) people continue to […]

Norway's exploratory drilling rig the Leiv Eiriksson in the Davis Strait, by S.Morgan/Alamy via Nature

The geographical distribution of fossil fuels unused when limiting global warming to 2 °C

Christophe McGlade & Paul Ekins use a single integrated assessment model to explore the implications for fossil […]

A woman and a baby in the Varieque village, Mozambique, where actors perform a play about family planning. Photo by PWRDF via Flickr/ CC BY-NC (

7 family planning trends to watch for in 2015

Christopher Purdy and Phil Harvey outline 7 issues and trends in international family planning to keep your […]

Californian Coast by Erika Gavenus

Could Global Tide Be Starting To Turn Against Fossil Fuels?

“From an oil chill in the financial world to the recent U.S.-China agreement on climate change, recent […]

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After Sustainability: Denial, Hope, Retrieval

From John Foster, a freelance writer and philosophy teacher, and an honorary Fellow in the department of Politics, […]

Corn growing along the Kenyan coast of Lake Victoria by Erika Gavenus

An expansion of the demographic transition model: the dynamic link between agricultural productivity and population

Russell Hopfenberg expands on the traditional demographic transition model by considering a longer time frame and incorporating […]

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Don’t Even Think About It

Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change. George Marshall searches for how most of us […]

Air pollution above Kabul, Afghanistan

Air Pollution More Dangerous than Insurgency: NEPA

Mirabed Joyenda reports on the serious issue of air pollution facing residents of Kabul, Afghanistan.  The National […]


Mind Maps

Check out some of the mind map examples from Learning Fundamentals.  Pictured above is a mind map […]

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Merchants of Doubt

The troubling story of how a cadre of influential scientists have clouded public understanding of scientific facts […]