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Why (Some) People Don’t Believe In Climate Science

For It’s Okay To Be Smart, Joe Hanson explains the science behind why (s0me) people continue to […]

Norway's exploratory drilling rig the Leiv Eiriksson in the Davis Strait, by S.Morgan/Alamy via Nature

The geographical distribution of fossil fuels unused when limiting global warming to 2 °C

Christophe McGlade & Paul Ekins use a single integrated assessment model to explore the implications for fossil […]

Californian Coast by Erika Gavenus

Could Global Tide Be Starting To Turn Against Fossil Fuels?

“From an oil chill in the financial world to the recent U.S.-China agreement on climate change, recent […]

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After Sustainability: Denial, Hope, Retrieval

From John Foster, a freelance writer and philosophy teacher, and an honorary Fellow in the department of Politics, […]

Corn growing along the Kenyan coast of Lake Victoria by Erika Gavenus

An expansion of the demographic transition model: the dynamic link between agricultural productivity and population

Russell Hopfenberg expands on the traditional demographic transition model by considering a longer time frame and incorporating […]

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Don’t Even Think About It

Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change. George Marshall searches for how most of us […]

Air pollution above Kabul, Afghanistan

Air Pollution More Dangerous than Insurgency: NEPA

Mirabed Joyenda reports on the serious issue of air pollution facing residents of Kabul, Afghanistan.  The National […]


Mind Maps

Check out some of the mind map examples from Learning Fundamentals.  Pictured above is a mind map […]

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Merchants of Doubt

The troubling story of how a cadre of influential scientists have clouded public understanding of scientific facts […]

Bertram drilling's oil sands corings working in the oil sands basin in Alberta | Energold-company via Wikimedia Commons

The Economic Case For Divesting From Fossil Fuels

Garvin Jabusch, Chief Investment Officer with Green Alpha Advisors, LLC ABSTRACT: If you own fossil fuels you own […]

Photo of People's Climate March by NYC Light Brigade

Understanding “New Power”

Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms describe the growing force termed “new power” and how they see it […]

Photo of restoring hillside land in China, Li Wenyong | World Bank

To Get to Net Zero Emissions, We Need Healthy Landscapes

Rachel Kyte reports for The World Bank on the critical role climate-smart land-use practices will play in […]

The Da Silva family in Brazil | Karen Robinson

Making the Connection: Population Dynamics and Climate Compatible Development

Recommendations From an Expert Working Group: “A better understanding of the nexus between family planning and climate […]

How to Defuse the Population Bomb

Zoë Schlanger  and Elijah Wolfson take a critical look at the growing human population.  The authors begin in Kibera, […]

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The Consequences of Increased Population Growth for Climate Change

David Rosnick, an Economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, uses the Global Change Assessment […]

Sources: DHS and MICS, various years

Recent Surveys Fill in Gaps in Our Knowledge of Fertility

Carl Haub from the Population Reference Bureau summarizes the recently released data from the Demographic and Health […]

Photo from Los Amigos Conservation Concession, Madre de Dios, Peru by Geoff Gallice

Landscape Game

How would you invest in a forest? Would you cut it down for timber, or preserve it […]

Photo of Shishmaref, AK by Kate Sheppard from The Huffington Post

Climate Change Takes a Village

As The Planet Warms, A Remote Alaskan Town Shows Just How Unprepared We Are Kate Sheppard reports […]


A Global Database of Natural Coastal Defenses: Where, When, How and How Well do They Work?

“The months of October and November 2014 witnessed four major storms that collectively cost more than 40 […]

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India’s sterilisation scandal

Dinesh C Sharma reports on the lessons that can be learned from the tragic death of several women […]

Arctic sea ice in Beaufort/Chuckchi Seas seen from NOAA's P3 flight in autumn 2014 credit NOAA PMEL

Arctic Report Card: Update for 2014

“The Arctic Report Card 2014, compiled by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, described a year […]


Protect and serve

Nations must keep expanding conservation efforts to avoid a biodiversity crisis “Before human populations swelled to the […]

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Not Wanting Kids Is Entirely Normal

Why the ingrained expectation that women should desire to become parents is unhealthy. Jessica Valenti writes, “American […]

Photo of U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon by Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Girls Left Behind: Review of Secretary General’s Report Leaves Much to Be Desired for Girls, Women

Lyric Thompson from the International Center for Research on Women provides a critical perspective of Secretary General […]

Bertram drilling's oil sands corings working in the oil sands basin in Alberta | Energold-company via Wikimedia Commons

The Carbon Underground Tar Sands 20

From Fossil Free Indexes: “Long opposed for their huge environmental footprint and resource-intensive production, tar sands reserves […]

Photo of Anthony Barnosky | Tangled Banks Studio

Not Doomed (Yet)

A Q&A With Extinction Experts Anthony Barnosky and Elizabeth Hadly Eric Simons asks UC Berkeley paleoecologist Anthony […]

Photo of Traffic in Mombai, India | Leon Kaye

India Close to Announcing Big Climate Change Shift in Lima

With the Lima Climate Change Conference underway, eyes are on India to see if the world’s second […]

Map of atmospheric CO2 via NASA

NASA | A Year in the Life of Earth’s CO2

NASA Computer Model Provides a New Portrait of Carbon Dioxide

Photo of Participants in Niger's School for Husbands | Ron Haviv | VII for NPR

School For Husbands Gets Men To Talk About Family Size

Jason Beaubien reports from Chadoakori, Niger on the School for Husbands program: “It’s a bunch of guys […]

Photo from front cover of the Victoria crowned pigeon by Michael Charles Tobias

The Metaphysics of Protection

“The Metaphysics of Protection is a lyrical paen to the Earth and the complex roots of her […]