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17 September 2014. Tornadoes coming earlier in 'Tornado Alley.' – Tornado activity in the central and southern Great Plains is peaking up to two weeks earlier than half a century ago. Climate change may be behind the shift. A Climate at Your Doorstep story.

17 September 2014. Natural disasters displaced more people than war in 2013, study finds. – Natural disasters displaced three times as many people as war last year - even as 2013 was a horrific year for conflict - with 22 million people driven out of their homes by floods, hurricanes and other hazards, a new study has found.

17 September 2014. Green Latinos: Will environmental worries dispel idea of one-issue voters? – In some key races, Hispanics who care about climate, air quality could provide key support for candidates. Activists say the green movement has hit a tipping point.

17 September 2014. Australia is looking at a $226 billion bill if sea levels rise just 1.1 metres. – This century sea levels are expected to rise 0.4 to 1.0 metres thanks to climate change. This is a real problem for a country that is surrounded by water.

17 September 2014. U.S. putting climate-changing chemicals on ice. – The U.S. is making it clear as ice that it intends to continue moving forward with efforts to clamp down on the use of hydrofluorocarbons, known as HFCs, which are chemicals that helped save the ozone layer — but have put the climate in jeopardy.

17 September 2014. As East Coast waters warm, an invader moves in. – Warming ocean waters could be a boon to invasive marine species, such as the dazzling but rapacious lionfish, new research suggests.

17 September 2014. The next green revolution. – The genes of all living things on Earth consist of varying sequences of four chemical compounds. By identifying genes and manipulating them, scientists hope to create new crops that will help us face the challenges of global warming and population growth.

17 September 2014. Climate-smart farmers get tech savvy to save India's bread basket. – Erratic weather, rising temperatures, declining water resources and labour shortages are threatening India's bread basket state of Haryana, forcing farmers to abandon age-old practices and adopt technology to ensure food supplies for millions.

17 September 2014. Obama delays key power plant rule of signature climate change plan. – Barack Obama applied the brakes to the most critical component of his climate-change plan on Tuesday, slowing the process of setting new rules cutting carbon pollution from power plants, and casting a shadow over a landmark United Nations’ summit on global warming.

17 September 2014. Sea level rises due to climate change could cost Australia $200b, Climate Council report finds. – Future sea level rises could put more than $200 billion of Australian infrastructure at risk, a report by the Climate Council has found. The report showed sea levels were likely to rise by between 40 centimetres and one metre over the next century.

17 September 2014. US moves to reduce global warming emissions. – The Obama administration on Tuesday announced a series of moves aimed at cutting emissions of hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, powerful greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

17 September 2014. Los Angeles burns through power use again, sets new record. – With record-breaking heat comes record-breaking consequences. Utility officials announced Tuesday that energy demand set another record in Los Angeles.

17 September 2014. Climate report predicts rising sea levels will cause $200 billion of damage to coastal infrastructure. – The Gold Coast would lose its beaches. Sydney’s Opera House would flood every day instead of every 100 years. And 48,000 Victorian homes would be swallowed. All by the end of the century.

17 September 2014. Of Himalayan blunders and rivers of muck. – Developmental gains will crumble if India follows a model of growth that is resource-and-energy-intensive. As it is, rivers are degraded, pollution is growing, forest cover's thinning.

17 September 2014. Bobby Jindal's soft climate-change skepticism. – If Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal wants to be the next president, he faces a delicate political task in articulating his position on climate change.

17 September 2014. Perks & pitfalls of a green pioneer in Europe. – Freiburg, a city of 230,000 people near the French and Swiss borders, was green before it was cool, and when it comes to sustainability, residents refuse to settle for second best.

17 September 2014. Preliminary OK for large California project sparks debate over impacts to birds. – The state has granted initial approval of the first phase of a large solar power plant in Southern California's Chuckwalla Valley, prompting renewed debate over whether the project's contribution to clean energy development trumps potentially significant impacts to migrating birds.

17 September 2014. Coastal regions could face $226b climate change cost. – Coastal areas of Australia could face a massive $226 billion bill due to climate change, if nothing is done about a forecast 1.1 metre sea level rise in the next century, a new report has found.

17 September 2014. Totally transparent solar cells could turn our windows into solar panels. – In the future, you'll be able to charge your phone just by placing it in the sun, and you'll generate electricity through your windows, not just from the panels on the roof.

17 September 2014. Australia not prepared for effects of climate change. – More than three-quarters of the population lives near the coast but Australia's love affair with the beach will come at a future cost. That's the warning from the Climate Council, the successor to the Australian Climate Commission that was axed by the Federal Government.

17 September 2014. 'Virtual pipelines' are connecting consumers to gas in absence of infrastructure. – Entrepreneurs have fashioned a way to get natural gas to consumers awaiting a proper pipeline: Build them a "virtual pipeline" instead.

17 September 2014. Rising sea levels a 'sleeping giant' that could cost $226bn, report says. – Rising sea levels are a "sleeping giant" issue that will put at risk coastal infrastructure worth up to $226bn. Analysis by the Climate Council found Australia was likely to experience a sea level rise of 0.4m to 1m by the end of the century.

17 September 2014. Climate report details flood risk to sites in Washington. – The nation’s capital is likely to see record flooding by 2050, putting about $7 billion worth of property, three military bases and parts of the National Mall at risk as a result of climate change that is raising sea levels all over the world, according to a report released Tuesday.

17 September 2014. Coastal inundation threat rises, says Climate Council. – The NSW government will on Wednesday unveil the restored Farm Cove sea wall protecting the Royal Botanic Gardens from harbour tempests. The $8.6 million project repaired two sections of the wall that had threatened to topple into the sea because of saltwater penetration and erosion.

17 September 2014. Are state investments in coal and oil undermining “green” governors? – State investment boards in Washington and Oregon are indirectly financing coal and oil infrastructure projects that are intensely controversial and at odds with goals of the states’ “green” governors, according to a Sightline Institute report to be posted early Wednesday.

17 September 2014. Climate change may add billions to wildfire costs, study says. – As wildfires burned in California, a study by several major environmental groups estimated that climate change could mean that future blazes will be much larger and add billions of dollars to already costly losses.

17 September 2014. Power grid groans, blackouts roll through Los Angeles area as heat wave nears peak. – Power outages linked to L.A.'s intense heat wave rolled across the city Tuesday. As temperatures approached dangerous highs, harried crews restored service to one area only to be sent to another blackout.

17 September 2014. August was warmest on record, says NASA. – August 2014 was the hottest August on record, according to data released Monday by NASA. The news comes as the United Nations prepares to host a climate conference aimed at setting the stage for an international deal next year in Paris to reduce Earth-warming emissions.

17 September 2014. Wildfire cost may soar with climate change, report warns. – Wildfires may cost the U.S. as much as $62.5 billion a year by 2050 as the effects of climate change worsen, argues an economic analysis released Tuesday.

17 September 2014. A tiny lizard adapts to become faster, stronger to survive in a warmer climate. – For years, scientists have said global warming will doom most lizards. But a new study of the sleek little brown anolis lizard in the Bahamas is challenging the notion that tropical lizards can’t stand the heat.

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