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1 September 2014. Food security faces growing pest advance. – Coming soon to a farm near you: just about every possible type of pest that could take advantage of the ripening harvest in the nearby fields. Wherever they can make a living, they will. This does not bode well for food security in a world of nine billion people and increasingly rapid climate change.

1 September 2014. System on way to cap carbon output. – China will gradually set up a mechanism for limiting its overall carbon emissions and accelerate development of a national carbon market, according to the country's chief climate change negotiator.

1 September 2014. No more pause: Warming will be non-stop from now on. – Enjoy the pause in global warming while it lasts, because it's probably the last one we will get this century.

1 September 2014. Coal miners see signs of recovery as prices stabilize. – Coal-mining executives say a string of pit shutdowns should finally kick-start the market by curbing supply, while demand from buyers such as China and India appears to be picking up.

1 September 2014. Climate talks: Five things to know. – Republicans and some Democrats were furious at the notion that Obama would try to sidestep Congress and push for a voluntary climate agreement, and promised to do all they could to avoid getting the U.S. involved in an international agreement. Here are five important things to know about the climate talks.

1 September 2014. Motorists have ruined England - and they need to pay the price. – Traffic is a problem that causes environmental destruction, stress, illness, and incurs huge financial costs. And it could be solved very easily were it not for for our weak, craven political class.

1 September 2014. World's largest carbon capture project ramps up. – An international energy industry partnership and the Department of Energy plan to construct what will be the world’s largest carbon capture and sequestration facility at an operating coal-fired power plant.

1 September 2014. Acciona wind farms on hold over RET uncertainty. – A western Victorian renewable energy company says recommendations from a review of the Renewable Energy Target have increased uncertainty about the industry's future.

1 September 2014. 'Dredge spoil will speed decline of Great Barrier Reef.' – Australia's iconic reef is under threat from pollution and climate change. Jon Day, recently resigned as the reef's Director of Heritage Conservation, says that plans to dump spoil will put the reef at risk.

1 September 2014. Protesters who blocked coal shipment go to trial. – Two men who used an old lobster boat to block a coal shipment to New England's largest coal-burning power plant say they plan to argue at trial that their actions were necessary because of the threat posed by climate change.

1 September 2014. Tom Steyer's $1 million offer to pro-environment candidates. – When San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer speaks, Sacramento listens. In fact, outgoing state Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg recessed the body for 90 minutes in the middle of a busy floor session Thursday so Democrats could meet privately across the street with the environmental activist and former hedge fund titan to talk about his pet cause, climate change.

1 September 2014. UK political parties urged to include green pledges in election manifestos. – Green campaigners are calling on all of the UK's political parties to include key environmental pledges in their manifestos ahead of next spring's general election.

1 September 2014. Meltwater is rising sea levels in the Antarctic faster than the rest of the world. – Fresh water from melting glaciers has caused the sea level around the coast of Antarctica to rise by 2 centimetres more than the global average of 6 centimetres.

1 September 2014. On climate change, much work is needed to save our globe. – Climate change, as we have known for years, is like a crack in the foundation of a house.

1 September 2014. Greenhouse gas fear over increased levels of meat eating. – Global consumption of meat needs to fall - to ensure future demand for food can be met and to help protect the environment - a study says.

1 September 2014. Eating less meat ‘essential’ to saving the planet. – Eating less meat is "essential" to ensure future demand for food can be met and "dangerous" climate change avoided, experts have warned.

1 September 2014. Deadly Chesapeake bacteria elicits warnings. – Its name is vibrio vulnificus, and it thrives under just the sort of conditions the bay is known for this time of year: warm water with relatively low salt concentrations. A handful of high-profile cases has put a potentially deadly waterborne bug back in the spotlight.

1 September 2014. China's national carbon market to start in 2016 - official. – China plans to roll out its national market for carbon permit trading in 2016, an official said Sunday, adding that the government is close to finalising rules for what will be the world's biggest emissions trading scheme.

1 September 2014. Boulder to host a climate change expert grounded in science, faith. – Katharine Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist who studies climate change, and is also a conservative Christian, a faith tradition that frequently aligns with right-leaning politics.

1 September 2014. Uniting Church's assembly to divest from fossil fuels. – The Uniting Church in Australia Assembly has resolved to divest from investments in corporations engaged in the extraction of fossil fuels.

1 September 2014. New satellite maps show polar ice caps melting at 'unprecedented rate'. – German researchers have established the height of the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps with greater precision than ever before. The new maps they have produced show that the ice is melting at an unprecedented rate.

1 September 2014. Zimbabwe goes a step further. – Zimbabwe has started building a national policy on climate, the last important step towards mainstreaming dangerous climate change into national developmental and budgetary processes. The National Climate Policy will operationalise the National Climate Change Response Strategy, which is now complete.

1 September 2014. Rich nations have moral duty to help island nations as climate change shifts weather patterns, says World Bank envoy. – Atoll nations including Kiribati, Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands are seeing shifting rainfall patterns, rising sea-levels and ocean acidification that are forcing islanders to move, said Rachel Kyte, the World Bank's special envoy for climate change.

1 September 2014. Guyana seen as weak link in Norway forest initiative. – The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had singled out Guyana as a "weak element" among the countries that the Scandinavian country is partnering with to protect forests in the fight against climate change but another government agency viewed Guyana more positively.

1 September 2014. Poverty and hunger will not end without better rainwater management, top scientists say. – The world will fail to meet international targets to eradicate poverty and hunger unless countries improve the way they use rainwater, which billions of people depend on to grow food, leading water experts said.

1 September 2014. Barack Obama’s push for new greenhouse gas cuts challenges Ottawa. – In the coming election campaign Harper will have to either repudiate our Copenhagen pledge, or spell out how he intends to cut back on our fast-rising emissions. Most Canadians know that global warming is a problem. And they’re not impressed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s indifference.

1 September 2014. Changing global diets vital to reducing climate change. – A new study, published today in Nature Climate Change, suggests that – if current trends continue – food production alone will reach, if not exceed, the global targets for total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2050.

1 September 2014. Americans have a moral obligation to tackle climate change now, – Last year, Oregon experienced its worst wildfire season in over 60 years, and this year Washington is well on its way to breaking a similar record. I know that with global warming there are only two uncertainties: "How bad will things get and how quickly will things deteriorate?"

1 September 2014. ‘Eat less meat and save the planet’ says study. – Eating less meat is “essential” to ensure that future demand for food can be met and “dangerous” climate change avoided, experts have warned. A study by leading university researchers found food production alone could exceed targets for greenhouse gas emissions in 2050 if current trends continue.

1 September 2014. Why Warburton wants to set Australia's solar industry back a decade. – If the Abbott government accepts either of the RET Review panel’s principal proposals, coal-fired power stations will continue to generate with impunity –and promising solar projects will have to be put on hold – possibly for a decade, until those coal generators are ready to retire.

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