What’s your priority: money, purpose, or the planet?- Webinar

The MAHB would like to tell you about an event that Vicki Robin, Grant Sabatier, and Asher Miller are organizing that you might be interested in. On October 24 they’re all getting together in person and online to talk about three really big topics: money, purpose, and the planet. Specifically they’ll talk about the realities of personal financial freedom, […]

We Have Been Warned – Will We Respond in Time?

We are now being warned on nearly a daily basis by an assortment of voices from institutions, organizations and individuals, that humanity is on a collision course with Nature. One of the starkest warnings, however, is the twice-issued World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity.  The first issuance was in 1992, the year of the UN sustainability […]

Love Polar Bears? Then Have Fewer Children

We are now experiencing unsustainability at all levels, ranging from deforestation, habitat destruction, species extinction, atmospheric and marine pollution to climate change. Yet most efforts to mitigate environmental degradation focus only on consumption and technology, which are still too slow and insufficient to have the required effect. This article therefore highlights the link between resource […]

Peering into the Plasticene, our future of plastic and plastic waste

This article was originally published in Environmental Health News on August 13, 2018  The challenge is undeniably enormous. Huge economic pressures continue the exponential growth curve of plastic production, with no solutions capable of dealing with the problem at scale. I spent two days at a Swiss ski resort at the end of July thinking […]

Nature Needs Half Webinar with Vance Martin and Amy Lewis

We would like to invite you to join Nature Needs Half’s webinar with Vance Martin and Amy Lewis . Thursday October 11th 2:00-2:30pm MDT Nature Needs Half Co-Founder and Steering Committee Member, Vance Martin (President of WILD Foundation and Chairman of Wilderness Specialist Group, IUCN) and Amy Lewis (helping implement an international strategy in support of the Nature Needs Half 2020 goals) […]

Why Grass-fed Livestock Does Not Offer a Significant Solution to Climate Change

This piece was originally published in The Conversation on October 3, 2017 and is re-published here with permission. Beef gets a bad press, environmentally speaking. We’re bombarded with reports highlighting its high carbon footprint accompanied by images of belching cows and devastated rainforests. But is all beef bad? Some argue that beef from grass-fed cows […]

The Earth Armistice

ADDRESSING CLIMATE CHANGE THROUGH THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL AS A FUNDAMENTAL THREAT TO LIFE, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND SECURITY ON THE EARTH. The following article outlines a call for the UN Security Council (UNSC), consistent with Articles 25 and 26 of the UN Charter, to pass a resolution that is legally binding on all member-states to […]

The Great Mismatch

This article was originally published in BioScience We live in an extraordinary time where many of our behavioral, morphological, physiological traits and developmental pathways—honed by many generations of natural selection—are suddenly no longer beneficial. Indeed, these adaptations may be deleterious in our current, highly industrialized and human-modified environments. A foundational insight from evolutionary medicine is […]

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