Post-fire mudslide problems aren’t new and likely to get worse

Several weeks after a series of wildfires blackened nearly 500 square miles in Southern California, a large winter storm rolled in from the Pacific. In most places the rainfall was welcomed and did not cause any major flooding from burned or unburned hillslopes. But in the town of Montecito, a coastal community in Santa Barbara […]

Launch event for Santa Clara-based grassroots organization Catalyze SV

Launch Event January 31st, 6:00-8:00pm Midtown Arts Mercantile Building in San Jose RSVP requested In 2015, we came together to advocate for a groundbreaking development concept which the City of Santa Clara, California eventually voted to support. The Agrihood (Win6 Village) became an example of how together we can engage a diverse community, shape project […]

The Bee, Part II: Disappearance of the Bees, What We Can Do to Help

The importance of bees in our food cycle cannot not be over-emphasized. More than 2/3 of the worlds crop species rely on bee pollinators. Honeybees and wild bees are the most important pollinators of many of the fruits and vegetables we eat. Examples include not only familiar fruits and vegetables, but also many of the […]

The Bee, Part I: Dance of the Bees

Bees are not ordinary wildlife. They have a special relationship with human society. For millions of years bees have evolved to perform an essential role in pollinating flowers and food crops on which animals and humans depend. So they are vital to our current and future food supply. However, driven inextricably by global overpopulation and […]

MAHB Weekly Roundup | Dec 30-Jan 5

With the new year underway, we wanted to share some of the new materials that were recently added to the MAHB website, which you might have missed over the holidays: Three articles from Gioietta Kuo regarding bees, the critical role they play in our lives, the threats they face, and the future of GMOs are available […]

The Population Crisis – A Call to Arms, Part Two

The following post is Part Two of Eric Rimmer’s earlier article, The Population Crisis – A Call to Arms. Global Human Population continues to rise, inexorably. The rate of increase is 88 million a year – or about 240,000 a day. Every minute of every day, it looks like this: See the Pen Total Human […]

What Will It Really Take to Avoid Collapse?

Fifteen thousand scientists have issued a dire warning to humanity about impending collapse but virtually no-one takes notice. Ultimately, our global systems, which are designed for perpetual growth, need to be fundamentally restructured to avoid the worst-case outcome. For a moment, the most important news in the entire world flashed across the media like a […]

Having Your Bit of Cake and Eating it Too?

Downsizing, the film by Alexander Payne, which follows Paul Safranek (Matt Damon) as he decides to shrink himself to 5 inches tall and moves to the downsized colony of Leisureland, had great promise as a conversation starter about sustainability, and in some ways it succeeded, but in many ways it reinforced the same myths society […]

Taking a Ride in the Time Machine

This post was originally published on December 16, 2014 and is shared again in reflection of the past three years. The original post and responses can be found here. I’ve been reading Global Environmental Politics: From Person to Planet, by State of the World 2013 contributor Simon Nicholson and Paul Wapner and it has proved an excellent read—with […]

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