Conspiracies and Contraception Reading Series

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Benjamin Dancer and the Center for Biological Diversity launch the Conspiracies and Contraception Reading Series

October 15, 6:30 pm7:30 pm (MDT) at the Mercury Cafe in Denver, Colorado

Benjamin Dancer will read from his recently released eco-thriller Patriarch Run. The reading will include a fresh and exciting discussion about sustainability in which participants will win free Endangered Species Condoms.

About Benjamin Dancer and Patriarch Run:

Colorado author Benjamin Dancer wrote a “a hard-shooting kick of a thriller” that is much more than a gripping story. The eco-thriller has been endorsed by leaders in the sustainability movement, including Paul Ehrlich and Alan Weisman. It has also been endorsed by national security experts such as Dr. Peter Vincent Pry and Lt. Col. Dave Grossman for its realistic depiction of threats to America. “Disguising a heart of pure poetry,” Patriarch Run has been described as “a literary meditation clutching a straight razor behind its back.”

Click here to learn more about Dancer’s sustainability partners, which include Population Media Center, the Center for Biological Diversity, GrowthBusters, The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the BiospherePopulation Institute Canada, and Population Matters.

About Endangered Species Condoms:

The Center for Biological Diversity launched the Endangered Species Condoms project in 2009 and since then has distributed hundreds of thousands of free condoms across the United States. Wrapped in colorful, wildlife- themed packages (with artwork by Shawn DiCriscio), Endangered Species Condoms offer a fun, unique way to get people talking about the link between human population growth and the species extinction crisis.

The Center for Biological Diversity, GrowthBusters, and Population Matters and are all collaborative MAHB nodes. You can find more upcoming events through the MAHB Event Calendar!

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