Why We Must Talk About Population

Assadourian, Erik

Erik Assadourian responds to David Roberts’ Self-Censorship on Overpopulation. This article is cross-published by the Worldwatch Institute […]

Futureproofing America with a Yardfarming Revolution

Assadourian, Erik, Pope, Cullen

Yardfarmers is a new reality TV/documentary series hybrid for release in Spring 2017. The show will follow […]

Learning from Icarus

Assadourian, Erik

A reflection on how making society more resilient may be worse than doing nothing at all. What if […]

Taking a Ride in the Time Machine

Assadourian, Erik

This week I’ve been reading Global Environmental Politics: From Person to Planet, by State of the World 2013 contributor […]

Time for a New Environmentalism

Assadourian, Erik

Environmentalists can learn a lot from the successes of missionary religious movements Since the early years of […]