Photos taken by Andrew Quilty and supplied by Kate Hodges

Lock the gate… Keep the bad guys out!

Pyke, Graham H.

What could be a more appealing concept? The idea behind the recent ‘Lock The Gate’ Movement in […]

Photo by Kyle Taylor | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Protecting the Australian Great Barrier Reef and the local coal industry: A tragedy of scale

Pyke, Graham H.

The Australian Great Barrier Reef (GBR), truly one of the wonders of the world, is threatened by […]

Bluebird Brekkie Bar during the World Environment Day breakfast

Raise your voices, not the sea level!

Pyke, Graham H.

This was the theme of the recent Green Week at UTS, which included World Environment day on […]


The World’s Most-Influential People and Sustainability Champions: What do they have in common?

Pyke, Graham H.

Despite some drawbacks, the recent Time Magazine list of the top 100 influential people in the world […]

science how and where

Science: How does it happen and where does it lead?

Pyke, Graham H.

Science, as I explained in my earlier Post entitled Science explained, is the discovery and explanation of […]

reducing food waste

Reducing Food Waste Going to Landfill

Pyke, Graham H.

Reducing the amounts of food and other organic waste going to landfill is a good idea and […]

Paul R. Ehrlich observing butterflies

Scientists: Are we all the same?

Pyke, Graham H.

Science is defined simply as discovery, explanation and presentation (see my earlier post entitled Science explained), but […]

Stock image of person wearing business suit and boxing gloves

Science: Does it need promotion and defense?

Pyke, Graham H.

Science and research scientists, especially when dealing with significant but contentious issues, have been under attack, especially […]

science explained

Science Explained

Pyke, Graham H.

What really is science, and the process whereby science is produced? Answering this question is fundamental to […]

The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

What does ‘sustainability’ really mean?

Pyke, Graham H.

Ever wondered what the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘sustainable’ really mean, especially in the context of whether or […]

 A night parrot illustration by John Gould -

Discovery of the Night Parrot

Paul R. Ehrlich, Pyke, Graham H.

An extraordinarily rare Australian bird, has important consequences for conservation The Night Parrot has surely been amongst […]

Paul Ehrlich and Dick Smith  photo courtesy of Graham H. Pyke.

Finding & Developing Sustainability Champions

Pyke, Graham H.

Sustainability for humanity should be promoted if people who are potentially sustainability champions, or already emerging as […]

sustainability dance

The Sustainability Dance

Pyke, Graham H.

I believe, as I am sure many of you do as well, that achieving sustainability for humanity […]

globe in grass

Sustainability (Is) Central

Pyke, Graham H.

Sustainability is central to humanity. The existence of humanity, and all its associated activities, relies on the […]