The MAHB Organization

MAHB is a network of Nodes, Associates and Partner Organizations – groups and individuals around the world who are committed to the mission of MAHB and want to initiate concrete actions that will foster a sustainable and equitable future. MAHB’s ad hoc Coordinating Committee is comprised of the following scholars:


Tom Burns, Liaison European Nodes; Professor Emeritus, Uppsala University, Sweden; Woods Institute, Stanford University


Thomas Dietz, Professor Sociology,  Environmental Science and Policy and Animal Studies; Assistant VP for Environmental Research at Michigan State University


Paul R. Ehrlich, Bing Professor of Population Studies and President, Center for Conservation Biology, Stanford University


Ursula Heise, Professor of English; Director, Program in Modern Thought & Literature; Faculty Coordinator, Environmental HumanitiesProject; President, Association for the Study of Literature & the Environment (ASLE)


Robert Horn, Visiting Scholar, H-STAR, Human Sciences and Technology Advanced Research Institute, Stanford University


Donald Kennedy, Bing Professor of Environmental Sciences; President, emeritus, Stanford University; Senior Fellow, Woods Institute


Doug McAdam, Professor of Sociology and Director of Urban Studies, Stanford University


Harold “Hal” Mooney, Paul S. Achilles Professor of Environmental Biology and FSI Senior Fellow, Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford University


Eugene Rosa, Boeing Professor of Environmental Sociology, Edward R. Meyer Professor of Natural Resource & Environmental Policy, Washington State Univ.


Richard York, Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies, Director of Graduate Studies for Sociology, Department of Sociology, University of Oregon


Hilary Schaffer Boudet, ex-officio, Secretariat; Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford Prevention Research Center and Center for Conservation Biology, Stanford University


Joan M. Diamond, ex-officio, Secretariat; Chief Operating Officer, The Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability


Ilan Kelman, ex-officio, Coordinating Committee; Center for International -Climate and Environmental Research—CICERO: Oslo, Norway


The Secretariat responsible for building the necessary global infrastructure and supporting nodal development is:

Joan Diamond, Managing Director

Hilary Schaffer Boudet, Director of Research

Erika Gavenus, Webmaster

Scott Young, Mailing List Manager


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