Ideas for Actions

In addition to research, conferences, convening groups, there are many possible activities for nodes and associates wishing to stimulate the national and global dialogue.  The list below provides a few ideas, let us know what we missed.   Check out Andrés R. Edwards’s book Thriving Beyond Sustainability: Pathways to a Resilient Society, as another resource for actions being taken around the world to build an alternative future.


square globe in grass


Challenge yourself and your institution to operate across traditional sectors when considering key issues.




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Relentlessly raise key MAHB issues through media, networking, and academic outlets. View some materials relating to these key issues in the MAHB Library.



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Connect and collaborate with others interested in MAHB issues to galvanize on-the-ground action. Identify what your group offers and what gaps you have that could be filled by other groups.



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 Prepare and share a list of questions not being asked by the media or addressed by candidates and politicians that reflect the many ways human activities undermine social and environmental sustainability.   You can view and respond to some of the other questions members of the MAHB are raising through the MAHB Forum.



square global networking


Work with the MAHB to find an expert in your area to engage in a hosted presentation and discussion.  Share news about your events with the MAHB community.



We want to know what ‘Ideas for Action’ other members of the MAHB community have, let us know what you and other organizations are doing to foster global change!  

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