What is a Node?

 A MAHB Node is a group of people, usually at least one natural scientist and one social scientist/humanities scholar, committed to shifting human behavior in ways that foster environmental sustainability and the health of the ecosystem services upon which all life depends.  The group is also committed to building and then disseminating a body of knowledge about how this can be accomplished.  In short, nodes embrace MAHB’s mission. To become a node, the group must complete this form, be willing to be listed on our website, share their research, receive emails and newsletters, and participate as desired in communication efforts within MAHB and their own community.


What does a MAHB Node Do?

A Node may develop research agendas and initiate activities, meetings, projects, conferences, and media outreach: the more diverse, creative, and unique a node, the stronger the MAHB. A node may link their website to the MAHB site. We are a community that shares a mission and a vision for the future, desires to change the world by reversing current trends, and recognizes that there are many ways to build common knowledge and momentum. Visit this page for additional ideas.

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