Consensus Statement from Global Scientists

| May 22, 2013 | Leave a Comment

Global scientists sign message of Scientific Consensus on Maintaining Humanity’s Life Support Systems in the 21st Century: Information for Policy Makers.

Consensus Statement from Global Scientists

Endorse the Statement  

As members of the scientific community actively involved in assessing the biological and societal impacts on global change, we are sounding this alarm to the world. For humanity’s continued health and prosperity, we all –individuals, businesses, political leaders, religious leaders, scientists, and people in every walk of life –must work hard to solve these five global problems starting today:

1) Climate Disruption          2) Extinctions          3) Loss of Ecosystem Diversity          4) Pollution          5) Human Population Growth and Resource Consumption


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  • I endorse this statement 100%.
    But, even with all these scientists names already appended to it, and even if we get a million or so more individuals to endorse it – I still don’t think we are going to win the day with it against governments and business corporations. And, without changing their attitudes a lot, we are certainly not going to carry 7 billion people along with us.
    In my opinion, what we really need to do first and foremost is to get every major environmental NGO to endorse this first – NGOs like WWF, FOE, Greenpeace, RSPB, Population Matters, Population Media Centre etc.. (Have you seen the length of the list on Wikipedia!) All of these are doing their own wonderful things all over the world of course. But,they are all too busy banging on their own particular (mostly highly worthy) drums to unite and form up into a powerful force. Without
    doing so they can only do their particular thing and live in hope.
    The real question they need to be asked is – Do they want to win this battle for the planet and our descendants future, or don’t they? You know, I sometimes wonder if they really do,because if we win it they will all be out of a job!!)
    Given that the vast majority of these NGOs do ultimately endorse this consensus: then, and only then do I believe that we will we be seen, by the powers that be and members of the public, to be a force to be reckoned with.
    At last we would all be singing from the same hymn sheet. Then we could organise some really meaningful demonstrations outside of major embassies and at inter-governmental conferences to make a single common set of demands for action. Then we might at last stand a real chance of getting things done. It is this simple –
    “United we stand – divided we fall!”
    Finally, may I ask, are MAHB volunteers writing to all the likely NGOs and asking for their endorsement?
    And, is MAHB the only website that is canvassing for this support and keeping a record?

  • James Singmaster, III, Ph.D. Environmental Chemist, Ret.

    The consensus that we need is TO MAKE THE SUN OUR SOLE ENERGY-POWER SOURCE to get totally clean energy allowing us to be rid of fossil fuel and atomic power problems. I urge readers to google search my name J(ames) Singmaster, III, Ph.D. for statements made on many blogs about environment and energy outlining how to get ALL OUR ENERGY CLEANLY FROM THE SUN.

  • Roques

    as scientist, I endorse this statement and, as mother, I am ready to join more radical action from scientific community, as publication strike?
    I am astrophysicist: why, for exemple, discover extraterrestrial life if, in 200 years, this knowledge become a myth because huamnity is no more able to observe it.

  • I am fully agree with the statement and endorse it. The fast melting of Himalayan glaciers which recently caused flash floods in up stream of Ganga River caused huge loss of man and material. Therefore, its a wake up call for us to act now otherwise it would be too late.

  • Nea Gyorffy

    I totally endorse this statement by scientists. We must act now.

  • patricia mcveigh

    Thank you for sharing and disseminating this important information.

  • patricia mcveigh

    Thank you for fostering this very important information. I will work to spread the word.

  • Sholom Joshua

    It is a major challenge just to get people to think about the issues. The best chance for MAHB is to use plain and quick sentences and avoid dense talk.

    • Hi Sholom,
      Well this is a fairly technical issue and therefore requires a technical hand.
      Do you think the executive summary is still too complex?
      Thank you,

  • Jocelyn Clark

    A technical comment…the site and the group do not seem to be engaged in any social media efforts to distribute information. You need to have a Facebook group, an RSS feed, sharing buttons for all the other social media outlets, e.g. Twitter and so on. You cannot garner attention and enact change without the ability to share easily.

    • Hi Jocelyn,
      I actually couldn’t agree more. I just started here and I had the exact same comment. We are working on getting a sharebar integrated and will definitely try to integrate social media more. Paul Ehrlich is currently on twitter if you’re interested @PaulREhrlich.
      Thank you for the comment,

  • I agree with the prognosis. Now we need to constantly remind our so-called leaders that NOW is the time to act. A carbon tax would be a baby step in the right direction.

  • Rita Parker Miller

    If we do nothing, we’ll suffer the consequences. We must show our love and respect for this planet now!

  • Richard Lauzau

    Time for drastic action is NOW.

    We must change the way we do business to something that is sustainable.

  • Andrew McGuire

    Thank you for enlisting scientists and others to the cause of saving the Earth.

  • William J. Larkin III

    I endorse the Consensus Statement from Global Scientists to work hard to solve the five global problems.

  • Evan Dunsky

    I am in complete accord with this statement. It is by several degrees of magnitude the most pressing problem facing humanity and indeed the entire biosphere of the planet. I will continue to work to defeat politicians who do not make this a first priority.

  • Anne Washington

    We are running out of time. We need to act now to save ourselves, future generations and Earth as we know it. It is time to act.

  • Richard Spurgeon

    I endorse this statement.

  • I agree that these are the problems but the solutions, sadly, will require broad political cooperation, which I have not seen in the past and am not seeing presently. All the more reason to try, I suppose.

    • George

      Absolutely, what other option is there?

    • I agree wholeheartedly with this, and would only add that these decisions will need Great Power agreement, which I don’t see coming, even on the horizon. If hydraulic fracturing and deep sea oil drilling are not banned by the UN – and there is not the least sign that this will happen (not to mention more ideas still only beginning to be explored (like mining comets and meteorites in space, or on the moon and Mars) – it will remain a dream. Yes, all the more reason to try as Randy Handley says, but let us also acknowledge the unanswered problems, and if possible spell them out even more clearly.

  • Sandra Gray

    I agree with the 5 global problems that we as a world community must tackle in order to “maintain humanity’s life support systems.”