How Human Exceptionalism is Pushing Planetary Boundaries–A MAHB Dialogue with Lead Author Brian Swartz

Geoffrey Holland

Our unquestioning attitudes about dominion over the rest of nature are strikingly similar to the unquestioning attitudes […]

A Commitment to the Earth Systems Treaty

Geoffrey Holland

“We are in a period of great disequilibrium as we shift rapidly now to a post-industrial society. […]

The Upside of Downtime

Maddalena Bearzi

How the unsung urban “wilderness” turned a bleak period wondrous   Outside my house, everything looked peachy. […]

Why We Need an Earth System Treaty–A MAHB Dialogue with Julian Cribb, Council for the Human Future

Geoffrey Holland

  “Humanity created its current dire trajectory. It is now time to change course with a binding […]


Cosmo-Local Awareness–Contribution to GTI Forum Big History and Great Transition

Scott Samson

This blog was first published at The Great Transition Initiative on May 23, 2023 Today, most of […]

Crowds at Oshodi market

Debunking Common Beliefs Around Population Matters

Jane O'Sullivan

 Dr. Jane O’Sullivan clarifies seven common misperceptions   1. Misperception: “There aren’t too many people. Most of […]

Who Will Save the Coral Reef Saviors of Hawai’i?

Mark Hixon

Parrotfishes and other herbivores clean reefs so new corals can grow after human activities kill corals, but […]

Earth Overshoot Day: August 2, 2023

Dr. Sibylle Frey

Earth Overshoot Day is the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources exceeds what the Earth can regenerate in that year. By moving the date 6 days each year, we can be out of overshoot before 2050. But how? Here are some resources, solutions, and visions!

Shaping a Great Transition Initiative–A MAHB Dialogue with Dr. Paul Raskin, Founder of the Tellus Institute

Geoffrey Holland

Though perhaps improbable, a shift toward a planetary civilization of enriched lives, human solidarity, and environmental sustainability […]

Look out! Here come The Elders…

This blog was first published at Surving C21 on June 12, 2003 There is rising wrath, out […]

The Joy of Understanding Death: A Buddhist Perspective on Modern Life and Sustainability

Palakh Jain & Payal Seth

An Underwhelming Understanding of Death Death is a natural inescapable process in everybody’s life. While every religion […]

Book Review: Terminal Philosophy Syndrome – Ecology and the Imponderable

Michael S. Bostik

The original article was published at Nova Science Publishers Terminal Philosophy Syndrome (TPS) is one of the […]

Redefining Ourselves for Survival

Geoffrey Holland

I’m always happy when celebrated people make consequential remarks about issues that matter. One of the most […]

Perceptions of Global Changes and Trends: Interviews with 25 Thought Leaders

Michiel Doorn

For my upcoming book on global changes and trends, Future Proof Your Life, I interviewed 25 thought […]

Coming to our Senses: Nature Connection As a Shift in Perspective

Jan Wood

The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained. – David Bohm […]

The imaginary world of Earth4All’s low population projections

Jane O'Sullivan

This blog was originally published in The Overpopulation Project on April 4, 2023 A new report from […]

An Artist’s Wisdom–A MAHB Dialogue with Tom Mangelsen

Geoffrey Holland

Geoff Holland–What motivated your career as a wildlife photographer? Tom Mangelsen—Well, it goes back to my youngest […]

The Global Challenge for the Courts: Enforcing Intergenerational Equity or Lex Naturalis

Boudreau, Thomas

 No single generation claims tyranny over past generations or future ones. –Edmund Burke   “Where There is […]