Di Caprio’s Oscars Speech Gave Sustainability the Voice It Deserves

Saab, Basil | March 2, 2016 | Leave a Comment

All eyes were on Leonardo Di Caprio after winning an Oscar for role in the Revenant, and the movie star used his acceptance speech as an opportunity to raise important environmental issues around climate change, sustainability.

Regardless of what you think of him, it’s refreshing to see celebrities using their public profile to raise awareness about important issues such as sustainability.

Di Caprio isn’t the only paving the way – Russell Brand, a standup comedian and actor who transcends his reputation of a brash, sex crazed rockstar to raise awareness and advocate change. As seen in the interview below, Brand articulates complex global issues including economic disparity, climate change and sustainability.

It’s time for other celebrities to use their public status to push these issues and reach younger generations who will be responsible for a sustainable future.


Basil Saab is the Managing Director for Sustainability Central and MAHB Blog contributor. Basil’s other posts about the role celebrities can play in influencing behaviors and systems can be found here.

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