COVID-19 vie er US

Doug E. Barr | May 4, 2021 | Leave a Comment Download as PDF

Republished from Thelastwhy.


The COVID-19 is a bug
That is impossible to see;
But it is Nature’s weapon in
Her fight against humanity.
For centuries the way we’ve lived
Has been on Nature an attack.
But Nature seems inclined to live
So with this bug, She’s fighting back.
We number 7 billion-plus,
Far more than Nature can sustain.
We’re like a virus killing Her.
Like one, it seems we have no brain.
She tried to make a life for us
On earth that was a wondrous place.
She even showed us how to live.
In essence, we coughed in Her face.

We reproduce just for the sake.
We’ve caused a resource deficit.
Then after all She’s given us,
In Nature’s home, we dump our shit.
We’ve given Her a fever that’s
Approaching close to 2 degrees
Above what was ideal for life,
Thus causing Her increased disease.
Heat kills Her creatures, land, and sea.
It’s drying out and drowning land.
So in the home, She made for us
There is less space for us to stand.
We’re burning Nature’s lungs so She
Is having trouble drawing breath.
They’re getting worse so now it seems
Her lungs in flames may be Her death.

The COVID-19 is a bug
We can defeat by our accounts.
However, it won’t be a win
The way that Mother Nature counts.
A win for Nature would result
In Her sustainability.
If we do not accept defeat
That’s not a possibility.
In order to let Nature win
This basic fact we need to learn.
Since normal is what got us here,
To normal we cannot return.

We talk of God Economy
Emerging out of its death bed.
Because it brought us close to ours
We need to let it die instead.
A new economy we need,
To be our servant, not our god,
So we control the way we live
And Nature’s wealth we can applaud.
We need to ditch our politics.
It’s only been a source of fights.
With it, will be the death of us;
Without, humanity unites.
Religions and philosophies,
Blind spots in us they’ll always be.
These too we must discard so that
In worship, Nature’s God we see.

We praise the workers on front lines
And claim to be their greatest fans
But only show our gratitude
By banging empty pots and pans.
Love of our parents we profess.
This fact though we cannot ignore.
Instead of keeping them in life
In homes awaiting death, we store.
We say the problem is no time
And or we can’t afford the cost
Of caring, others have the same
As us. If not then Nature lost.
We chant “we’re all together” but
Together we will never be
Until we cast out from our lives
All types of inequality.
We can’t continue to divide.
Divides will end humanity.
The only way we can survive
Will be with total unity.

These changes are not radical.
The consequence will not be new.
We’ll be returning to just what
Our predecessors used to do.
They reached out to the limits of
Their own unique capacity,
To others, and to Nature’s God,
Creating thus, humanity.
Then ‘Eve’ asked ‘Adam’, “Why am I?”,
And ‘Adam’ tried to fill the void.
Increasing efforts ever since
Have left our life all but destroyed.
If we continue with our tries
To keep our way of life alive,
The win will be the loss of life,
For our way, Nature can’t survive.

While earning a B.A. and B.Phys.Ed. at McMaster U, Hamilton, ON, Can. circa 1970 I learned though we were still generating enough peace to keep us alive, the complementary amount of conflict predominated our existence. I asked why. After years of looking found the answer is the question of meaning I call “the last why”, for it will never be answered.

According to one story it was first asked by ‘Eve’, who thus gave birth to humanity. Since then, our ancestors tried with increasing effort to answer the question of meaning. The ways we try all conflict. The result is our history of increasing conflict that, unless we quit trying to “fill the void”, will soon end with our last puff of peace.

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