We Got Climate Change Wrong – All of Us

Captain D.C. Anderson | March 9, 2023 | Leave a Comment

It has been said that “Where there is smoke, there’s fire”. This is also true when it comes to climate change. The increased frequency and severity of floods, droughts, and storms, are just the smoke, while the Carbon Ratio is the real fire. Before explaining this term, we should ask ourselves why climate change has been made to appear so complicated when, in fact, it isn’t. What has actually happened to Earth’s climate can be summarized as follows:

  1. The only reason we have any civilization is because our ancestors developed agriculture.
  2. The only reason we have agriculture is because the climate calmed down and the weather became more predictable.
  3. The only reason the weather became more predictable is because there was less thermal energy in the atmosphere.
  4. The only reason there was less thermal energy is because there was less carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.
  5. The only reason there was less CO2 in the atmosphere is because only a small portion of stored carbon was converted to fossil fuels.
  6. If there was no combustion of coal, oil, or gas, there would be less thermal energy in the atmosphere and the Earth would be cooler.
  7. For our species’ tenure on Earth to continue, a specific ratio must be maintained between the amount of carbon human activity puts into the atmosphere, and the amount of carbon that photosynthesis removes from the atmosphere; this is the Carbon Ratio.
  8. It is physically impossible to alter the Carbon Ratio to any great extent and expect agriculture, our civilization, and even our species, to continue. Period.

There are only two reasons why our government leaders suggest we can put carbon back into the atmosphere with relative impunity:

  1. Our leaders know what is happening, but chose not to tell the public the bad news because bad news does not get votes, nor increase revenue,
  2. Our leaders believe climate change can be understood by looking at the statistical variations in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events.

I am not suggesting that the scientific approach is entirely wrong. I am saying that Ph.D.-level scientists have made climate change vastly too complicated for the average person to fully understand. When people have trouble understanding a problem they tend to disengage. That, along with a major disinformation campaign conducted by the oil companies, is why our civilization is in the position we are in today.

This is why the general public must be made aware of the undeniable, common-sense approach to climate change. The most cost-effective way of telling the wider world the truth about climate change is with the Earth Ship Program (ESP).

The Earth Ship Program

To explain why the ESP is the most effective way to address climate change, l will use three quotes:

It is better to confront a cruel truth than live in a comfortable delusion”. Edward Abbey, American environmental philosopher

Abbey was correct when he said we are deluding ourselves. I believe the science provided in this article is the “cruel truth” we’ve all been avoiding.

If you tell the public the truth, they will generally do the right thing.” – Alex Azar, Chair of the Trump administration Covid Task Force

Once the world begins to understand the truth, it is hoped that mankind will come together and “do the right thing.” The ESP will tell the wider world the stark truth about climate change.

If the people will lead, the leaders will follow“. -Gandhi



Our leaders today, in government, industry, and academia, can’t, or won’t, tell the public the truth about climate change. That is why an independent organization, like Earth Ship Limited, with no obligations to anyone, must step up and tell the world the truth.

The ESP will be based on many large sailing ships, each funded by a different corporation. These ships will travel the world, day in and day out, year after year. We will use sailing ships for two reasons:

First, sailing ships do not use fossil fuels. This will send the right message; we must “practice what we preach.” The sailing ships used in the ESP will be a symbol, a cynosure, and a demonstration of the lifestyle mankind must move into if our species is to survive. Climate change advocates today mean well but, they travel the world in private jets and chauffeur-driven limousines. This is highly hypocritical and thus sends the wrong message to the public.

The second reason we use sailing ships is that we have a business model that will allow corporations to profit from the ESP because they will be donors, sponsors, and investors, all at the same time. This is explained in more detail at this link: https://earth-ship.com/corporate-sponsorship/

Because the ESP will have a global reach, and because it will tell the public the stark truth about climate change, I believe it will be able to build a significant following in the United States and around the world.

The ESP will help to make climate change become the most unifying force the world has ever seen. When the public finally begins to understand what we have done to the Earth’s climate by flooding the atmosphere with carbon, fossil fuels will set in motion the most powerful species drive we know – that of survival.


Inside the ships ©ESP


Map of the Earth Ship Program’s journey to unite our world. Each black dot represents a sailing ship. ©ESP


America has led the world before and, like it or not, it is time for America to step up and lead the world again. This time America must lead by setting a good example and not by force or decree.

The ESP will be an effective unifying force because it will give the public something they can do, some tangible action the public can take to feel they are making their country, and the world, a better place. This will happen because the ESP will address the universal problem all government leaders face: the lack of motivation to do the right thing when doing the right thing might not be the best way to attract voters – or donors.

Money has corrupted democracy; voters come second to donors. The way we will correct that problem is to provide the public with a viable opportunity to get the influence of the outside, third-party, funding sources out of government. In the United States, these include high net-worth individuals, corporations, and political action committees. In the United States, we will force each State to hold a referendum. To do that, we will need a large following. The following will result from the first two vessels in the ESP program. Here is a video link on how to get the influence of money out of democracy.

Innovative Funding

Virtually every corporation on Earth will do the right thing – provided they can make money while doing it. That is exactly what this highly innovative funding concept will allow corporations to do. Corporations will pay to participate in the ESP (documentation is available on request). The funding concept, i.e., the highly leveraged business expense, is summarized here. It shows that corporations will be incentivized by both financial and corporate benefits.

This common sense approach to climate change makes it clear that there can be no sustainability as long as fossil fuels are combusted, carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases – Ed. note) are emitted, and the Carbon Ratio needed for life on Earth is thus disrupted. That means each and every corporation that claims, or even insinuates, that they are carbon neutral, net zero, sustainable, or any other environmental euphemism, will actually be engaging in fraudulent behavior. That’s because any claim concerning sustainability is false and scientifically impossible. This is why corporations now have just three options, as shown in the link above.

The first two vessels are both three-masted schooners. The corporation will purchase from Earth Ship Limited Inc. a long-term time charter. This will give the corporations control over the vessel and the ESP, for the term of the charter. The entire time charter will be prepaid. This will allow the total price of the charter to be deeply discounted. This will also provide the funding needed to pay for the ESP’s public relations campaign. This campaign will be designed to change the public’s current view of climate change.

As the public begins to embrace the ESP, two things will happen. We will begin to build the social following needed to completely reform democracies around the world, especially in the United States. This will make the ESP attract the additional funding needed to begin designing and building a fleet of four-masted schooners. In time, these vessels will circle the globe with the ESP. The preliminary design of these ships is here.

Captain D.C. Anderson began his ocean-going career sailing out of New York on a 125-foot schooner at the age of 18. Since then he has worked his way to become an Ocean Going Master. He has owned tugs, barges, and small tankers. In 1985 he became the first person to use auxiliary wind propulsion on modern merchant ships to reduce air and water pollution. In the early 1990s, he became alarmed when he began to see that the climate was changing. By the year 2000, Captain Anderson was working full-time to address climate change. The Earth Ship Program has been described by many professionals as “the most innovative concept” to address climate change they have ever seen.

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