Weekly News Update March 11th

Jonathan Staufer | March 11, 2019 | Leave a Comment


Is America ready for a presidential run with a platform advocating rapid action on climate change? Climate hawk and Washington Governor Jay Inslee thinks so. He is preparing to launch a presidential campaign which will focus on the crucial issue as, well, the crucial issue.

The dire reality of the situation has come to dominate the mainstream conversation. Representative Ocasio-Cortez says the crisis is causing Americans to consider whether they should have children. Scientific papers rarely see the sort of response enjoyed by one penned by by Jem Bendell which has made its way into the flow, and is causing the sort of terrified reaction researchers and environmentalists have been experiencing for years.

David Foster Wells expands on the argument in his latest book, The Uninhabitable Earth and argues that we are delusional about the detrimental impacts climate change will have on our lives.  

The woodland caribou suffer no such delusions: The specie once roamed from Northern Maine to Northern Washington but last month, the last individual of a once mighty tribe was removed from the Lower 48 to British Columbia, a victim of habitat destruction and a changing climate.

Trump is coming for your lightbulbs! Apparently, he doesn’t feel Americans pay enough for basic living expenses so his Energy Department wants to repeal an Obama-era regulation that nearly doubled the number of light bulbs subject to energy-efficiency requirements.

In addition to efficient lighting, people are also planting more trees: NASA reports that China and India have led the way in creating a greener Earth.

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