My Environmental Impact Journey 2019 -2023

Posted June 25th, 2020

Mary Helsaple 

What inspires the creation of an environmental painting?  For me,  it is a way to resolve important […]


Posted June 11th, 2020

Kyle F. Hence

This blog was first published at on May 6, 2020 Weaving the vibrant twin strands of […]

Opening up to the Beauty of Nature and Advocating it through Art

Posted June 4th, 2020


Teachings of the orangutan Humidity was at its highest. The lush vegetation of the tropical forest of […]

My Observations, My Anxieties and My Art

Posted June 2nd, 2020

David Russell

Ever since my childhood, I have been aware of the vital function of trees in binding and […]

Some Observations, and a Recipe

Posted May 28th, 2020

Stupich, Martin

This blog is part of MAHB’s ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT II  travelling museum exhibition series. Art on Impact I started […]