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Coronavirus, Instrument of Change: How the Arts will usher in a New Era 

Posted July 14th, 2020

Marianne Bickett

This essay was written for and included in the anthology After The Pandemic: Visions of Life Post COVID-19. […]

What’s Next for Earth: Convergence

Posted July 3rd, 2020

@WhatsNextForEarth’s fourth Art Call on Instagram is CONVERGENCE. People participated during the month of June 2020. The […]

An Ever River by David Russell

Posted June 26th, 2020

This collection spans over four decades of the author’s literary activity, and includes some items written in […]

My Environmental Impact Journey 2019 -2023

Posted June 25th, 2020

Mary Helsaple 

What inspires the creation of an environmental painting?  For me,  it is a way to resolve important […]

Meet Sailev, Environmental and Engaged Artist

Posted June 14th, 2020

In ‘Opening up to the Beauty of Nature and Advocating through Art”, read about Sailev’s fascinating journey […]

Part of What's Next for Earth project Inner Change

What’s next for Earth: Inner Change

Posted June 12th, 2020

@WhatsNextForEarth’s third project is Inner Change. This art Call is open to the community, you are invited […]

What’s Next for Earth: Quarantine Discoveries

Posted June 5th, 2020

@WhatsNextForEarth’s second project is “Quarantine Discoveries”. This moment of confinement we are living in is an extraordinary […]

What’s next for Earth: Earth Circles

Posted May 15th, 2020

@WhatsNextForEarth’s first project is “Earth Circles”, a celebration of Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary in the time of […]

What’s Next for Earth? An Earth Day Conversation with Paul Ehrlich

Posted April 23rd, 2020

  Join Montalvo’s Lucas Artists Program and MAHB as they honor the work of artists in celebrating […]

What’s Next for Earth

Posted April 22nd, 2020

@WhatsNextForEarth is an open Instagram community art project. Our first project is “Earth Circles”, a celebration of […]