The Second Warning – Feature Documentary Project

| December 2, 2018 | Leave a Comment


The Second Warning is a feature film about the ability of humans to survive on the planet. One scientist sent a single email calling for support to his alarming findings. Twenty thousand scientists around the world responded, sparking a movement of people who believe we can make a difference if we act now.

Consider supporting the project here. 

Campaign website

Research paper 

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  • Greeley Miklashek

    As long as the environmental movement continues to ignore the core cause of environmental destruction, which is TOO MANY HUMANS PUTTING TOO MANY DEMANDS ON THE EARTH’S FINITE RESOURCES AND CAUSING TOO MUCH ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION, then we are just generating more hot air, more global warming. There may be some worthwhile technological fixes that will forestall the inevitable, but only a worldwide movement to guarantee women reproductive choice and restore voluntary one-child families typical of our hunter-gatherer ancestors and contemporaries can bring the human population on earth back down to 1950 levels of a sustainable 2.5B. Everything else is just so much hot gas. Stress R Us

  • Thomas Tunstall

    Reminds me a bit of bifurcation: an initial crisis/warning occurs, after which things appear to return to normal, only to be followed by full-blown collapse.