‘Existential threat to our survival’: see the 19 Australian ecosystems already collapsing

In 1992, 1,700 scientists warned that human beings and the natural world were “on a collision course”. […]


The US Returns to the Paris Agreement Today—With Lots of Work Ahead for the World

Slashing emissions at home is only part of the challenge—the United States must also help other countries […]

Jean-Marc Jancovici : Will technology save us from Climate Change ? MIT Media Lab

CLIMATE TALK: WILL TECHNOLOGY SAVE US FROM CLIMATE CHANGE? Presented by the Responsive Environments group at the […]

Doomsday clock

Doomsday clock panel welcomes Biden win but keeps hands at ‘100 seconds to midnight’

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ measure of the world’s vulnerability to catastrophe, remains at 100 seconds […]

Peak Phosphorus May Be More Alarming Than Climate Change

Phosphorus is essential to life and the world is running out of it. Roger Sylvester-Bradley is on […]

Carton global warming

What’s the Big Deal With a Few Degrees? | Global Weirding

What’s the big deal about a few degrees anyway? Find out in the last episode of Global […]

Earth on fire (montage)

The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change

A guide for teachers (and others). This book includes both the basics of climate change science and […]

The Monthly Global Change Review #02

Top photo – “The Beach”, Acrylique sur toile (detail ) (2018) © Hadrien de Corneillan A monthly publication […]

Is this the end of forests as we’ve known them?

Trees lost to drought and wildfires are not returning. Climate change is taking a toll on the […]


How The Climate Community Breeds Its Own Inaction

Climate change is making headlines. Media outlets around the world frequently report on the latest developments around […]

Parthenon, Athens/flickr.

Rethinking Democracy From the Perspective of Political Ecology

This piece originally appeared in Spanish in La Jornada, 1 December 2020. Translation into English by Jane […]

From Pornography to Agriculture: Challenging Hierarchy

“At the core of this analysis is a claim that, at first glance, may seem to be […]


The Climate Emergency: 2020 in Review

Despite some promising developments, the need for action has grown even more urgent. The climate emergency has […]

When Greta Thunberg met Margaret Atwood… on Zoom

This is what happened when teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg and veteran author and environmentalist Margaret Atwood […]

Muskox animals arctic ...ovibos moschatus

Why I’m feeling hopeful about the environment in 2021

This year, 2021, a number of things are coming together to help achieve a low-carbon future. In […]

a wave made of oil

A letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Scientists Warning Europe sent a letter to the Prime Minister in support of Dr. James Hansen’s letter to […]

Photo of Green Turtle

They Want to Start Paying Mother Nature for All Her Hard Work

Ignoring the value of nature threatens humanity itself, according to a new British report on biodiversity and […]

Isaac Cordal “Follow the leaders” Berlin (Germany), 2011

The Monthly Global Change Review #01

Top photo – “Follow the leaders”, Berlin (Germany), 2011 © Isaac Cordal A monthly publication by Lyon […]

An Extinction Rebellion protest in Chipping Norton.

Doom or denial: Is there another path?

I was recently asked to comment on a dustup between some members of Extinction Rebellion (see Thomas […]

Final Report – The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review

Final Report of the Independent Review on the Economics of Biodiversity led by Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta. […]

The Rillito River, a tributary of the Santa Cruz River near Tucson, Arizona | Image by Michael Bogan

Restoring Our Water Systems Should Be Top Priority for Biden Administration

This article first appeared on Truthout and was produced in partnership with Earth | Food | Life, […]

Arctic Sea Ice Is Losing Its Bulwark Against Warming Summers.

Climate ‘apocalypse’ fears stopping people having children – study

Survey of 600 people finds some parents regret having offspring for same reason. People worried about the […]


The Population Factor – Episode 3: Population growth and the UN’s SDGs

The Population Factor is a series that dives into key conversations examining the connection between our planet’s […]

Photo of drought affected corn

Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future

We report three major and confronting environmental issues that have received little attention and require urgent action. […]