The Monthly Global Change Review #06

Top photo – “What is important now” (2021) – detail © Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel A monthly […]

Unextractable fossil fuels in a 1.5 °C world

Abstract Parties to the 2015 Paris Agreement pledged to limit global warming to well below 2 °C and […]

Almost All of The World’s Coal Is Now ‘Unextractable’, Scientists Warn

The vast majority of the world’s fossil fuels are effectively “un-extractable” and must remain in the ground […]

World’s experts report on tackling biodiversity and climate change

A workshop report by 50 of the world’s leading biodiversity and climate experts states that unprecedented changes […]

Joe Biden photo with loudspeakers

Tracking Biden’s environmental actions

As Biden unwinds dozens of Trump’s energy and environmental policies, he’s forging his own. In the scorching […]

Embracing the Earth Charter

By Geoffrey Holland To move forward we must recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity […]

Can you answer these 10 questions about our warming planet?

Take our quiz to test your knowledge on this summer’s heat waves, which have shown the devastating […]

The climate crisis will create two classes: those who can flee, and those who cannot

Nearly 700 million people worldwide live in low coastal zones vulnerable to sea-level rise and coastal storms. […]

Extinction Rebellion blocks busy junction in London

Protesters gather in Covent Garden while activists stage diversion march up Charing Cross Road. Extinction Rebellion protesters […]

Canada’s thawing permafrost should be raising alarm bells in the battle against climate change

Last summer, temperatures north of the Arctic Circle in Siberia approached 40 C. During the same months, […]

Ecobytes: Beef and Brazil’s declining biocapacity

Reducing meat consumption is often presented as one of the most sustainable actions an individual can make. […]

Climate change is rapidly transforming the Arctic: Why everybody should care

The part of Earth’s surface lying north of the Arctic Circle encompasses an area of 7.7 million […]

Permafrost thaw

Permafrost carbon feedbacks threaten global climate goals

Abstract Rapid Arctic warming has intensified northern wildfires and is thawing carbon-rich permafrost. Carbon emissions from permafrost […]

Update to limits to growth

Comparing theWorld3 model with empirical data Abstract In the 1972 bestseller Limits to Growth (LtG), the authors […]

Yep, it’s bleak, says expert who tested 1970s end-of-the-world prediction

A controversial MIT study from 1972 forecast the collapse of civilization – and Gaya Herrington is here […]

Webinar: Educating for the Human Predicament: Proposing a Circular Bioeconomy with Leaders from Africa

Find resources from the webinar here. In the search for alternative solutions to bring about more sustainable […]

The Invisible, and Growing Ecological Footprint of Digital Technology

The elements of our lifestyle which we most closely identify with tend to be off-limits to any […]

The Amazon is now a net carbon producer, but there’s still time to reverse the damage

Brazil’s rainforest stores a huge amount of CO2. As it’s released at record rates, we may have […]


‘Green’ billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of ‘Planet of the Humans’ documentary

The Michael Moore-produced ‘Planet of the Humans’ faced a coordinated suppression campaign led by professional climate activists […]


The Monthly Global Change Review #05

Top photo – “C19/18_050735” (detail, 2020) © Jörg Gläscher A monthly publication by Lyon Urban School (Université […]

Arid soils in Mauritania | Photo by Pablo Tosco/Oxfam | Flickr | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

“The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself”

Healthy soil can be an economic asset On 26 February 1937, the 32nd President of the United States, […]


How the fossil fuel industry polluted the information landscape   Key points: 1. Internal corporate documents show […]

The appallingly bad neoclassical economics of climate change

Abstract Forecasts by economists of the economic damage from climate change have been notably sanguine, compared to […]

Image of crowed street

Why declining birth rates are good news for life on Earth

In the midst of a climate crisis with 8 billion humans on the globe, it’s absurd to […]

CO2 emissions by Ian Britton | Flickr | CC BY-NC 2.0

Net Zero, Gross Delusion

World government and business leaders sound committed to meaningful reduction of carbon emissions. The eight largest publicly […]