Sustainability 101: Indigenuity is not optional

The third video in visually rich 3-part “Post-doom (Collapse & Adaptation) Primer”: This video, “SUSTAINABILITY 101: […]

Welcome To The ‘Turbulent Twenties’

We predicted political upheaval in America in the 2020s. This is why it’s here and what we […]

The Great Unraveling?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the interconnectedness and fragility of global systems into stark relief. In this […]

Doomscrolling Is Slowly Eroding Your Mental Health

Checking your phone for an extra two hours every night won’t stop the apocalypse—but it could stop […]

What If Preventing Collapse Isn’t Profitable?

The real downside of the green-profit narrative has been that it created the assumption in many people’s […]

I Lived Through Collapse. America Is Already There.

Living in Sri Lanka during the end of the civil war, I saw how life goes on, […]

Californian wildfires

Climate Change Will Force a New American Migration

Wildfires rage in the West. Hurricanes batter the East. Droughts and floods wreak damage throughout the nation. […]

Poor woman with cigarette sitting in front of shop window

‘We’re No. 28! And Dropping!’

A measure of social progress finds that the quality of life has dropped in America over the […]

Investors that manage US$47tn demand world’s biggest polluters back plan for net-zero emissions

Climate Action 100+ group put 161 fossil fuel, mining, transport and other big-emitting companies on notice in […]

Extinctions in next 20 years may near 20th-century total

The loss of land-based animals is accelerating, researchers report. Their analysis of thousands of vertebrate species reveals […]

Nobel prize-winning economics of climate change is misleading and dangerous – here’s why

While climate scientists warn that climate change could be catastrophic, economists such as 2018 Nobel prize winner […]

Living Planet Report

Every two years, WWF publishes the Living Planet Report, a science-based analysis on the health of our […]

Pure Math in the Post Doom University: Adrian (#20)

My obsession (and, fortunately, my work) is to consider and prepare for climate change impacts, not just […]

Stop this Total Madness

Further to our MAHB update from September 27 and our recently featured article we’d like to share […]

Deforestation and world population sustainability: a quantitative analysis

In this paper we afford a quantitative analysis of the sustainability of current world population growth in […]

The future has arrived. These explosive fires are our climate change wakeup call

Scientists have been warning of the growing threat of climate change, and now those projections are a […]

Escalating deforestation in the Amazon

The following three letters are in the attached PDF. Ferrante, L., and P. M. Fearnside.  2020.  The […]

Nuclear, Climate and Coronavirus news from around the world

This news is shared from Christina Macpherson and Antinuclear Australia As always, hard to know what id […]

What Are You Doing to Commemorate Earth Overshoot Day?

This August 22nd is Earth Overshoot Day. For those unfamiliar with this day, it was established some […]

Our power comes from acting without escape from our pain

As global heating speeds up, humanity can no longer assume to control our destiny. We can let […]

Debating the Pros and Cons of Deep Adaptation? Start Here with a New Edition of Original Paper

Two years after the original 2018 Deep Adaptation paper was released, an updated version is now available. […]

Theoretical Physicists Say 90% Chance of Societal Collapse Within Several Decades

Deforestation and rampant resource use is likely to trigger the ‘irreversible collapse’ of human civilization unless we […]

210th Podcast: Stanford’s Paul Ehrlich Discusses the On-Going (and Accelerating) Sixth Mass Extinction

Our planet is currently experiencing its sixth mass extinction.  Over the past 450 million years the planet […]

Why a generation is choosing to be child-free

The biggest contribution anyone can make to the climate crisis is not to have children. So why […]