Global Change and Human Susceptibility to Disease

Although the loss of good health is inherently unpredictable, human behavior at the individual and societal levels […]

An Overview of the Systemic Implications of the Coronavirus

With the exception of some public talks, I’ve largely been quiet the last five years on social […]

Coronavirus, synchronous failure and the global phase-shift

A systems analysis uncovering the light at the end of the tunnel. Five years ago, the Commission […]

This is how America and Britain are maximising coronavirus deaths

If you search on the web for the term ‘coronavirus bloodbath’ (which I did after I noticed […]

From Our Members: A Necessary Element in the Solution of Our Existential Problems.

I would like to share an ancient wisdom story still told by the indigenous peoples of North […]

The Epidemiological Environment: Concern and Disappointment

In addition to great concern over the COVID-19 pandemic, my own reaction to the present situation includes […]

The Coronavirus in Oregon

This is a true emergency. It is imperative that we move beyond a public health response (as […]

Panicking about societal collapse? Plunder the bookshelves

As civilization seems to be lurching towards a cliff edge, historical case studies are giving way to […]

COVID-19 is a Wake-up Call; Don’t Hit Snooze

The current coronavirus event — this most globally disruptive pandemic of our lives — is only the […]

A koala with her baby.

Psychic Numbing: Keeping Hope Alive in a World of Extinctions

The litany of lost species can be overwhelming, leading to what has been called “psychic numbing.” But […]

Pandemics Kill Compassion, Too

You may not like who you’re about to become. Some disasters, like hurricanes and earthquakes, can bring […]

The Clash: Gaia and Homo Sapiens in the Anthropocene. The Search for Reconciliation

Synopsis “Anthropocene,” a candidate term for this epoch of the earth’s geologic history, also signals a decisive […]

Asia’s rapid urbanisation, deforestation linked to deadly viruses

Diseases like coronavirus which are passed from animals to humans are rising as wild habitats are destroyed […]

Coronavirus offers “a blank page for a new beginning” says Li Edelkoort

The coronavirus epidemic will lead to “a global recession of a magnitude that has not been experienced before” but […]

How Coronavirus Could Impact the Global Supply Chain by Mid-March

Reports on how the Covid-19 outbreak is affecting supply chains and disrupting manufacturing operations around the world […]

Resilience: Living Beyond Fear with the Coronavirus

A letter from Michael Lerner….. Dear Friends, The first thing to overcome with the coronavirus is fear. […]

Global Secrets

“The world population (will be) reduced to 500,000,000 for sustainability.” This text is inscribed in three massive […]

Spread of Virus Could Hasten the Great Coming Apart of Globalization

As the coronavirus hits Europe, questions arise about dependency on China, the risks of air travel, climate […]

Preparing for Coronavirus to Strike the U.S.

Getting ready for the possibility of major disruptions is not only smart; it’s also our civic duty.  […]

Earth just had hottest January since records began, data shows

Last month was the hottest January on record over the world’s land and ocean surfaces, with average […]

a wave made of oil

Why Climate Activist Welcome Peak Oil

Climate Change is the worst environmental crisis ever. It is a problem of fossil fuel dependency, and […]

Amazon emissions lowest from indigenous and protected lands, scientists say

BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Indigenous lands and protected areas in the Amazon rainforest account for just […]