Deforestation and world population sustainability: a quantitative analysis

In this paper we afford a quantitative analysis of the sustainability of current world population growth in […]

The future has arrived. These explosive fires are our climate change wakeup call

Scientists have been warning of the growing threat of climate change, and now those projections are a […]

Escalating deforestation in the Amazon

The following three letters are in the attached PDF. Ferrante, L., and P. M. Fearnside.  2020.  The […]

Nuclear, Climate and Coronavirus news from around the world

This news is shared from Christina Macpherson and Antinuclear Australia As always, hard to know what id […]

What Are You Doing to Commemorate Earth Overshoot Day?

This August 22nd is Earth Overshoot Day. For those unfamiliar with this day, it was established some […]

Our power comes from acting without escape from our pain

As global heating speeds up, humanity can no longer assume to control our destiny. We can let […]

Debating the Pros and Cons of Deep Adaptation? Start Here with a New Edition of Original Paper

Two years after the original 2018 Deep Adaptation paper was released, an updated version is now available. […]

Theoretical Physicists Say 90% Chance of Societal Collapse Within Several Decades

Deforestation and rampant resource use is likely to trigger the ‘irreversible collapse’ of human civilization unless we […]

210th Podcast: Stanford’s Paul Ehrlich Discusses the On-Going (and Accelerating) Sixth Mass Extinction

Our planet is currently experiencing its sixth mass extinction.  Over the past 450 million years the planet […]

Why a generation is choosing to be child-free

The biggest contribution anyone can make to the climate crisis is not to have children. So why […]

Where Will Everyone Go?

ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine, with support from the Pulitzer Center, have for the first […]

Prospects for a World of Declining GDP

Our human species has lived on this earth for about 15,000 generations. Until 1750 there was essentially […]

Anticiper la crise d’après – anticipating the post-crisis

Executive summary After more than 10,000 years of relative stability—the full span of human civilization—the Earth’s climate […]

Jane Goodall on conservation, climate change and COVID-19: “If we carry on with business as usual, we’re going to destroy ourselves”

While COVID-19 and protests for racial justice command the world’s collective attention, ecological destruction, species extinction and […]

Fossil Fuels’ ‘Net-Zero’ Carbon Emissions Scam Is Something Humanity Doesn’t Have Time For

This article was produced by Earth | Food | Life, a project of the Independent Media Institute. […]

Climate change in deep oceans could be seven times faster by middle of century, report says

Uneven heating could have major impact on marine wildlife, as species that rely on each other for […]

World food system ‘faces growing crisis’

  Canberra, June 29, 2020: The global food system is headed for failure, with potentially catastrophic consequences […]

Racism Is Killing the Planet

The ideology of white supremacy leads the way toward disposable people and a disposable natural world. Last […]

Scientists’ warning on affluence

Nature Communications volume 11, Article number: 3107 (2020) Cite this article  Abstract For over half a century, worldwide growth in affluence has continuously […]

India’s protected areas: Going, going…

During the current global pandemic, many governments are creating even more danger by using the crisis to […]

White Rhino Family on Private Sanctuary, South Africa, © M.C.Tobias

Sixth mass extinction of wildlife accelerating, scientists warn

Analysis shows 500 species on brink of extinction – as many as were lost over previous century […]

Understanding Our Pandemic – Economy Predicament

The world’s number one problem today is that the world’s population is too large for its resource […]

The Fallacy of Endless Economic Growth

What economists around the world get wrong about the future. The idea that economic growth can continue […]

Long-term thermal sensitivity of Earth’s tropical forests

The sensitivity of tropical forest carbon to climate is a key uncertainty in predicting global climate change. […]