Talk with Paul Ehrlich: The Origins of Civilization’s Ghastly Future

Eminent American biologist Paul Ehrlich, Stanford professor and National Academy of Science member, will present an exclusive webinar […]

Paul Ehrlich

Paul Ehrlich: The most effective conservation strategy? Empower women

The impact of our growing population on nature is such a sensitive topic that nobody really dares […]

The scientists fighting to save the ocean’s most important carbon capture system

The population of kelp forests, which help clean the air, has fallen dramatically. That has environmentalists worried. […]

Brazilian national parks at risk

Brazilian national parks could be seriously threatened if pending legislation [draft bills 984/2019 (1) and 61/2013 (2)] […]

The hottest number in conservation is rooted more in politics than science

The goal to protect 30 percent of the Earth is more arbitrary than you might think. Right […]

Going against our gut

There is a close link between soil and our gut, says Sibylle Frey – so soil degradation […]

The false promise of massive tree-planting campaigns

Large tree-planting initiatives often fail — and some have even fueled deforestation. There’s a better way. On […]

Blue ticked off: the controversy over the MSC fish ‘ecolabel’

The MSC’s coveted blue tick is the world’s biggest, and some say best, fishery ecolabel. So why […]

World’s experts report on tackling biodiversity and climate change

A workshop report by 50 of the world’s leading biodiversity and climate experts states that unprecedented changes […]

Ecobytes: Beef and Brazil’s declining biocapacity

Reducing meat consumption is often presented as one of the most sustainable actions an individual can make. […]

Educating for the Human Predicament: Proposing a Circular Bioeconomy with Leaders from Africa

Find resources from the webinar here.   In the search for alternative solutions to bring about more […]

Technical Report: Socio- Economic Impact of Forest Harvesting Moratorium in Kenya

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Kenya has had two harvesting moratoriums in public and community forests; the first one was […]

People have shaped most of terrestrial nature for at least 12,000 years

Significance The current biodiversity crisis is often depicted as a struggle to preserve untouched habitats. Here, we […]

Woman harvesting lilies on the Mekong River.

Rivers Are Key to Restoring the World’s Biodiversity

This article was produced by Earth | Food | Life, a project of the Independent Media Institute. […]

Photo of green iguana head

Giant lizards, hissing ducks, and pythons: Florida has an invasive species problem

Should Floridians welcome their new bizarre menagerie or fight back? A dispatch from an extremely Florida war. […]

Cat and bird

The 232 animals in this photo were killed by house cats in just one year

From wineries to wildlife, Jak Wonderly is no stranger to making photos come alive using light, layout, […]

How to heal in the Anthropocene

In a time of deep planetary change, how do we begin to recover from the trauma of […]

Renewable energy production will exacerbate mining threats to biodiversity

Abstract Renewable energy production is necessary to halt climate change and reverse associated biodiversity losses. However, generating […]

Compassionate Conservation and Sustainability in Bhutan

A new book details how this small country has set an example for the world. When I […]