An Overview of the Systemic Implications of the Coronavirus

With the exception of some public talks, I’ve largely been quiet the last five years on social […]

A Round Green Economy

Imagine a world where 100% of material resources—such as copper, lead, zinc, lithium—were recycled, all nitrogen, phosphorus […]

COVID-19 Can Help Wealthier Nations Prepare for a Sustainability Transition

Forecasts of the economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic are growing increasingly dire as the scale and […]

Resilience: Living Beyond Fear with the Coronavirus

A letter from Michael Lerner….. Dear Friends, The first thing to overcome with the coronavirus is fear. […]

Economics for the future – Beyond the superorganism

Highlights:   We lack a cohesive map on how behavior, economy, and the environment interconnect. Global human […]

Introducing The Overpopulation Project Video Series # 1: The Usefulness of Foreign Aid

The Overpopulation Project is proud to present the first video in our four-part interview mini-series, an interview […]

New road risks Pandora’s box of disruption in world’s most biodiverse national park

The riot of roads exploding across our planet—bringing with it waves of habitat destruction and biodiversity loss—at […]

The World Economy Is A Pyramid Scheme, Steven Chu Says

The world economy is based on ever-increasing population, said Nobel laureate Steven Chu, a scheme that economists don’t […]

Mark Carney tells global banks they cannot ignore climate change dangers

Financial sector warned it risks losses from extreme weather and its stakes in polluting firms. The global […]

A burning earth

Robert Reich: Here’s how corporate welfare hurts you

You often hear Trump and Republicans in Congress railing against so-called “welfare programs” – by which they […]

Growthism: Its Ecological, Economic, and Ethical Limits

We have many problems – poverty, unemployment, environmental destruction, climate change, financial instability, etc. – but only […]

Global Inequality in the Time of Climate Emergency

In late 2017, David Wallace-Well’s piece in New York Magazine, The Uninhabitable Earth, landed like a bomb.  In mid-2018 […]

When Fossil Fuels Run Out, What Then?

WHY WE SHOULD WORRY Our world economy is based on the capitalist system which assumes forever a […]

The Silver Gun Hypothesis- Part II The Entropy of Carbon

The Silver Gun Hypothesis is an untested theory that multi­cellular organisms, human beings, and economies all have […]

Earth vs. The Amoeba

Earth Day Talk, Stockholm Wisconsin, April 22, 2019 We have many narratives about our culture; -that we […]

Resilience, the Global Challenge, and the Human Predicament

By Michael Lerner, originally published by Kosmos Journal. Reprinted in Resilience.  We face a perfect storm of environmental, social, […]

Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism’s Imminent Demise

This article was originally published in Insurge Intelligence and republished in  Capitalism as we know it […]

It’s time for nations to unite around an International Green New Deal

Several countries have proposed their own versions of a Green New Deal, but climate change knows no […]

The Silver Gun Hypothesis- Introduction to Part II

As a part of his 5 part series, The Silver Gun Hypothesis, Dr. Delton B. Chen offers […]

On the Need for an Earth Standard Currency

In an age of existential emergency, when the future of human civilization depends on how successfully we […]

The Green New Deal: What’s Really Green and What’s Really New

Originally published in Steady State Herald, 14 February 2019 Ask Americans what the Green New Deal is all […]

What if everything grew indefinitely like the economy?

This was originally published in Sustainability Illustrated  What if everything grew indefinitely like the economy? (cartoon #24) […]

A student designs an evolutionary tree during the launch of DIY Go Extinct!

Education, jobs and capitalism

American capitalism has a hate-love relationship with the nation’s schools. On the “hate” side is a stream […]

The “disintegration” of global capitalism could unleash world war 3, warns top EU economist

Seeing the systemic roots of this risk can help us avert catastrophe and build resilience. A senior […]