In 2012, “Nature” published a study led by more than 20 researchers from the top scientific institutions […]

Circular economy: 10 awesome ideas to reuse packaging

In this whiteboard animation, I present 10 inspiring ideas to reuse packaging and avoid single-use packaging based […]

Earth overshoot day and population

Too many people consuming too many resources and generating too much waste: that’s why humanity keeps pushing […]

A Major Oil Pipeline Project Strikes Deep at the Heart of Africa

Despite the global plunge in oil prices, a major pipeline that would carry oil 900 miles across […]

Joe Biden

Who Can Win America’s Politics of Humiliation?

Trump or Biden? About four years ago, without asking anybody, I changed my job description. It used […]

Alaska Project Would Use ‘Chillers’ to Freeze Thawing Tundra (1)

ConocoPhillips wants to freeze areas around drilling pads Willow project site expected to warm 4 degrees F […]

What Indigenous Wisdom Can Teach Us About Economics

This article is part of the #CuraDaTerra essay series, focused on Indigenous perspectives and alternatives to industrial […]

Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 13 –The Future is Local, with Helena Norberg-Hodge and Jyoti Fernandes

In this week’s episode Jessica interviews two inspirational women: Helen Norberg-Hodge, the founder of Local Futures; and […]

India plans to fell ancient forest to create 40 new coalfields

Over the past decade, Umeshwar Singh Amra has witnessed his homeland descend into a battleground. The war […]

Goal to limit population growth can help achieve SDGs

The commentary, “The World and the UN Must Reduce Population Growth,” published two weeks before the 2019 […]

What Are You Doing to Commemorate Earth Overshoot Day?

This August 22nd is Earth Overshoot Day. For those unfamiliar with this day, it was established some […]

Basic income and a global commons

Genuine climate justice means thinking big when it comes to economic inequality. A ‘carbon fee and dividend’ […]

An inland hurricane tore through Iowa. You probably didn’t hear about it.

On Monday, Iowa was leveled by what amounted to a level-two hurricane. But you wouldn’t know that […]

Our power comes from acting without escape from our pain

As global heating speeds up, humanity can no longer assume to control our destiny. We can let […]

Measuring regenerative economics: 10 principles and measures undergirding systemic economic health

Applying network science concepts and methods to economic systems is not a new idea. In the last […]

How Mormons Built the Next Silicon Valley While No One Was Looking

Welcome to the world of billion-dollar startups, ex-missionary CEOs, and a big diversity problem. Eric Rea is […]

If all cars were electric, UK carbon emissions would drop by 12%

The COVID-19 lockdown has led to reduced pollution and emissions in the UK and around the world, […]

Why you should go animal-free: 18 arguments for eating meat debunked

Unpalatable as it may be for those wedded to producing and eating meat, the environmental and health […]

Pandemics Have Multiple, Interacting Drivers

Systems thinking is essential to prevent and manage pandemics. Wicked problems, like climate disruption, extinction, and pandemics […]

210th Podcast: Stanford’s Paul Ehrlich Discusses the On-Going (and Accelerating) Sixth Mass Extinction

Our planet is currently experiencing its sixth mass extinction.  Over the past 450 million years the planet […]

Pongo tapanuliensis - Tapanuli Orangutan in tree

Hydroelectric dam threatens to wipe out world’s rarest ape

A hydroelectric plant and dam, already in the works, could drive the newly identified Tapanuli orangutan to […]

Where Will Everyone Go?

ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine, with support from the Pulitzer Center, have for the first […]

Prospects for a World of Declining GDP

Our human species has lived on this earth for about 15,000 generations. Until 1750 there was essentially […]

The Corona Syndrome – Why Fear is more Dangerous than the Virus

There is a wave of anxiety going round the world. It is destructive and has a sickening […]

Decolonizing the Mind with Sherri Mitchell

PCI Executive Director Asher Miller speaks with Sherri Mitchell (Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset) on the long history of […]