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The Restoration: Using negative emissions to reduce the amount of CO2

The Restoration as an immediate imperative:  Using negative emissions to reduce the amount of CO2 to below […]


Quick Guide: The Anthropocene

What is the Anthropocene? If aliens should one day visit Earth, would they conclude that this planet […]


Fossil fuel burning leaps to new record, crushing clean energy and climate efforts

Despite decades of promises to prevent a climate crisis, the primary cause of it — global fossil […]

Enabling farmers to adapt agri-technologies to local contexts. Photo courtesy of Development Alternatives

Food security requires a new revolution

A central responsibility of societies should be supplying adequate nourishment to all. For roughly a third of […]

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Growthism: Its Ecological, Economic, and Ethical Limits

We have many problems – poverty, unemployment, environmental destruction, climate change, financial instability, etc. – but only […]



Plastic Has A Big Carbon Footprint — But That Isn’t The Whole Story

Plastic waste gets a lot of attention when photos of dead whales with stomachs full of plastic […]

Figure 1. Rainforest in the Congo Basin being destroyed for a Chinese-funded road construction project (photo by William Laurance).

Press Release: Roads and Deforestation Explode in the Congo Basin

Embargoed to 0100 AEST, Tuesday, June 25, 2019/1600 June 24 BST (UK)  Logging roads are expanding dramatically […]

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The maths problem that could bring the world to a halt

It’s not easy to accurately predict what humans want and when they will want it. We’re demanding […]


When Fossil Fuels Run Out, What Then?

WHY WE SHOULD WORRY Our world economy is based on the capitalist system which assumes forever a […]

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The Silver Gun Hypothesis- Part II The Entropy of Carbon

The Silver Gun Hypothesis is an untested theory that multi­cellular organisms, human beings, and economies all have […]

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Earth vs. The Amoeba

Earth Day Talk, Stockholm Wisconsin, April 22, 2019 We have many narratives about our culture; -that we […]


Climate change: Half world’s biggest airlines don’t offer carbon offsetting

Less than half of the world’s major airlines are giving passengers the opportunity to offset the carbon […]

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Resilience, the Global Challenge, and the Human Predicament

By Michael Lerner, originally published by Kosmos Journal. Reprinted in Resilience.  We face a perfect storm of environmental, social, […]


Venezuela’s Collapse is a Window into How the Oil Age Will Unravel

This article was originally published in Insurge Intelligence, 31 January 2019 For some, the crisis in Venezuela is […]

Solar panels in Offing, Germany, a country currently in the midst of a renewable energy revolution. (Photo: Andreas Gucklhorn / Unsplash)

It’s time for nations to unite around an International Green New Deal

Several countries have proposed their own versions of a Green New Deal, but climate change knows no […]

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The Silver Gun Hypothesis- Introduction to Part II

As a part of his 5 part series, The Silver Gun Hypothesis, Dr. Delton B. Chen offers […]

Green New Deal

The Green New Deal: What’s Really Green and What’s Really New

Originally published in Steady State Herald, 14 February 2019 Ask Americans what the Green New Deal is all […]

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After Paris, Inequality, Fair Shares, and the Climate Emergency

 If we are to achieve the critical outcome of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C, the wealthy […]


Actions required to stop global collapse

Unique report gives 189 nations’ actions required to stop ‘global collapse’ For 50 years science advice has […]

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What if everything grew indefinitely like the economy?

This was originally published in Sustainability Illustrated  What if everything grew indefinitely like the economy? (cartoon #24) […] 

The Alliance of World Scientist declare a Methane Emergency

2 days ago, the Alliance of World scientists, which number over 15,000 individuals declared a Methane Emergency The Methane […]

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The Future is Rural: Food System Adaptations to the Great Simplification

The Future is Rural challenges the conventional wisdom about the future of food in our modern, globalized world. […]

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Collapse is already here

Many people are expecting some degree of approaching collapse — be it economic, environmental and/or societal — thinking that […]

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Earth’s Extinction Crisis- Warning Signs

Silence in the Serengeti. Barren rainforests in Brazil. Some say this is the future Earth faces if […]

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Managing Planetary Collapse

Last week, I gave a five day workshop on “Managing Planetary Collapse” at a retreat center in […]