The scientists fighting to save the ocean’s most important carbon capture system

The population of kelp forests, which help clean the air, has fallen dramatically. That has environmentalists worried. […]

Population, Ecological Footprint, and the Sustainable Development Goals

Abstract  The Anthropocene can be read as being the era when the demand humanity makes on  the […]

Blue ticked off: the controversy over the MSC fish ‘ecolabel’

The MSC’s coveted blue tick is the world’s biggest, and some say best, fishery ecolabel. So why […]

UK and Ireland among five nations most likely to survive a collapse of global civilisation, study suggests

Researchers say a worldwide breakdown could happen “within a few decades” and have identified five countries most […]

An Analysis of the Potential for the Formation of ‘Nodes of Persisting Complexity’

Abstract Human civilisation has undergone a continuous trajectory of rising sociopolitical complexity since its inception; a trend […]

Update to limits to growth

Comparing theWorld3 model with empirical data Abstract In the 1972 bestseller Limits to Growth (LtG), the authors […]

Yep, it’s bleak, says expert who tested 1970s end-of-the-world prediction

A controversial MIT study from 1972 forecast the collapse of civilization – and Gaya Herrington is here […]

Reality Blind: Integrating the Systems Science Underpinning Our Collective Futures Vol. 1

A story about Earth’s most successful modern creature – the human being. But Earth’s most successful modern […]

Economics for the future – Beyond the superorganism

Abstract Our environment and economy are at a crossroads. This paper attempts a cohesive narrative on how […]


‘Green’ billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of ‘Planet of the Humans’ documentary

The Michael Moore-produced ‘Planet of the Humans’ faced a coordinated suppression campaign led by professional climate activists […]


How the fossil fuel industry polluted the information landscape   Key points: 1. Internal corporate documents show […]

The carbon footprint of household energy use in the United States

Residential energy use accounts for roughly 20% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the United States. Using […]

oil fields

Big oil and gas kept a dirty secret for decades. Now they may pay the price

After a century of wielding extraordinary economic and political power, America’s petroleum giants face a reckoning for […]

Heap of clothes - image

What Really Happens When You Donate Your Clothes—And Why It’s Bad

Blame fast fashion. Cleaning out the closet for most millennials goes like this: You slough through the […]

Settled enough: Climate science, skepticism and prudence

Science is an edifice that is never finished. It is expanded, remodeled, and strengthened continually by the […]

Renewable energy production will exacerbate mining threats to biodiversity

Abstract Renewable energy production is necessary to halt climate change and reverse associated biodiversity losses. However, generating […]


Where hyperinflation really threatens

NOT GROCERIES, NOT WAGES – SYSTEMIC EXPOSURE Right now, the outlook for inflation – or, conversely, for […]

Bright Green Lies: Review

It’s been a year since ‘Planet of the Humans’ caused the leaders of climate campaigns to go […]

Climate change: Growing doubts over chip fat biofuel

New research questions the environmental impact of rising imports of used cooking oil (UCO) into the UK […]

Earth and Humanity: Myth and Reality

Earth and Humanity: Myth and Reality outlines 33 core myths underpinning modern cultural conversations and behaviors. By […]

The Way to Live – Official Trailer


Foto of plastic waste on beach

Combating plastics waste: UD researchers report possible solutions for hard-to-recycle plastics

Millions of tons of plastic end up in landfills every year. It’s a big societal problem and […]

Brahmaputra river

Debate: How to report on water conflict and cooperation

News reports can influence negotiations over shared water resources and play a key role in determining if […]

Jean-Marc Jancovici : Will technology save us from Climate Change ? MIT Media Lab

CLIMATE TALK: WILL TECHNOLOGY SAVE US FROM CLIMATE CHANGE? Presented by the Responsive Environments group at the […]

What Does An Ecological Civilization Look Like?

A society based on natural ecology might seem like a far-off utopia—yet communities everywhere are already creating it. As […]