Photo of green iguana head

Giant lizards, hissing ducks, and pythons: Florida has an invasive species problem

Should Floridians welcome their new bizarre menagerie or fight back? A dispatch from an extremely Florida war. […]

Cat and bird

The 232 animals in this photo were killed by house cats in just one year

From wineries to wildlife, Jak Wonderly is no stranger to making photos come alive using light, layout, […]


Feed your moths and hide your trousers: the expert guide to making clothes last for ever

Orsola de Castro is a fashion designer who became a re-use revolutionary. Now she has written a […]


A by-the-numbers look at how EU appetites drive deforestation

The Continent is the world’s second-largest driver of tropical deforestation. European demand for everything from chocolate to […]

The Southwest Offers Blueprints for the Future of Wastewater Reuse

This article first appeared on Truthout and was produced in partnership with Earth | Food | Life, […]

How to heal in the Anthropocene

In a time of deep planetary change, how do we begin to recover from the trauma of […]

Environment protest being criminalised around world, say experts

More than 400 climate scientists sign letter that says activists are being targeted at pivotal time in […]

1% of farms operate 70% of world’s farmland

Researchers warn land inequality is rising with farmland increasingly dominated by a few major companies. One percent […]

Exploring Timelapse in Google Earth

See humanity’s impact on the Earth through a global time-lapse video of the planet since 1984:

Renewable energy production will exacerbate mining threats to biodiversity

Abstract Renewable energy production is necessary to halt climate change and reverse associated biodiversity losses. However, generating […]


Clothes dryer vs the car: carbon footprint misconceptions

Landmark survey of 21,000 people in almost 30 countries shows perception gap on climate impact of personal […]

Compassionate Conservation and Sustainability in Bhutan

A new book details how this small country has set an example for the world. When I […]

Climate change: Growing doubts over chip fat biofuel

New research questions the environmental impact of rising imports of used cooking oil (UCO) into the UK […]

We Don’t Need More Life-Crushing Steel and Concrete

The long-term needs of ecosystems should come before our knee-jerk expectations about infrastructure. We were driving through […]

An elephant crosses a railway track whic

Non-Violent Techniques for Human-Wildlife Conflict Resolution

For many centuries, humans and wildlife species have co-existed through domestication and protection of habitats. However, because […]

Earth and Humanity: Myth and Reality

Earth and Humanity: Myth and Reality outlines 33 core myths underpinning modern cultural conversations and behaviors. By […]

The Way to Live – Official Trailer


How Brussels wants to make your shopping woke

A futuristic shopping spree shows how the EU hopes to hold companies responsible for human rights and […]

The joy of being animal

Human exceptionalism is dead: for the sake of our own happiness and the planet we should embrace […]

Transforming Sustainability Science to Generate Positive Social and Environmental Change Globally

Despite the decades-long efforts of sustainability science and related policy and action programs, humanity has not gotten […]

Foto of plastic waste on beach

Combating plastics waste: UD researchers report possible solutions for hard-to-recycle plastics

Millions of tons of plastic end up in landfills every year. It’s a big societal problem and […]

Social Revolution with Ashley Colby

Can one person really change the world? No matter how many times we are told that ‘change […]

UCL Beyond Boundaries Session 11: Dr Aisha Dasgupta & Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta Presentation

In this video, in addition to the discussion session on Thursday 29th October 2020, Dr Aisha Dasgupta […]

Rates of Parkinson’s disease are exploding. A common chemical may be to blame

Researchers believe a factor is a chemical used in dry cleaning and household products such as shoe […]

Photo of tropical rainforest

There aren’t enough trees in the world to offset society’s carbon emissions – and there never will be

One morning in 2009, I sat on a creaky bus winding its way up a mountainside in […]