Talk with Paul Ehrlich: The Origins of Civilization’s Ghastly Future

Eminent American biologist Paul Ehrlich, Stanford professor and National Academy of Science member, will present an exclusive webinar […]

Paul Ehrlich

Paul Ehrlich: The most effective conservation strategy? Empower women

The impact of our growing population on nature is such a sensitive topic that nobody really dares […]

Measuring the Ecological Impact of the Wealthy: Excessive Consumption, Ecological Disorganization, Green Crime, and Justice

Abstract Ecological disorganization stemming from conspicuous consumption practices is understudied in the social sciences. In this analysis, […]

Capitalism is killing the planet – it’s time to stop buying into our own destruction

Instead of focusing on ‘micro consumerist bollocks’ like ditching our plastic coffee cups, we must challenge the […]

Carbon inequality in 2030

Per capita consumption emissions and the 1.5⁰C goal The world’s richest 1% are set to have per […]

The climate disaster is here

Earth is already becoming unlivable. Will governments act to stop this disaster from getting worse? The enormous, […]

Is democracy getting in the way of saving the planet?

Our climate is in crisis, but authoritarians and technocrats don’t have the answers. What the Intergovernmental Panel […]

Population, Ecological Footprint, and the Sustainable Development Goals

Abstract  The Anthropocene can be read as being the era when the demand humanity makes on  the […]

Millions of electric car batteries will retire in the next decade. What happens to them?

The quest to prevent batteries – rich in raw materials such as cobalt, lithium and nickel – […]

Tennessee floods show a pressing climate danger across America: ‘Walls of water’

‘Climate change has come barging through the front doors of America’ Janet Rice never suspected that Trace […]

Fast fashion’s waste model is going out of style

Recycling won’t solve the rag trade’s waste problem. Waste is an undeniable part of the fast-fashion business […]

Solving the Climate Crisis Requires the End of Capitalism

Originally published October 9, 2021 in Salon It’s time to face the fact that resolving the climate crisis will require […]

a wave made of oil

Opinion: The California oil spill is a disaster for birds — and a warning about fossil fuels’ threat to the planet

Peter H. Gleick is a hydroclimatologist, a MacArthur fellow and a member of the U.S. National Academy […]

Going against our gut

There is a close link between soil and our gut, says Sibylle Frey – so soil degradation […]

Outside The City of Grace: appraising dystopia and global sustainability

Abstract The City of Grace: An Urban Manifesto (Wadley, 2020) models an eco-tech settlement, aiming to achieve […]

The false promise of massive tree-planting campaigns

Large tree-planting initiatives often fail — and some have even fueled deforestation. There’s a better way. On […]

Blue ticked off: the controversy over the MSC fish ‘ecolabel’

The MSC’s coveted blue tick is the world’s biggest, and some say best, fishery ecolabel. So why […]

World’s experts report on tackling biodiversity and climate change

A workshop report by 50 of the world’s leading biodiversity and climate experts states that unprecedented changes […]

Joe Biden photo with loudspeakers

Tracking Biden’s environmental actions

As Biden unwinds dozens of Trump’s energy and environmental policies, he’s forging his own. In the scorching […]

Why chemical pollution is turning into a third great planetary crisis

Thousands of synthetic substances have leaked into ecosystems everywhere, and we are only just beginning to realize […]

Embracing the Earth Charter

By Geoffrey Holland To move forward we must recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity […]

Can you answer these 10 questions about our warming planet?

Take our quiz to test your knowledge on this summer’s heat waves, which have shown the devastating […]

Post-materialism as a basis for achieving environmental sustainability

Abstract A recent article in this journal, “Achieving a Post-Growth Green Economy”, argued that a turn to […]

The climate crisis will create two classes: those who can flee, and those who cannot

Nearly 700 million people worldwide live in low coastal zones vulnerable to sea-level rise and coastal storms. […]

Common plastics can be broken down by enzymes found in cow stomachs

Cows have stomachs with four compartments and the bacteria in one of them – the rumen – […]