The climate disaster is here

Earth is already becoming unlivable. Will governments act to stop this disaster from getting worse? The enormous, […]

Nudging interventions on sustainable food consumption: a systematic review

Abstract As population growth continues, sustainable food behavior is essential to help reduce the anthropogenic modification of […]

Going against our gut

There is a close link between soil and our gut, says Sibylle Frey – so soil degradation […]

Blue ticked off: the controversy over the MSC fish ‘ecolabel’

The MSC’s coveted blue tick is the world’s biggest, and some say best, fishery ecolabel. So why […]

Ecobytes: Beef and Brazil’s declining biocapacity

Reducing meat consumption is often presented as one of the most sustainable actions an individual can make. […]

Vegetarian Spring Roll with salad on the side

Does a plant-based diet really help beat COVID-19?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s been suggested that certain foods or diets may offer protection […]


The importance of resource security for poverty eradication

Abstract As humanity’s demand on natural resources is increasingly exceeding Earth’s biological rate of regeneration, environmental deterioration […]

UK and Ireland among five nations most likely to survive a collapse of global civilisation, study suggests

Researchers say a worldwide breakdown could happen “within a few decades” and have identified five countries most […]

An Analysis of the Potential for the Formation of ‘Nodes of Persisting Complexity’

Abstract Human civilisation has undergone a continuous trajectory of rising sociopolitical complexity since its inception; a trend […]

The RV Mtafiti: Marine Research Towards Food Security and Economic Development in Kenya

Abstract The acquisition of RV Mtafiti has enabled Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) and by […]

The status of Kenya Fisheries

Executive Summary The fisheries resources of Kenya are distributed within the inland freshwater bodies and the Exclusive […]

Yep, it’s bleak, says expert who tested 1970s end-of-the-world prediction

A controversial MIT study from 1972 forecast the collapse of civilization – and Gaya Herrington is here […]

We are animals. We need to connect to the millions of non-human lives we use

Ahead of the Cannes premiere of her documentary about a cow, the Oscar-winning director reflects on how […]

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Timmermans lets Thunberg down again on green farming

Activists poured scorn on political difficulties in reforming the Common Agricultural Policy as ‘bullshit.’ EU Green Deal […]

Campaigners’ rage against the cage could prompt EU farming revolution

Over 1 million EU citizens want to break Europe’s 300 million farm animals out of confinement. Europe’s […]

Global modeling of nature’s contributions to people

The future of nature’s contributions The magnitude and pace of global change demand rapid assessment of nature […]

Billions face food, water shortages over next 30 years as nature fails

A new model shows which areas of Earth will likely be hit the hardest by the changes […]


A by-the-numbers look at how EU appetites drive deforestation

The Continent is the world’s second-largest driver of tropical deforestation. European demand for everything from chocolate to […]

The Southwest Offers Blueprints for the Future of Wastewater Reuse

This article first appeared on Truthout and was produced in partnership with Earth | Food | Life, […]