Subsidies for large families in Sweden impair integration of immigrants

The family supplement, which gives extra financial aid for each additional child, was implemented in Sweden in […]

Bedrock Rights: The Human Rights Case Against Climate Change

This week, more than 25,000 people gather at the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow to address what […]

Wildlife is in peril, but that doesn’t mean conservation has failed

A chat with journalist Michelle Nijhuis about her new book Beloved Beasts on the history of the modern conservation […]

Race to the bottom: the disastrous, blindfolded rush to mine the deep sea

One of the largest mining operations ever seen on Earth aims to despoil an ocean we are […]

Make extreme wealth extinct: it’s the only way to avoid climate breakdown

Pandering to the rich has got us into this mess. The correlation between wealth and polluting behaviour […]

Paul Ehrlich

Paul Ehrlich: The most effective conservation strategy? Empower women

The impact of our growing population on nature is such a sensitive topic that nobody really dares […]

Measuring the Ecological Impact of the Wealthy: Excessive Consumption, Ecological Disorganization, Green Crime, and Justice

Abstract Ecological disorganization stemming from conspicuous consumption practices is understudied in the social sciences. In this analysis, […]

Capitalism is killing the planet – it’s time to stop buying into our own destruction

Instead of focusing on ‘micro consumerist bollocks’ like ditching our plastic coffee cups, we must challenge the […]

Brazilian national parks at risk

Brazilian national parks could be seriously threatened if pending legislation [draft bills 984/2019 (1) and 61/2013 (2)] […]

The climate disaster is here

Earth is already becoming unlivable. Will governments act to stop this disaster from getting worse? The enormous, […]

Is democracy getting in the way of saving the planet?

Our climate is in crisis, but authoritarians and technocrats don’t have the answers. What the Intergovernmental Panel […]

Population, Ecological Footprint, and the Sustainable Development Goals

Abstract  The Anthropocene can be read as being the era when the demand humanity makes on  the […]

Millions of electric car batteries will retire in the next decade. What happens to them?

The quest to prevent batteries – rich in raw materials such as cobalt, lithium and nickel – […]

Tennessee floods show a pressing climate danger across America: ‘Walls of water’

‘Climate change has come barging through the front doors of America’ Janet Rice never suspected that Trace […]

Fast fashion’s waste model is going out of style

Recycling won’t solve the rag trade’s waste problem. Waste is an undeniable part of the fast-fashion business […]

Nudging interventions on sustainable food consumption: a systematic review

Abstract As population growth continues, sustainable food behavior is essential to help reduce the anthropogenic modification of […]

The hottest number in conservation is rooted more in politics than science

The goal to protect 30 percent of the Earth is more arbitrary than you might think. Right […]

Going against our gut

There is a close link between soil and our gut, says Sibylle Frey – so soil degradation […]