Scott Greene UV Celltree, 2013, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 45x92 inches, Collection of the Artist, © Scott Greene, Previously on display in Environmental Impact

Chemical Toxicity and the Baby Bust

Unexpected threats to human fertility and, hence, chemical companies In today’s society people are choosing to have […]

Self Care for Activists

In the hospital’s dimly lit imaging center, a light-show flickers on the small TV screen where a […]

So Your Kids Are Stressed Out About the Climate Crisis

When my nephew, Sam, was four years old, he said to his mother one night before bed, “Mom, […]

I eat only strangers’ leftover food – and it’s the best diet I’ve ever had

To try to combat the mountain of food waste, diabetic Andrew Mayers decided to live on what […]

Our Population Challenge goes well beyond climate change

Do we plan for a secure and better life, or carry on blindly toward a minefield of […]

We made the Coronavirus epidemic

It may have started with a bat in a cave, but human activity set it loose. The […]

Looking ahead: Hormone-altering chemicals threaten our health, finances and future

Advances in science, legal action and public understanding are existential threats to today’s chemical industry. Investors should […]

Lab-grown food will soon destroy farming – and save the planet

Scientists are replacing crops and livestock with food made from microbes and water. It may save humanity’s […]

Into Raging Sea

With waters rising around them, Pacific Islanders are marrying Space Age technology with ancestral wisdom. The state […]

Family Planning: Past Lessons for the Future

The Overpopulation Project presents the second video in our four-part interview mini-series, an interview with Carl Wahren, a […]

Millions of women still don’t have access to contraceptives – report

The number of women accessing family planning services is increasing, but population growth is hampering efforts to […]

What Ballooning Carbon Emissions Will Do to Trees

Many forecasts for climate change assume that tropical forests will continue to soak up carbon dioxide as […]

Population growth will make it harder to meet EU climate goals, while stable or declining populations will help cut greenhouse gas emissions in the EU

In the following exercise, we demonstrate how different migration and fertility-influencing policies can lead to large differences […]

The Most Powerful Mindfulness Is Future-Focused

Use mental time travel to navigate your destiny. Mindfulness—practiced by concentrating deeply on every sensation in the […]

Social policy starts at home

By designing a policy package around the needs of contemporary families, political leaders can promote women’s rights, […]

Climate Change Is Making Hawaii’s Beaches More Dangerous

Climate change is contributing to a litany of conditions that can make swimming, snorkeling and surfing more […]

Niger environmentalists say family planning can help reduce climate change

Environmentalists and youth activists in Niger have embarked on a campaign to fight climate change by encouraging […]

uterine armor by +mara | flickr | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Population policies, programmes and the environment

Human consumption is depleting the Earth’s natural resources and impairing the capacity of life-supporting ecosystems. Humans have […]


Socio-economic predictors of environmental performance among African nations

Socio-economic changes in Africa have increased pressure on the continent’s ecosystems. Most research investigating environmental change has […]

Food security requires a new revolution

A central responsibility of societies should be supplying adequate nourishment to all. For roughly a third of […]

Flowers blooming

Pessimism on the Food Front

Abstract: Virtually all trends, biophysical and socioeconomic, suggest that levels of hunger, already high, will only increase […]

Growthism: Its Ecological, Economic, and Ethical Limits

We have many problems – poverty, unemployment, environmental destruction, climate change, financial instability, etc. – but only […]

30 Things Scientists Say Will Happen if the Population Keeps Expanding

The planet’s population continues to balloon–we are currently 7.6 billion individuals, according to the United Nations’ most […]

Here Comes the Bad Season

It’s not just this heat wave. July 2019 is likely to be the hottest month ever measured. […]

A baby born today: The climate and their future

A new report depicts an ever-depleting natural world, with huge implications for the coming generation. What will […]