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Overpopulation and water scarcity leading to world future food crisis

OVERPOPULATION   The future of our food supply should undoubtedly be the number one concern of our world […]

Coronavirus: world treating symptoms, not cause of pandemics, says UN

Ongoing destruction of nature will result in stream of animal diseases jumping to humans, says report. The […]

Indonesia’s New Coronavirus Concern: A Post-Pandemic Baby Boom

With restrictions in place, millions stopped visiting clinics for contraceptives, says the government, which promotes family planning […]

World food system ‘faces growing crisis’

  Canberra, June 29, 2020: The global food system is headed for failure, with potentially catastrophic consequences […]

Why you should go animal-free: 18 arguments for eating meat debunked

Unpalatable as it may be for those wedded to producing and eating meat, the environmental and health […]

How Empowering Women and Girls Can Help Stop Global Warming

If we really want to address climate change, we need to make gender equity a reality, says […]

What are the risks of COVID? And what is meant by ‘the risks of COVID’?

As COVID-19 changes from being seen as a societal threat to a problem in risk management, it […]

Global impact of atmospheric arsenic on health risk: 2005 to 2015

Arsenic is a toxic pollutant commonly found in the environment. Most of the previous studies on arsenic […]

The Coronavirus Is Rewriting Our Imaginations

What felt impossible has become thinkable. The spring of 2020 is suggestive of how much, and how […]

6 unexpected connections between Coronavirus & Environment | Sustainability Climate Change

In this whiteboard animation, I present 6 unexpected connections I have found between the coronavirus and sustainability, […]

A New Deal for Coronavirus Recovery

FDR’s New Deal offers a model for big, bold, Federal investments — yielding jobs, infrastructure, and hope. […]

Who is ‘us’? Thinking like North Americans in our pandemic response

Over the past two weeks, the United States and Mexico have clashed over the closing of Mexican […]

Calls for global ban on wild animal markets amid coronavirus outbreak

Experts say wildlife sold for human consumption raises risk of new epidemics. Wild animal markets must be […]

COVID-19 and the future of North American borders

The United States closed its borders with Canada and Mexico to all but “essential” traffic more than […]

WEBCAST | Where Deforestation and Disease Collide: Sustainability and COVID-19 in the Brazilian Amazon

On May 14, the Brazil Institute, in partnership with the Environmental Change and Security Program, hosted an […]

Ground Truth Briefing | Misinformation, Disinformation, and COVID-19 in MENA

Misinformation and conspiracy theories about COVID-19 are spreading online like a global wildfire. For public health officials […]

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Ground Truth Briefing | The COVID-19 Response in El Salvador and Nicaragua: Two Sides of the Same Authoritarian Coin?

Since taking office in June 2019, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele has clashed frequently with the country’s legislature […]

Equal Rights Advocates Have An Impact On Our Planet’s Sustainability

Although the issues of equal rights and environmental sustainability may appear distinct, they are actually closely related. […]

No COVID-19 Models Are Perfect, But Some Are Useful

The global coronavirus pandemic has brought renewed interest and focus on scientific models as we try to […]


Only ecology-based economies can avoid future catastrophe

Much has been made of the brief respite in carbon emissions that coronavirus has given the world. […]

COVID-19 Migrants: Future of Work and Production

Events are moving so fast in our world. It was just two weeks ago that I wrote […]

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The Care and Feeding of Viruses

Viruses are surprisingly ubiquitous, abundant, and important to the dynamics of life on Earth. They are virtually […]

The Current World Population’s Lesser-Known Impact on Our Planet

Conservation and sustainability are growing concerns for millions of people around the globe. Urgent action is required […]