Fundamental Questions: What are the our corner stones of a better future?

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Fundamental Questions: How do we nurture our humanity?

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Fundamental Questions: What Kind of Economy leads to a Sustainable Future?

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Fundamental Questions: Can humans restore our oceans?

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Fundamental Questions: Can technologies save our oceans?

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Fundamental Questions: What are humans doing to our oceans?

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small vegetable garden

Overpopulation and water scarcity leading to world future food crisis

OVERPOPULATION   The future of our food supply should undoubtedly be the number one concern of our world […]

World food system ‘faces growing crisis’

  Canberra, June 29, 2020: The global food system is headed for failure, with potentially catastrophic consequences […]

Introducing the concept of Demographic justice

People and organisations talking about Human population dynamics have found that a lot of people in particular […]

Finding God in the Pandemic: When We Ignore Science, We Ignore God

As viral deaths spiral heavenward, so too must many a prayer these days.  It’s a behavior inbedded […]

The Fierce Urgency of Now.* The Deployment of Negative Emission Technologies (Nets) by Regional International Organizations


An Ape Ethic and the Question of Personhood

An Ape Ethic makes the case that great apes are moral individuals because they engage in a land […]

Planet of the Humans Review: Shining a Light on the Energy Black Box

As its filmmakers anticipated, the new movie Planet of the Humans is generating quite the controversy. Push-back […]

Surviving and Thriving in the 21st Century

A CALL TO ALL NATIONS AND PEOPLE The Commission for the Human Future here calls on the […]

horše ṭuuxi hemmenya — good day to you all

A message from Cafe Ohlone horše ṭuuxi hemmenya — good day to you all. We hope this […]

Your help is needed with Covid science

Your help is needed with Covid science: UCSF Researchers Aim to Enroll One Million Individuals for Real-Time […]

A view from an Indian doctor

Not about guilt but gratitude.

Who’s to blame?

The Covid-19 blame game is as out of control as the virus.  This was as inevitable as […]

The Epidemiological Environment: Concern and Disappointment

In addition to great concern over the COVID-19 pandemic, my own reaction to the present situation includes […]

The Clash: Gaia and Homo Sapiens in the Anthropocene. The Search for Reconciliation

Synopsis “Anthropocene,” a candidate term for this epoch of the earth’s geologic history, also signals a decisive […]

Resilience: Living Beyond Fear with the Coronavirus

A letter from Michael Lerner….. Dear Friends, The first thing to overcome with the coronavirus is fear. […]

Global Secrets

“The world population (will be) reduced to 500,000,000 for sustainability.” This text is inscribed in three massive […]

One-Billion World

Preface: Humanity and the Biosphere  The biosphere of the Earth is unique in the universe as far […]