Where now for the environment movement? Weathercocks and signposts ten years on

Tom Crompton and the Common Cause Foundation call for the environmental movement to move away from the […]


The Theoretical Individual

Imagination, Ethics and the Future of Humanity From the publisher: How can the one influence the many? […]

Bee is for broccolli by TJ Gehling | Flickr | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Bee –An Endangered Species

Gioietta Kuo presents the devastating reduction of bee populations around the world, considering the implications and drivers […]

Image from NASA Deep Space Climate Observatory

Switzerland, where are your two extra planets?

One year ago Swiss voters weighed in on a green economy ballot initiative, which ultimately did not […]

River and Stuff by Ricardo Velasquez | Flickr  | CC BY-ND 2.0

Move Upstream: A Call to Solve Overpopulation

Karen I. Shragg urges social and environmental activists to turn their attention and actions upstream: “Working on […]

Students from the Kiriwaneliya Singla School, the school is partially funded by AusAID through a partnership with World Vision. | Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

State of the World 2017 | EarthEd: Rethinking education on a changing planet

In its State of the World 2017 publication, The Worldwatch Institute turns its attention to how education systems […]

frame by Anssi Koskinen | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Is it worth trying to “reframe” climate change? Probably not.

Spurring technological innovation. Reducing local air pollution. Improving national security. Meeting a religious or moral imperative. Climate […]

Conversation by Felipe Cabrera | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Average people can make a difference on global challenges, says researcher

Caroline Newman with UVA Today sat down with Thomas Batemen to discuss the recent article Batemen published […]

Barley fields of Tso Moriri, Ladakh, India | Photo by Sandeepa Chetan | Flickr | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Food security requires a new revolution

In their 2015 article, Paul R. Ehrlich and John Harte reflect on the challenge of feeding the […]

Photo by Vancouver Film School | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

These JeffCo Students Are Learning About Climate Change By Taking On ‘The Sixth Extinction’

Jenny Brundin with Colorado Public Radio reports on a high school class’s exploration of climate change, rapid […]