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Leading the Public Into Emergency Mode: Introducing the Climate Emergency Movement

This paper, originally published in April, 2016, under the title, Leading the Public into Emergency Mode: A […]

Enabling farmers to adapt agri-technologies to local contexts. Photo courtesy of Development Alternatives

Lab-grown food will soon destroy farming – and save the planet

Scientists are replacing crops and livestock with food made from microbes and water. It may save humanity’s […]

Native youth and supporters protest in New York against Dakota Access Pipeline by Joe Catron | Flickr | CC BY-NC 2.0New York, New York -Sioux youth from the Standing Rock Indian Reservation inNorth Dakota rallied with supporters in Union Square after running 2,000 milesacross the United States to protest the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline.

Peace Making the Navajo Way

How I fell in love with the depth of the Navajo people and the cultural values they […]

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Social Justice and Civilizational Crisis: Clues for Rethinking Poverty Eradication Based on Sustainability and Interculturality

The most severe migratory crisis in history and profound environmental crisis we are living through are only […]


Population growth will make it harder to meet EU climate goals, while stable or declining populations will help cut greenhouse gas emissions in the EU

In the following exercise, we demonstrate how different migration and fertility-influencing policies can lead to large differences […]


The Most Powerful Mindfulness Is Future-Focused

Use mental time travel to navigate your destiny. Mindfulness—practiced by concentrating deeply on every sensation in the […]


Social policy starts at home

By designing a policy package around the needs of contemporary families, political leaders can promote women’s rights, […]

The Remorse of Orestes by William – Adolphe Bouguereau. Retrieved from

Sola schola et sanitate: human capital as the root cause and priority for international development?

This paper summarizes new scientific evidence supporting the hypothesis that among the many factors contributing to international […]

Figure 1. Picture of homeless tents in Los Angeles city

Yet another emerging global crisis- Homelessness

Before we discuss the global phenomenon of homelessness we need to understand one of the driving forces […]

uterine armor by +mara | flickr | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Improve contraception access to tackle wildlife crisis, urges campaign

Groups say expanding access to contraception can improve lives and help save wildlife. A UN-backed campaign has […]


Can we think in new ways about the existential human security risks driven by the climate crisis?

Note: This post is the foreword to a policy paper on existential climate and security risks released today by […]

Mandy Coppes-Martin Tragedy of the Commons 2016 Madagascan Silk, meranti wood and paper thread. 140x100x100 cm.  Learn more about Mandy Coppes-Martin's work here

The UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm 1972 and the Interrelations between Intergovernmental Discourse Framing and Activist Influence

The UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm 1972 and the Interrelations between Intergovernmental Discourse Framing […]

Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion Heathrow Disruption Proposal

An Extinction Rebellion team has proposed a pressure and movement building action in the context of the […]

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Catalysing mass commitment to transformational change

This is a presentation about how we can align to catalyse mainstream commitment to a life-affirming culture, […]

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Why Fiction Trumps Truth

We humans know more truths than any species on earth. Yet we also believe the most falsehoods. […]

Crowding, Braces, and Sleep—Sandra Kahn and Paul Ehrlich—Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic

What do braces or crowding in the mouth have to do with sleep? At first, you may […]


Men, don’t fear the snip – it’s the best way to share the burden of birth control

Vasectomies are suddenly unpopular, but in a heterosexual couple it’s a feminist action for a man to […]

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A Theory of Sapience: Using Systems Science to Understand the Nature of Wisdom and the Human Mind

Humanity faces what can only be called existential threats created by its own hands. We have cleverly […]


Biological and cognitive underpinnings of religious fundamentalism

Abstract Beliefs profoundly affect people’s lives, but their cognitive and neural pathways are poorly understood. Although previous […]


Why Climate Change and Social Justice Must be Addressed Separately

The following paragraph is from “Climate Policy After the Yellow Vests” (Dissent, spring 2019) by Colin Kinniburgh. […]

Chessboard by borderhacker | Flickr | CC BY-NC 2.0

On Strategies for Socioecological Transformation

This article was originally published by Degrowth, 9 January 2019 In a recent post, a group of authors […]

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After Paris, Inequality, Fair Shares, and the Climate Emergency

 If we are to achieve the critical outcome of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C, the wealthy […]

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Am I an Ant?

Recently came across this fascinating article about some ants’ medicinal prowess. Apparently the author concludes: “One of […]

A mind, half open

A Guide to Changing Someone Else’s Beliefs

Use the science of persuasion to your advantage. Changing minds is hard to do: When our most […]

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What goes up: are predictions of a population crisis wrong?

Changing fertility rates challenge dystopian visions and UN projections about the future of our overcrowded planet. She […]

River and Stuff by Ricardo Velasquez | Flickr | CC BY-ND 2.0

Valuing the Resilience Dividend

Just months after I became president of The Rockefeller Foundation, New Orleans experienced one of the worst […]

San Antonio joins Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts | US Air Force 

Kindness: An unsung climate change tool

When you think of climate change and community resilience, visions of seawalls, renewable energy projects and other physical things […]

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On Human Nature

“Human nature is seriously flawed. We must learn to control our deep-seated instincts. Without fundamental change in […]

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Changing Tack, An Ecological Account of My Life

Changing Tack is an inspirational account of one man’s quest to understand ecology and use it to […]

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A manifesto for theory in environmental studies and sciences

The interdiscipline of environmental studies and sciences (ESS) has emerged in response to the multiple and complex […]