Should animals, plants, and robots have the same rights as you?

How humanity’s idea of who deserves moral concern has grown — and will keep growing. Everyone reading […]

Machines can read your brain. There’s little that can stop them.

Technology is giving access to the inner workings of the brain, and policymakers are scrambling to regulate […]

Common plastics can be broken down by enzymes found in cow stomachs

Cows have stomachs with four compartments and the bacteria in one of them – the rumen – […]

Five myths about population, aging and environmental sustainability

Article republished from The Overpopulation Project, January 21, 2020 For sustainable development, universal wellbeing should be the […]

The Invisible, and Growing Ecological Footprint of Digital Technology

The elements of our lifestyle which we most closely identify with tend to be off-limits to any […]


Experts Say the ‘New Normal’ in 2025 Will Be Far More Tech-Driven, Presenting More Big Challenges

A plurality of experts thinks sweeping societal change will make life worse for most people as greater […]


European cities revive tram networks to cut transport emissions

An old form of transport is new again thanks to pressure to decarbonize. LISBON — Yellow eléctricos, […]

I Wrote the Book on User-Friendly Design. What I See Today Horrifies Me

The world is designed against the elderly, writes Don Norman, 83-year-old author of the industry bible Design […]

Foto of plastic waste on beach

Combating plastics waste: UD researchers report possible solutions for hard-to-recycle plastics

Millions of tons of plastic end up in landfills every year. It’s a big societal problem and […]

‘Our biggest challenge? Lack of imagination’: the scientists turning the desert green

In China, scientists have turned vast swathes of arid land into a lush oasis. Now a team […]

Jean-Marc Jancovici : Will technology save us from Climate Change ? MIT Media Lab

CLIMATE TALK: WILL TECHNOLOGY SAVE US FROM CLIMATE CHANGE? Presented by the Responsive Environments group at the […]

Mountain Yellow legged frog.PIXNIO-27883-2048x1536

Tech Is Finally Learning How to Help Save the Planet

Scientists and engineers are building new tools — and a new way of thinking — to protect […]


The coming war on the hidden algorithms that trap people in poverty

A growing group of lawyers are uncovering, navigating, and fighting the automated systems that deny the poor […]


Complete power cycle exhaust heat regeneration and second law logic

It is demonstrated, given a sufficiently large positive excess enthalpy of solution reaction between a molecular solid […]

Kittybrewster hydrogen fuelling station

In-depth Q&A: Does the world need hydrogen to solve climate change?

Hydrogen gas has long been recognised as an alternative to fossil fuels and a potentially valuable tool […]


Embracing nature’s diversity to nourish generations to come

To meet the world’s growing demand for food, we need to change what we grow and how […]