The climate disaster is here

Earth is already becoming unlivable. Will governments act to stop this disaster from getting worse? The enormous, […]

Going against our gut

There is a close link between soil and our gut, says Sibylle Frey – so soil degradation […]

Food, beer, toys, medical kit. Why is Britain running out of everything?

Poor pay and conditions for HGV drivers and the loss of many thousands of EU workers are […]

UK and Ireland among five nations most likely to survive a collapse of global civilisation, study suggests

Researchers say a worldwide breakdown could happen “within a few decades” and have identified five countries most […]

We are animals. We need to connect to the millions of non-human lives we use

Ahead of the Cannes premiere of her documentary about a cow, the Oscar-winning director reflects on how […]

The Monthly Global Change Review #04 by Berenice Gagne

The Monthly Global Change Review #04

Top photo – «Chameleon» (2014) © Michael Johansson A monthly publication by Lyon Urban School (Université de […]

Did Sweden get Covid wrong?

Johan Giesecke, the country’s former state epidemiologist, assesses a year of pandemic. This time a year ago, […]

Opinion: The indigenous custom behind New Zealand’s strong covid-19 response

Matthew Milner grew up in New Zealand, and is now pursuing his M.B.A. and M.A. in Education […]


The Monthly Global Change Review #03

Top photo – “Stockyards adjacent to the Chicago slaughterhouses (circa 1947)” © US Information Agency A monthly […]

The Monthly Global Change Review #02

Top photo – “The Beach”, Acrylique sur toile (detail ) (2018) © Hadrien de Corneillan A monthly publication […]

Photo of Green Turtle

They Want to Start Paying Mother Nature for All Her Hard Work

Ignoring the value of nature threatens humanity itself, according to a new British report on biodiversity and […]


Economics of biodiversity review: what are the recommendations?

Landmark report says GDP should be ditched as measure of wealth and nature valued to protect wildlife […]


Avoiding a ‘Ghastly Future’: Hard Truths on the State of the Planet

A group of the world’s top ecologists have issued a stark warning about the snowballing crisis caused […]

virtual psychology

A holistic approach for the US behavioral health crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 creates additional challenges for healthcare leaders seeking to improve behavioral health while offering an opportunity for […]

By The White House from Washington, DC - White House Press Briefing

FDA blindsided as Trump Admin cripples agency on its way out

It’s “a full-frontal assault on public health,” one official said. The US Food and Drug Administration is […]


Chomsky and Prashad: There are 3 major threats to life on Earth that we must address in 2021

Large parts of the world—outside of China and a few other countries—face a runaway virus, which has […]

If all governments are borrowing to fight Covid, who is lending?

Money does not work how you might think. Earlier this month, comedy writer and director Armando Ianucci […]

E.P.A.’s Final Deregulatory Rush Runs Into Open Staff Resistance

While the Environmental Protection Agency’s career scientists are more openly challenging the Trump administration’s rules and rollbacks, […]

The fractal biology of plague and the future of civilization

At the time of writing, the CoViD-19 pandemic was in its second wave with infections doubling every […]

Earth on fire (montage)

World pushes ahead with climate action as U.S. remains in limbo

The Biden administration will confront new global climate politics while stuck on sidelines of a Dec. 12 […]

Filling station

G20 governments have committed $151 billion to fossil fuels in COVID-19 recovery packages

The new Energy Policy Tracker offers a near-real-time snapshot of public funding commitments and other government policies […]

Photo of Dunlins in water, Alaska

Trump officials move to relax rules on killing birds

Overhaul of the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act would not hold firms liable for ‘incidentally’ causing scores […]

Biden vowed to ban new drilling on public lands. It won’t be easy.

Climate pledge to halt federal drilling permits faces legal and political obstacles. One of Joe Biden’s boldest […]

Welcome To The ‘Turbulent Twenties’

We predicted political upheaval in America in the 2020s. This is why it’s here and what we […]

The Plastic Pandemic

COVID-19 trashed the recycling dream. COVID-19 has hit plastic recycling, just as big oil firms are investing […]