Sustainability 101: Indigenuity is not optional

| November 25, 2020 | Leave a Comment

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Media Type: Video

Date of Publication: October

Year of Publication: 2020

Publication City: San Bruno, CA

Publisher: YouTube

Author(s): Michael Dowd

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The third video in visually rich 3-part “Post-doom (Collapse & Adaptation) Primer”:

This video, “SUSTAINABILITY 101: INDIGENUITY IS NOT OPTIONAL” explores the fundamental differences between genuine sustainability and faux, or delusional, “sustainability”. The three main sections deal with (A) The nature of symbolic language and why our name(s) for reality matters, as they determine how we will relate to our biophysical creator, sustainer, and end (B) the evolutionary (and ecological) purpose of myth and the religious necessity of science, and (C) an example of how any religious or philosophical tradition can become more pro-future by interpreting it’s core elements in an ecocentric, or life-centered, way.

SUGGESTION: Given the visually rich and multi-disciplinary nature of the information packed into these three programs, watching at normal speed (rather than skimming or merely listening), and doing so without multi-tasking, is advised.

CORRECTION: I misspoke from 16:25-16:36: I meant to say, “And notice the radical difference between *believing* in Gaia and *honoring* Gaia; between *worshipping* Poseidon and *respecting* Poseidon. There’s a huge difference!”

Watch the video below:


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