The Anthropocene: Humanity’s lasting influence on Earth

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Media Type: Report / Policy Brief

Date of Publication: August 2017

Year of Publication: 2017

Publication City: San Pablo. CA

Publisher: Transition Earth

Author(s): Transition Earth

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A new factsheet from Transition Earth provides a brief overview of what it means to have entered the new geological era of the Anthropocene, and some solutions for coping with it. The factsheet explains:

The Anthropocene is a new geological epoch that began with the Industrial Revolution and became fully established after World War II, during what is called the ‘The Great Acceleration,’ when human activities began to alter the state of the planet. The effects of the Anthropocene have already percolated throughout virtually all aspects of the planetary system. Its impacts include rising levels of greenhouse gases, mass extinctions, deforestation, and altered oceanic and atmospheric chemistry.

And goes on to recommend the following strategies:

(1) Recognizing and protecting the rights of nature

(2) Shifting to a sustainable economic system

(3) Reducing or eliminating consumption of animal food products

(4) Investing in voluntary family planning services

You can download the full factsheet, or access it through Other factsheets and publications from Transition Earth might also be of interest to MAHB Members and can be found here.

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