Book Launch: How to Fix a Broken Planet

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Publisher’s description: Do you want to help save human civilisation? If so, this book is for you. How to Fix a Broken Planet describes the ten catastrophic risks that menace human civilisation and our planet, and what we can all do to overcome or mitigate them. It explains what must be done globally to avert each megathreat, and what each of us can do in our own lives to help preserve a habitable world. It offers the first truly integrated world plan-of-action for a more sustainable human society – and fresh hope. A must-read for anyone seeking sound practical advice on what citizens, governments, companies, and community groups can do to safeguard our future.

“Julian Cribb’s pathbreaking new book, How to Fix a Broken Planet, looks squarely at the existential threats to our life-support systems and suggests how individuals and governments should take remedial action. I only hope people will read him and act.” – Paul Ehrlich, author of The Annihilation of Nature

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Cambridge University Press and the Council for the Human Future

cordially invite you to the launch of

Julian Cribb’s new book

How to Fix a Broken Planet

At: Tilley Devine’s Café Gallery, Wattle St, Lyneham, Australia

Wednesday, February 22, 2023, at 5.00 pm ACT

RSVP by Feb 18:

How To Fix a Broken Planet is available to order online at Cambridge University Press, Amazon, or most major book suppliers. E-copies are available from Cambridge.

Author’s note: For those unable to attend in person, you are welcome to use the attached zoom link to view the event and hear the talks. It should convert the time to your local time zone. If you are busy at the time, we will put a video on Youtube afterward. Attached is a copy of my talk. Emeritus Prof Bob Douglas will perform the launch.

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