Calling All Hackers – Endangered Wildlife Needs You

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Date of Publication: July 23, 2019

Author(s): William Laurance, David Salt

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In recent months, there’s been a global push to get tech companies to help combat terrorist activities — to make it harder for terrorists to communicate and publicize their heinous attacks online. We need the same kind of resolute effort — led by hackers and savvy computer users — to fight illegal hunting and trading.

All around the world, forests and other ecosystems are falling silent. Their wildlife populations having been decimated to feed burgeoning global markets for ivory, rhino horn, tiger parts, exotic pets and many other wild-animal products.

Much of the illegal trade is happening online. That means that computer-literate folks have an exceptional opportunity to help combat the epic slaughter of Earth’s rarest and most spectacular species by calling out, harassing and disrupting illegal traders.

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