Camouflage As Science Art: Remaining Hidden and Becoming Apparent

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Date of Publication: February 22, 2018

Year of Publication: 2018

Publication City: Los Altos, CA

Author(s): Darryl Wheye

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In this captivating look book, renowned Science Art author and artist Darryl Wheye reveals the mysterious world of nature’s camouflage experts. In a series featuring diverse animals from the lionfish to the snow leopard, Darryl Wheye presents their striking abilities to use camouflage through beautifully watercolored images and short captions.

Young and old alike will be challenged to spot camouflaged individuals in the Science Art, and learn valuable lessons in biology from the short captions that accompany them. This booklet will open your eyes to explore a world where some individuals hide well, but not always, and others appear benign, but sometimes startle predators.

Paul R. Ehrlich

Bing Professor of Population Studies emeritus

Center for Conservation Biology President

Stanford University

You can view some of the book’s fascinating illustrations and order the book from and Amazon Europe. You will find it sparks your imagination and inspires you to look closer on your next exploration.

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